Roxicodone Generic 30mg Bright Blue With V Mark

Melissa Says:

Yes, can anyone tell me why the generic Roxicodone 30mg with the V mark is not as strong as the R-215 or the M-30 brands of the same medicine? It does nothing for my pain!

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Verwon Says:

While generics do contain the same active ingredient or an ingredient that works the same as the name brands, they are allowed to have some differences.

The FDA considers these differences to be acceptable therapeutic windows. However, they can differ by as much as plus or minus 20% of the active ingredient.

This means that not all generics will have as accurate of a dosage as the name brands, nor will they all necessarily have the same dosage as the generic made by a different company.

You can try requesting that your pharmacy fill your prescription with the tablets from a different manufacturer, or call around and see is another pharmacy carries them.


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Leigh.Hope this helps Says:

The brand matters --- every tasted off brand food that isn't the same thing; or off brand detergent that makes your clothes stink? Well after you've taken any cheaper or generic medication you''ll realize the same thing... Just find a pharmacist that finds the ones that work for you - I find the white or very light light blue (they are white to me with blue speck you can barely see) work the absolute best --- like 3 times better and the dark blue's aren't worth taking....
You're absolutely right ---- just find a pharmacy that carries them and start using them....
This is for hydrocodone, perkisets, etc.... so pay attention cause I get so mad i felt like I was wasting money and meds and stillhurting til I realized generic isn't same thing.

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mike johnson Says:

the m 30s are a morfeined based thats why they are so much better

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Jon Says:

^ No the M 30s hes talking about are not Morphine oxycodone they are generic for Roxicodone, trust me I have been getting them for 3 years. They do make Morphine Pills with a M and a 30 but they are Dark Purple where the M 30 oxycodone or Roxicodone are Light light blue almost white.

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CK Says:

YES! These dark blue Roxy's are NOT THE REAL DEAL or they have some kind of coating like the new Oxycontin OP which doesn't break down in my system. It will come out in your bowel movements. BAD STUFF> I will not take it and since we have no idea what is REALLY in any of this s***, I'll stick with the light blue that don't make me puke my guts up or not help with the pain. It's all a huge scam and I'm so sick of it all...don't know why anyone would WANT to take these meds and then we are treated like less than human for wanting pain control. Down will Qualifast or whatever that manufactuer is. I wrote the Drug Administration about it, you should do the same and never get that formulation again!

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fpillsnowbro Says:

had tha K 9's, had tha M n M's, get tha A's, tried V's.......... thought it was just me thinking that sum r weaker or got a lil more filer then the actual drug... i've come to find the A's are tha best.......... im ready to get off these, i regret tha day i took my first petty 5, im only on like one 30 a day tho so i guess thats not even comparable to bad? but i wanna b done with them, wake up its all i think about, go to work all i think bout, nighttime take more because we're vulnerable to feeling it; so on so forth with what comes... any advicee? f*** subs

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lucky Says:

yeah i have been prescribed oxy 30 mg but i cant find them anywhere do anybody know where i can get them from , i live in md

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david Says:

just got to try and quit cold turkey. have severe gout and when outbreaks were frequent had to take them daily, now i take 2 a day minumum and cant stop either, so quit while you are on one. good luck

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Rob Says:

I know which kind your taking and your right those one are JUNK ! i take the mallonkrot i'm not sure if its spelled that way but those are best. I take 1 tab 8 X a day i get 240 tabs every month. I also get Oxycontin 80 mg 1 tab every 8hrs for pain. I hate the new Oxycontins , what ever they did to it its not the same.

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marie1313 Says:

Does anyone live in arizona ???

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Betty Says:

Drug store that can get 30 mg.Oxycodone with any letter on it but v,dont like the ones with v.

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Rosanne Says:

I have taken a survey! You are absolutely correct! They claim the fillers are identical! No, still have pain!

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krisrich Says:

I live in phoenix by i17 and glendale avenue.

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rob Says:

I have taken many forms of the 30 mg roxi s and i have found that the m box 30 are very inconsistent in potentcy many times i felt nothing even tried taking 3 at the same time to no avail. However once i got one that had the proper feeling . Its a gamble with these anf the v 30 s . And others . However i can say with 100% backing that a215 are constant always dead on . I also have had no problem with the 54199 . And the 15 mg roxies most constant i found are a214 and 187 they both look just like the a215 but they are green

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kitten2 Says:

yes does anyone on here live in huntsville,al its impossible tp find roxys or morphine here and this is a big place i dont understand it at all...!!!!

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5l1m3 Bloood Says:

Yeah. Those new v's with the coating are oxycodone hcl 30mg. Just like the mboxes, a215's and alg's but they are different than the normal v's that are like the others but it has some kind of coating which makes it orally ingestable only and not able to abuse. Stay away. Coming from someone with decades of experience.

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t Says:

Still looking ???? It's really a small place

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dennis Says:

I can't believe the world nowadays. I am 60 years old and just got robbed by someone outside the pharmacy. Now I called the doctor and tried to explain what happened, but nope won't replace em. I broke my back almost and almost broke the nerve and would have been paralyzed.

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Super Says:

I live around Huntsville Al! I could be of help kitten. It's a bigger city than it seems. There are some great doctors and a lot not so much.

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dittohead Says:

I'm a parapalygic, only 26 years old. I've been taking prescription opiates. And IV in intensive care for 4 years now.i take 330 mg a day of, 3, 80 mg OxyContin a day, and 90, 30 mg oxycodones for breakthrough pain. I have to take all three of my oxycodones everyday. I find the ones with the cursive type looking V on it is called the qualitest brand. When I've got these, I withdrawl, and get no pain relief from them what so ever. I made my dr write a note on my scrip that I cannot take qualitest brand. I would request this to your dr to with whatever brand you hate the most. They will do that for you if you have a decent relationship with your P.M. Dr. The fact is that there are two reasons certain brands effect people negatively. 1 the FDA will approve any pill that is 20% off, either being higher, or lower mg dose. Obviously every generic brand is going to not give you more than 30 mg. they'll give less. Reason #2. Is because even though the ignorant people say every pill is the same. There not! Every different brand has different fillers inside them. This can mess people from metabolizing the drug that you need in it. Doctors have told me, as well as pharmacists. You can even go onto each generic brand site. And it will state the fillers. And each brand has different fillers. So those are the two reasons that happens to people a lot.

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