Soma Versus Baclofen

talks alot Says:

I was recently switched from soma to baclofen. The Baclofen makes me feel very strange and I cannot function as well on it as I can with Soma. It makes me sleepy, and frankly just makes me feel like crap. The Soma works better for me as far as muscle spasms. The Baclofen does help spinal pain but does not work as quickly as Soma on spasms. My doctors in Alabama refuse to prescribe me Soma even though I have been put on different muscke rekaxers, Soma works best with my body. Why will doctors nor prescribe what works best for the individual. Every thing works different on different people. I want to be able to function and not be a zombie. What should I do. My pain clinic doctor only wants to get meds from him, but if he wont prescribe what works, I will get my pain meds from him and soma from another doctor. It would make it easier if he would just prescribe the soma. It works for me. I also have anxiety problems which the baclofen seems to make worse.

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Verwon Says:

Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol and Baclofen is the generic for Liorisal, they are both used as muscle relaxants, but are different classes of medications and work a little differently.

The Baclofen is known to work better for spinal pain and spasms. That may be why your doctor wants you to use, another reason could be that Soma is more commonly abused.

Another issue is that some doctors just don't always want to admit that certain medications don't work as well for everyone that uses them. I've run into this, before, myself. Some of them tend to think that what they know has worked well for other patients will work well for all of them. Unfortunately, medications don't work that way.

What worked great, with no problematic side effects, doesn't always work as well for someone else and they could also experience all of the side effects.

The only thing I can think of suggesting is perhaps switching doctors.

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Are there any comments or questions?

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Sandra Says:

I've had a problem with my doctor not wanting to prescribe soma also. He would rather prescribe lortab, which doesn't make sense to me, because my pain was largely due to stiffness (I have fibromyalgia). I accepted the lortab, because that's all he seemed willing to prescribe, and the other muscle relaxers either didn't work or had awful side effects (usually nightmares). But I KNEW that if my muscle stiffness could be relieved, my pain would be greatly reduced. There was no talking about it though. Really upset me too, because I know people who have been addicted to opiates, and even people who died. I'm not on them anymore, and I was careful taking them, but it still makes me rather angry that I was denied what seemed to be the lesser of the two evils. And for what reason, I do not know.

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Mark A. 73 Says:

Yeah your doctor is an i****. he is prescribing an opiate pain killer which is a schedule 3 drug meaning it has moderate to high potential for abuse and completely ignoring the root of the problem; a problem that seems can be solved with muscle relaxers. I don't understand his logic, see I worked at a retail pharmacy chain and would see so many addicts on Norco Lortabs and Oxycontin all powerful opiate painkillers. Soma at that time was unscheduled meaning it was thought to have no recreational value or capability of causing physical dependence. Then in 2012 the DEA changed it to a schedule 4 drug meaning that it is less addictive than lortab. There are 5 schedules of controlled substances. Schedule 1; are your illegal drugs, 2 - 5 are available through prescription with schedule 2 being the most addictive like adderall and morphine and schedule 5 drugs are the least addictive. I digress, I had a stint with some bad whiplash from a fender bender, more like fender gone. After my doc gave me flexeril and it didn't work, he prescribed me Soma. It is by far the best muscle relaxer I have tried. The pain in my neck and lowerback was gone. Not only that but it gave me a strange energy like buzz which was good because the flexeril made me super sleepy and useless. I did not abuse the Soma had no withdrawals when I stopped cold turkey. Granted I only took 2 to 3 a day for about 3 weeks but still I don't know why your doctor would give you a much more addictive drug that does not even hit the root of the problem. When I worked at the pharmacy I remember my pharmacist was super reluctant to fill scripts for it , making me call the doctors to make sure they were on it for legitimate reasons; like a written script was not enough. Yet he would give amphetamines (Adderall) to 8 yr old for ADD without a second thought. I once asked him why he did not like to fill Soma scripts; he said something like it turned into a barbiturate in the body and many junkies were using it with morphine and vicodin to produce a H like high. By itself, Soma seemed pretty innocuous to me and it worked like a charm. Shame the damn government has to put its big fat nose in everything including medicine and what is best for the patient.

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EDDY Says:

Great post Mark!

