Roxycotin Hard To Find At Pharmacies
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jonathan Says:

Can someone please help me find out where I can find Roxycotins? I have called all around and pharmacies don't carry them. Is it a disclosed pharmacy I don't know about or what? Anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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im an a$$ Says:

your just a junkie looking for a place that will cash you phony script. get a job and shoot yourself.

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NoRoxys Says:

I just want to let all of you know that where I live in Orlando, 99% of the people I know are extremely addicted to Roxys. Whether you are prescribed to them or not, do not take them. I honestly think these pills are worse then a crack or heroin addiction. DO NOT take them, there are so many other pain killers out there.

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Jennifer Says:

Can someone please tell me the name of a specific pharmacy Westcoast Florida that has the roxicodone 30 mgs. I broke my neck in a car accident a yr. ago and have a 4 mth. old son and I don't know how much longer I keep going without my medication so any information would be greatly appreciated

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woodstock 2009 Says:

ask doctor to write srip for avinza its the new formulation for ms-contin i m told dr s write it most of time because it suppose not be able to snort , crush, nor inject, its time realeased morphine sulfate, dosages range from 30mg to 120 mg, be prepared to pay 1 pill is like $25 to $30 a pill at pharmacy

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FloridaMom Says:

I have just started pain management for my back problems and was prescribed Roxicodone 30 mgs. The doctor wrote them to be taken ever 6 hours, but I cannot take them that much. I actually wanted to start gradually because I was afraid they would make me sick so I cut the 30 mg tab into fours and took a quarter of a pill and was very loopy, and felt drunk, then felt like I was going to be so very sick! I spent the night in bed, feeling like I was going to throw up. Good thing I tried it at night when my kids were in bed, I know I need to talk to my Dr about a lower dosage because obviously I cannot take these during the day, having to care for my kids and get them to school and everything, but how do I get past the part where they make me sick? I only took a quarter of the pill and its a 30mg. I have taken Vics and Percs before and never had a problem unless I hadnt eaten prior to taking them. Anyone have any advise for this? Thank you in advance.

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photogirl Says:

Don't take roxys even if you are prescribed them. I have 2 friends who are very addicted and feel like hell if they don't take them they went from 1 a day for pain to 10 a day and the quacks in FL keep writing them scripts because they have bad backs. They actually snort them now and put them in needle form I am sooo worried about them It's like the acid of the 60s drug unfortunately...

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jill Says:

If they don't have it, they can certainly order it. If there's still a problem, ask your dr. to call them or presribe an alternative like percocet. It's the same medicine except it's not pure.

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linda Says:

small round white with GG and 225 on one side

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jill Says:

Roxicodone is not Vicodin. Vicodin is Hydrocodone, Roxicodone is Oxicodone. I believe it's stronger. Also Roxicodone does not have any additives.The added acetomenophen in Percocet is the only difference between it and Oxycontin. Also Oxycontin is time-released - I'm not sure about Percoset.

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donna Says:

ps , the pharm that filled the roxicodone was a wallgreen

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donna Says:

for the person trying to find who carrys the product oxycodone/roxicodone , when i went to my normal pharm. as this is my first time for this meds. after vicodin es was just not taking care of the pain for me . i was told they would and could order it for me taking 3to4 business days. if this was going to become a reg script filling for me i also have a question. from reading through the post here i am getting conflicting information ,. is roxicodone a stronger form of vicodin or is it a form of percocet
i thought it was a vicodin ?

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robyn in delaware Says:

verwon, I think you know a bit about this type of medication. I do want to inform you though, it is a type II scheduled narcotic medication we are speaking of, not a class III as you wrote.

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andy Says:

Calling pharmacies isn't a good idea. They are very protective from theft. I install pharmacy security systems and most will not tell you what they have over the phone in case you are a thief looking to hit a drug store. I suggest you take your script to the local large chain who can get anything over night.

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Verwon Says:

Roxicodone is a name brand for regular release Oxycodone. Oxycontin would be the time released version of Oxycodone. Same drug, just different formulations.

I ran into the same problem since we have moved to Maryland, most pharmacies here do not carry any Schedule III meds! None.

I had to keep calling around and I finally found someone who told me about a pharmacy that specializes in pain management who carries them all. There are 2 in the town we moved to and they are the only places you can get any Schedule III meds.

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tk ohio Says:

do you mean roxicodone which is basically a strong percocet with no tylenol and is quick-release. or are you talking about oxycontin which im not sure but i think they are stronger than roxicodone but are extended release and should last you throughout the day.

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