Severe Sublocade Injection Side Effect

Laine Says:

Hi there. A good friend of mine has had very severe side effects after his 4th sublocade injection. He has been terribly ill since 11/5. He has had non stop nausea and vomiting, sweating, as well as a plethora of other symptoms. He has been totally incapacitated, and will not return to the Dr. Has anyone else had severe side effects? My friend is currently in the Portland area, but could travel if anyone is aware of a medical professional that can help him. Thanks so much!

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Becca333 Says:

I'm sorry to hear about your friend and hope he gets the help he needs. I was curious about that injection. I don't understand how that could help everybody when everybody needs different dosages.

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Laine Says:

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Thanks for the reply. He's been quite ill for a while.

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jumpinjo Says:

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For me its more mental than anything, I was addicted to the entire process of whatever I was doing at that time, the shot has taking all worries and bad habits off the table,its been great so far.

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Klj Says:

I'm on sublocade, a week into first month and its a godsend. I was worried about being n g stuck w the drug for another if it made sick, and I learned that if there are adverse effects, the "depot" or lump at injection site containing the drug can be removed by a dr under local

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Optimistic Says:

Maybe he’s using? Isn’t this drug supposed to make you terribly sick if you try to add opioids on top of it?

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