Seeking Doctor In Oakland/wayne Michigan Area Thats Willing To Prescribe Methadone For Addiction

Sam Says:

Hi everybody

I have been an addict (opiates) for the past 13 years and it is tearing me and my family apart. I don't ever want to give up hope and say that ill be like this forever because I wont. I want to be clean so bad.. But theres just so much more to it (as a lot of you already know) but ill get on with it. I've been at a methadone clinic in the past but cannot attend it again due to going everyday and more importantly the liquid does not agree with my body very well. Makes me feel like throwing up and I feel like I have to take much more that the pill. Tried suboxone and dont want to go that route again. I am looking for a doctor that is willing to prescribe methadone for addiction instead of pain management. This would be a lifesaver. I also take adderol and ativan so im not sure if that will run well with the doctor but ill do what I have to do if a doctor is willing to do that for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Verwon Says:

HI, Sam! I'm sorry about everything you've been through, but kudos to you for realizing that you need help to take your life back!

However, it is actually against the law for a private physician to prescribe Methadone for addiction treatment. Under the current regulations, that can only be done in a clinical setting by those that are specially trained in its use for such.

And since you've been in a clinic in the past, that is noted in your medical records, so no doctor will prescribe it for you as they risk losing their license to practice medicine if they did so.

What you might want to consider instead is treatment with Suboxone, since it is very effective and usually allows most people to eventually become completely drug free, rather than rely on a lifetime maintenance dose. It also doesn't require daily visits and you can search for a doctor that treats with it at the website,

Learn more Suboxone details here.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Sam Says:

No .. Thanks for your help though !

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Pam Says:

Verwon, You are so wrong about DR.s not being able to prescribe meth. They can and they do. A DR with a DEA# can write it for pain. Under special guidelines and regulations they need to establish can treat up to 30 patients for addiction but must be qualified as an addiction specialist. I know you post is old but it was the same then. As far as suboxen some will prescribe it when they shouldn't as they did with me and I went into acute withdrawal and did not even feel human it was so bad.

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kally Says:

Sorry Verwon!! Sam is right, once you have been to a clinic, then there is no way a Dr will help you!! heck I get methadone for a botched back surgery and ran out 1 day early, I went to E,R cuz I couldn't stand the withdrawal, it is called dependency, since your taking them for pain, they left me in a room screaming in pain, and I showed them I do get them from a Dr once a month, they didn't care, the only thing you can try is make something up for needing them, I don't know what kind of work you do but if you tell a Dr you need them to help withdrawal you will never get them, the suboxine is the best way to, go listen to Sam. good luck

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jazz Says:

WILL 4 mths of suboxone be a bad wd?

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Jeff C. Says:

I would ask if you was on drugs with a request like that.

well you are about as likely to get those drugs from a doctor as Ozzy Osbourne is,,,, so keep dreaming... You are a drug addict aren't you... You got it bad and have NO IDEA about what that combo can do,,, An i**** like you deserves an ASPIRIN and call me in the morning.

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Kaylee Says:

Sam, you state that you want to get clean and begin healing the family. Why aren't you interested in Suboxone? You only said you "don't want to go down that road". I think this would be the very best road you could go down, if you are truly intent on kicking opiates. There is no way a doctor is going to prescribe you methadone (outside of a clinical setting) as treatment for your addiction. The sub won't make you feel high, but it will stop withdrawal and put you on the path to being free of drugs. Go for it!

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Pam Says:

Please note Sam's comments are over a year old

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Hope Says:

Hi everyone I've been going threw the same problem for a long time sam. The clinic does suck. (who cares if the post is ten years old help is help) i know all the bs they put us threw.. This guy is asking for help not a story. Its amazing how no one has a dr but has something to say, iam sorry but pain is pain. And some drs are A holes and some are not it depends.. Iam still trying to find one. .Bro i know its hard and my hands are still going, GOD willing ill find him or her, & When i do ill post it..
Its that easy people we live in a selfish world everything is the same about us, but our heart's, that's a understatement.

If anyone can help us all write down the drs name no matter if he writes it for pain or abuse we all need a hand and theese days a heart.. Forgive me for opening up and being religious but its time for that.
Church and all many of u go to so start acting like our Lord and help each other. Iam a billionaire and youll see me soon helping i wish all of u, only what i can, GOD will direct me..
Sorry folks ive been in pain for so long clinics are hard its a waste of time and life. If any of u are drs and reading this or if your not, write down your or his name. I read so many of your posts and half of them are really sad, Whats crazy almost all are about methadone that's how serious it is.
Dont wait and think that person can be dead then what..
We need a doc asap any one know one please for the love of GOD write it say who it is. We all need help..
Theres a doc sam in Mi i know of name dr.pinson in sterling hts. i hear hes ok. He accepts Medicade and all insurance types. I know some of u have medicade or Medicare let us know what insurance the doc takes.. Sorry had to add that..


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WallyWorld Says:

That was the hardest post I've ever read in my life! So much rambling and confusion... I'm not trying to be an ass but please try not to ramble so much. Good luck!

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Unknown Says:

I tried suboxen and went into acute withdrawal. I did not feel human. Nothing would help. I was on methadone so when I went back to the doctor and told him he said "well we don't know how long methadone stays in you". Well why in the hell did he tell me to take,it within a certain time frame if he didn't know. Never again for me.

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unknown Says:

Hello I have been on pain meds for 13 years now and I would like to stop taking them. I looked into the suboxone treatment and it costs so much. I know 2 people who have stopped taking opiates by using methodone. The thing is I don't want to start taking that every day. My friends told me that all they needed was around 15-20 10mg pills. They took it for 4 days and thats it. It helped them get thru the rough part but after that the withdrawals were not horrible. As long as you don't keep taking the methodone and get addicted to that. I can handle some withdrawals. I just want around 20 methodone to help get thru the worst of it. I live in Clinton township Michigan so if anyone knows a doctor that would give a small amount like that please let me know. I don't want to get refills every month. I have done some research and methodone is actually a horrible drug. Like I said, any help would be great. Thank you.

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Heather Says:

Suboxone doesn't help with cravings like methadone does

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Heather Says:

Any Dr can prescribe methadone, its subixone they need a special license and can only have 100 patients

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Heather Says:

I got kicked out of clinic on 80mg. The ER dosed me about every 4 days for 3 weeks. Some can and will

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Daffy Says:

Re: Heather (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

What hospital gave you methadone every 4 days to help you ? It would be good for people to know incase they need help if they are withdrawing .

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Ashb Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

It sounds crazy in America. I live in the UK, and every town about 15 minutes apart has a clinic for addiction and every single chemist prescribes methadone, prob 10 chemist in every high street. It's so easy to get, u go to the clinic, they start u that day and u can pick up daily, weekly or what's easiest. I've been on methadone on and off since I was 16. I'm now 41 and just cutting down on that and benzos.

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