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Sandra Says:

One thing I forgot to mention is that I'm in Alabama also. My doctor told me over a year ago, that if I had suggested Soma just 3 months prior, he would have given it to me in a minute, but Alabama now has laws that doctors cannot prescribe Soma. REALLY????? That's crazy, cause like I said, it's the stiffness that's causing me the worst pain and it lasts most of the day too.

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EDDY Says:

I don't see the laws that say it can't be prescribed? It could be your doctor or group policy?

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Sandra Says:

I've looked for the laws as well, but finding the actual laws seem to be obscured on the internet, whether deliberately or coincidentally. I really do wish I could see this "law" for myself, but I had no reason to not believe my doctor when he told me this. I hope someone else will post if they know something more about this.

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EDDY Says:

Google Alabama Soma laws. I learned in W Va. Soma is a C3 but it is a C4 controlled med, same as the Federal schedule. Many Doctors have stopped writing for Soma and Alabama does have some strict laws in place. That does not mean you can't find Soma!

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Ali Says:

I have a few questions and concerns regarding Soma and Baclofen. I have episodes where my entire body locks up in one position and makes involuntary movements. First I was given Zanaflex which did nothing. Then I was given Soma, I only took the Soma when I felt the above start to happen. It worked like a charm within 15-20 minutes. My neurologist called me today and recommended that I try Baclofen. I have no problem giving Baclofen a try. I'm just concerned that it won't work. I've never felt myself getting addicted to Soma. I thought if I didn't agree to try the Baclofen like my Dr suggested, he would think I was drug seeking the Soma. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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EDDY Says:

Kind of strange that the doctor called you to change your medication. Most doctors stopped calling years back. Just another example of being taken off Soma. You will find the Zanaflex is like the Baclofen?

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Kyle Foster Says:

I am a retired Marine with Fibro myalgia and I saw someone here talking about the stiffness of the spine. An RPG broke a veteran in my back so I can relate.

I have found that extremely deep tissue massage ( preferably That massage ) increases the blood flow and takes away some of the symptoms of Fibro myalgia. But beware. It is like being tortured, then you take your muscle relaxers after the massage to get the best benefit.

hope this helps at least one of you so pay it forward.

Semper Fi

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Kim Cooper Says:

I also was taking Soma twice a day and my internist took me off of it and has started me on Bacofen -I AM IN CONSTANT HEAD TO TOE PAIN WITH MIGRAIN!!! I CAN NOT STAND THIS!!!

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Dawna Says:

I'm so sorry u have to go through. I currently was switched just started the bac today. The soma worked very well for me. My Dr. Explained to me she wolf prefers to giver soma but Medicare has a new system out and sheitey write soma anymore. If she does she gets hassled by FDA. Why??? Insurance wants total congol said some high risk drug and could cause set people over 5
65 to fall and on and on. Insurance demands Drs who deal w Medicare foow their new guide lines for high risk drugs! Crazy as ever. It is called the BERs scale or something like that. Ur not alone my sister going thru se thing s her inhalers and she has staged 4 copd. It's a crying shame and I am really upset w this Obama medical and Humana who controls each step of Drs and patients. Just pray about it, the Lord will help us he knows our Literal pain!

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Dee Says:

I love baclofen! My dr/chiropractor prescribed me some for the first time and It was amazing! My body felt so good and muscle tension melted away.
Soma make me feel good and drunk , but it didn't relive pain from muscle tension at all and I twitch a lot.
Flexeril was awful because it sedated me so heavily that I wanted to just sleep all day.
Baclofen make me feel floaty and I can't drive on them. I looooove to sleep and take cat naps on this medicine because I feel so relaxed.
I had pain along my spine and this helps it a lot.

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Binx Says:

In Oklahoma Soma is now considered a Controlled Substance and I've heard and even benn told by a doctor, "No! You can't take Soma with Lortab, Norco or Percocet!. I asked, "Why not?" His reply, "It will kill you!" Ummmm, HELLO! I've been on all of them since 2004 and I'm still sitting here....
He absolutely WOULD NOT subscribe Soma to me which had always worked very goo for my muscle spasms. He prescribed Baclofen which did absolutely nothing for me! Needless to say, I switched doctors. But I have heard others say their doctors are shying away from Somas too!

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BL Says:

Binx, Soma is highly addictive and in some states is a Schedule II. Due to the high level of addiction, many drs are refusing to prescribe it, especially with opiates.

