Sandoz Adderall (formerly Eon)

Jane Says:

I have a bottle of 90 Sandoz Adderall that I don't wan't. It's giving me headaches. I know the pharmacy won't take it back. How do I properly dispose of it without harming the environment?

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Verwon Says:

HI, Jane!

You can take it to your pharmacy for disposal, that's usually one of the things they do.

The other option recommended by the FDA actually isn't great for the environment, they instruct you to mix it in with some undesirable substance, such as used cat litter or coffee grounds, place it into a sealed container and dispose of it in the trash.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Jane Says:

Thank you! I guess I'll take it to the pharmacy. I wonder how they dispose of it. It's a shame because I've been taking Adderall (a different generic) for a year and it has been helping me a lot. But this time the pharmacy gave me the Sandoz version. I took it for 4 days and it did not help my ADD. However, I did get a headache every day and even wake up with one. So basically... it did not help me, it hurt me. Considering I was recently laid off and lost my medical insurance, I had to pay for it out of pocket. So now I'm out the money and without meds. But I would rather take nothing and deal with it than take this garbage. At least I learned a lesson. I will make sure the pharmacy has the generic that works properly or else request the brand. I always thought all generics were basically the same. This experience lead me to search the Internet and apparently many people are having different effects from the different versions of generic Adderall. I cannot believe pharmaceutical companies can get away with this. Even if the active ingredient is there, changing the chemical process changes the effect. They're screwing with people's brain chemistry.

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Nikki Says:

What pharmacy and area did you find Sandoz Adderall? I need my Rx refilled ASAP for only that brand.

Thanks, Nikki

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Pbeddy Says:

Looking for Boston pharmacy that carries Sandoz adderrall 15 or 20 mg ... Anyone?

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Kymmy Says:

Where can I find EON Sandoz Adderall IR 20mg brand, and what is its comparable generic down to inactive ingredients near St. Petersburg, FL? I have tried Teva, did 0 for me, tried Aurobindo, wasn't that bad (but not good) tried Walmart which was Barr, I'm thinking, not good and did 0. So on hunt for a substitute. I take brand Adderall xr 30mg also, but insurance doesn't cover brand in ir 20mg, but willing to pay the price for brand, but no 1 has brand nor will, can order so if anyone can please give suggestions. I liked the idea of eon Sandoz but have no clue where to find and what inactive ingredients are in to compare to others. Just fyi, Adderall XR has an inactive ingredient magnesium and upon researching, that intensifies the Adderall.

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Roy Says:

Hi Kymmy, sorry to hear that your meds are not working well for you. While I can't say where you might be able to fill the EON Adderall specifically, I can say that Magnesium is listed as one of the inactive ingredients in it. I basically checked this site's NDC database and pulled up the page for EON's version of this drug (see the page for NDC code 0185-0401). So the inactive ingredients are listed as:

- FD&C Yellow No. 6
- Lactose Monohydrate
- Magnesium Stearate

I think if you did want to figure out which generic manufacturer might also use Magnesium in their tablets you could run a search in this database and then go through the pages of results to look at the drug records. I'm seeing the following NDC codes for 20 mg generic versions:

- 0115-1331 (Global / Impax)
- 0185-0401 (EON, as I listed above)
- 0228-3060 (Actavis)
- 0406-8893 (Mallinckrodt)
- 0555-0788 (Barr)
- 0555-0973 (Barr)
- 53489-569 (Mutual Pharm)
- 54868-5103 (Physician's Total Care)

Here's the source where I found those records: National Drug Codes - Amphetamine. Then it becomes a question of whether you are able to call your pharmacy or ask your doctor if they can write or fill a specific generic version. I hope this helps and best of luck!

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Kymmy Says:

I recently found sandoz IR 20mg at a local pharmacy in FL, this is the only generic I haven't tried. I take Brand adderall xr 30 at 430am n the 20mg ir at 2pm. All generics tried don't work and scripts written for brand, but unable to find Brand IR locally. I'm in FL. So far, only one generic auborino was good but not strong enough, others were like sugar pill, and others tried were like taking nothing. Anyone having problems getting brand ir, know where I could get it, compared brand ir to generics? And if I'm not mistaken if you start to feel like you're on speed, racing, either dose is too strong, or body hasn't had time to adjust/get used to it, meaning you haven't built up a tolerance to that amount yet. More is not better I think n the lowest MG you start with that works you should stay on until it's no longer effective.

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Chris Says:

Re: Jane (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Can you tell me what generic you preferred, prior to getting the Sandoz? I am trying to find a good manufacturer, or brand that fits me.


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Southern Bell Says:

Re: Jane (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

It’s awful how these manufacturers are getting away with torturing the working class. I have read lately that the fda has been giving them fines, but do you think fines bother a billion dollar industry. No I’ve seen some of the manufacturers from india working in deplorable conditions then shipping to the us. We really don’t know whats in these meds that we are putting in our bodies these days. They never have to reveal the ingredients which is uncanning in itself. Why is it that make-up and food co’s have to provide all ingredients on the containers but something as serious as medicine for your brain has zero guidelines. And we wonder why alzheimer’s is the # 1 cause of death in our country. We are all guinea pigs. I truthfully think this is how we are targeted through terrorists. Who knows who is employed at these plants. It’s not like they need a degree to tape boxes and send to the us. If they can get jobs and fly planes, why couldn’t they walk into teva/barr, get a job and taint the meds with who knows what the 75% filler is put in the adderall? Most of the crazies that shoot up the schools and clubs around the world were previously treated for add or depression. That’s something the fda should research; the employees that work at these plants. Background checks, ect... “meds gone wrong”. We need to make america better. Peace to all.

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Chris Says:

Dear Ms. Belle,

You tell 'em, honey! A thought occurred to me while reading your april 5th post. I really don't think that Alzheimer's or any other disease is of concern when producing a product that reduces cost to the pharmacies. Obviously, CVS doesn't care. I say this following some soul-to-soul conversations with my local CVS pharmacists. Albeit that she is a lovely person, the system is what it is. P&L. Here's the catch that you and I can use. If we don't buy it, they will come to us. Simple. We are the consumer, yeah? Kudos for your observations about the questionable practices of international trade. Don't buy anything that doesn't work. Get with your doctor, and put him to task. Good luck, darling.

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Vicki Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I'll take off your hands 64 years old they took away my adderall and put me on suboxone I want my addrall back ill give up suboxone for it as my adhd is severe

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Mark Says:

Jane, my name is Mark and I've actually been going crazy trying to find sandoz brand Adderall! I can't find them ANYWHERE here in Dallas! I've called dozens of pharmacies and nothin'! I do have a valid prescription. {edited for privacy}

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Mark Says:

Jane I would like to talk to you about your post! Thx, Mark

{edited for privacy}

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