Roxycodone 30 Round Blue Pillwith 224 On Side

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a light blue round pill with 224 on one side and line on other

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Crystal Says:

From what I was able to find, your blue pill marked 224 is Roxicodone (active ingredient Oxycodone 30 mg).

To learn more about this active ingredient please follow the link below...

Please note if there is any more information about your pill that can help me better in assisting you; please post back.

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crystal Says:

why is the blue 224 roxey's so much thicker?

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phill herbrest Says:

Because there is more filler. Its corn and potato starch. And they are not as effective. Dry mouth bad. As well as they do cause slight nausea. As a pain killer will.

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Earlene Says:

I I know first hand that oxy codone 224s by Cara, made me horribly sick nausea, headache, heart palpitation, I almost went to the hospital before I figured it out. I have been on several different generic oxys, without this type of side effect! they're definitely feeling it was something totally WRONG!

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i take diladid 4mg but i still in a lot of pain i have degenerative and bulging disc alnd deterioating disc from neck down past my lumbar hurtall down in my feet and cant hardly walk some times my legs give away and fall like im parralize for a while i took so much motrin ibuprofen 800mg till it give me stomach problems and gut like eatit up hurts all the time also now i learn igot hepatitis c from blood trans fusion long ago when i brroke my neck and shoulder are a tatooo are bad germs from hot tub but any way i took loritabs and it give me the runs and hurting stomach percucet generic and generic morphine i think morphone i talk to people in the dr office and told them some of my symptons at my gastro and they said they had to take blue roxycodone are are cotin not sure what do you think are should ask for a higher of diladid i take 1 every 4 hours and don seem yo lAS LONG ENOUGH I LIKE TO GET RID OF A LOT OF THIS PAIN I KNOW IT WONT SIOP ALL BUT I NEED RELIEF BAD BUT I WANT TO KNOW THINGS LIKE NOW AND NOT BE A ZOBIE PLEASE HELP

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Cren Says:

Yeah I threw up in my sleep last night! I still have another 3 weeks until my next prescription.... Any suggestions to discuss this w the pharmacy? You think they will replace them after I have already had the bottle for a week? This is wrong, I'm so miserable, can't sleep a wink n can hardly walk I'm in so much pain! How is it even possible for a pharmacy to end up w faulty medication???

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bullettothebrain Says:

you take a months supply in a week, your pain must really bad.

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Shell Says:

The person didn't say they took them all in a week.. Said its a week into their script and they aren't feeling well due to the change in meds. I also have the new oxy 30 224 and I hadn't noticed any difference really.

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Teresa Says:

I would be grateful for the k4 cause I got all of that plus Fractured L4 and L5 with broken tailbone, and need hip replacement, which they can't do cause with this osterposis they scared my hip will crumble, I'm miserable

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