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Angel Says:

Why is it that in the past 2 months my pharmacy & others I have called all say they are out of roxicodone 15mgs. Does anyone know as it seems I get no answer from anyone ? I was however lucky that the small town pharmacy was able to fill a small portion of my script & said they don't know how long it may take to get the rest of it in. No answers to why just a I don't know from the pharmacist. Please I would truly appreciate anyone that might know why ??

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Verwon Says:

There have been some recent recalls and production stoppages that have affected the supply.

The Ethex Pharmaceutical corporation stopped production on some of its narcotic medications and recalled them due to possible quality control problems.

On top of that, several companies were making these types of medications illegally and the FDA has forced them to stop until the safety of their drugs can be proven.

You can see one of the recent news stories here:

Drug Companies Receive FDA Warnings

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zeb Says:

i was diganosed with breast cancer 2 years ago i recieved the highest regimen aviable but wih all the nerve damage thr dr fisr prescribed vikoden than perocets now oxicodone im not sure at this point the leg pain is do to opiate withdrawl or chemo but whenever i run out i get so sick! i would like to stop taking them but how without going to somekind of rehab or rolling over on suboxen or some other pill at this point my body is defiantley addicted to opiates and im only 37 years old

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i have been onroxicodone for injuries sustained in a serious fall. suboxone is avery addictive drug as well. i am asubstance abuse counselor out of work. if you are in pain don,t stop your meds. if you aren,t roxicodone is one of the most addictive drugs i have ever taken, and that includes the h word good luck i feel for you seriously. talk to your doctor or doctors if they are professonal they will help you. god bless

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bear Says:

They did that to me n told me the DEA had labeled me a drug seeker cause I was seeing different doctors. But I travel so much I had to. Now I found a Pain Doctor again n no longer have that problem

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Ken Says:

If this helps hello I'm Ken but i live in virginia and seems like this big epedemic with the roxycodone/oxycodone i am currently on them have been for years now but i have called to see if they have them in stock before i drive 20miles just to find out there out so i call and they said no so i went and got there low and behold they had them the reason they stopped sayibg yes we got them in stock is due to ppl going and robbing them so now you gotta take the script in and hope they got it i been with walgreens for along time now they use to tell me but now they won't i drove over 50miles one time cause nobody had them finally i found them its getting. so bad ppl like us that's honest and need them to me treat me like a junkie which I'm not but all the abuse and robbing as really got things tighten down myself i wish they would legalize medical cannabis I'm not a big fan of it but its safer than the meds with no withdrawls so when you run short or out your not in pain and sick together which sucks i been there with cannabis you run out oh well with pain meds its flu and sick times 10 but also all ppl are different with meds cannabis just about anything but the ppl on the pain meds that sell them for whatever and don't need them are the reason why you almost have to be dead to get any pain meds or help anyway hope this helps Ken

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can anyone tell me how long a oxycodone15 mg tablet
stays in a 24hour period? i weigh 190. thank you.

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woody Says:

does suboxone affect chemo therapy treatments

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Kenneth Says:

Hello I was told by alot of ppl but all them say its out your system in 3to5days an I'm thinking barbiturates like valiums klonopins Xanax an so on 30plus days cause they build up in your system over time I guess unlike opiates work in to forms 12hour an ir instant release while it take barbiturates take up to 2weeks on some ppl as we all are different on meds what works for some but not the others just as cannabis iv heard ppl say its out your system in a week which I don't think so it can take 30plus days to get cleaned out you system hope this helps an also I think I'm posting on an old conversation thanks Ken

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Justine Says:

I'm looking for the name of the pharmaceutical company that makes Roxicodone 15mg. I need to write a letter to them. Does anyone know which company this is?

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