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Binc Says:

I was on Somas from a back injury having horrible spasms so my doctor put me on Soma in 2004. I was on them for years along with Percocet and OxyContin. Well my doctor moved out of state so the next one I went to looked at my Ned list and said, "Oh I won't prescribe Soma with Percocet or Lortab!!! I asked why and his response ,"It will kill you! That's what the doctor I studied under told me!" I was like ummm hello I've been on them since 2004 it's now 2011 and I'm still alive and kicking....he wouldn't budge and Bacfolen did nothing for me..

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BL Says:

Binc, unfortunately studies have shown that the number of patients who are prescribed Soma and opiates and die has risen in recent yrs. Of course these stats have no specifics, like the actual cause of death, just that the patients were prescribed the meds together.

If it were me, I would want a dr who was willing to read more on the subject and treat me as an individual. I am assuming that this dr is on the younger side and doesn't have many yrs of experience.

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betty Says:

I am going to the suboxone clinic Monday and taking a cup U/A. My neurologist prescribes me somas 350mg 4 x a day. The other gives me klonopin 1mg 4xaday. Sub doc doesn't even like tramadol. Do I need to stop somas, and when? HELP!

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Glenda Says:

My dr prescribed me baclofen and it does not really work for me. I take more of it . Because it doesn't help. Soma worked the best for but I can't get my dumb dr to realize that.

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Speedy Says:

Going to two different Dr's might get you in trouble. As far as baclofen it's a horrible med and I will never take again. I felt like I was stuck in a bubble and had two bad falls.

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Speedy Says:

I agree the Baclofen is bad medicine, Be care getting meds from two DR.s As your pain manager said no.
They should remove the evil Baclofen from the market!

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b Says:

you, like myself have had the best that “healthcare” has to offer ... we need to create better options for ourselves. having gone back n’ forth from one to another to another ... when profit comes before people, the people always lose

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Diane Says:

Re: Ali (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I take soma 3x a day with norco 10 3x a day. I have been on these for about 7 years. Naturally they don't work on my muscle spasms or pain anymore because my body has gotten used to them. I have asked my doctor to give me something a little stronger but he says the government will not allow him to. I cry worse without the meds. But even with the meds. I am always in alot of pain. I have cerbal palsy. So i wish the government would stay out of my doctors office. He knows my medical problems and my pain and other things about me. I do not abuse my medication. But the government has tied his hands to what he can do.

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Dylyn Says:

Re: betty (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

I would be less worried about the somas and more worried about the benzos. I know at the clinics here in ohio they wont even start you on methadone or subs if you have any type of benzo or alcohol in your system...otherwise you are least that's how they do it here...

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Lisa Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

My doctors blame it on President Trump and how they, the government, won’t let them take soma with an opioid. Even tramadol! I have been on the same dose for years. I am able to take less at times but never had I had a problem in the 5+ years I’ve been on it. Soma was the first thing that worked and gave me some relief for a short time. He also was going to just stop it completely after maybe 8 years of taking it one day. Then put me on baclofen which I thought was for spinal cord injury or MS but not as good for what I have. But he didn’t order it. So he was just stopping and not weaning and can baclofen hold off withdrawals from soma?

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The doctors recently put me on Soma, but because I'm on medicare it would not cover it, so it was 300.00$. So they put me on the Baclofen and they really help but make me so sick with severe stomach pain. My nerves I have noticed have also been a lot worse. I did not put the two together until I saw a friend of mine's post, for she had been taking them and the same thing happened with her. So I'm going to quit taking them until I talk to my doctor on Monday.

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HateFloridaDoctors Says:

Ya I was prescribed Soma and tizanidines for my back problems in Missouri. Moved to Florida and these stupid doctors will not prescribe Somas to me even though I take them as needed. They really help my back feel better and I can function on them just fine. The tizanidines knock me out. The ***** pain specialist told me I will not prescribe you Somas and I told him they work well for me and I can function and I only take them as needed but he said he will prescribe me Baclofen 10mg once a day and I can take the tizanidines which puts me to sleep. What an *****. If I was addicted to Somas I would take them everyday but I don't. I just want a doctor to prescribe me what works for me, not what he thinks works for me!

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Wild fire Says:

Dear talks alot, your message is exactly what I am going through, EVERY WORD OF IT, I was put on somas after a pretty serious car accident, now I have my L4 and L5 that are blown I have nerve damage in my legs I have fluid that builds up on both sides of my lower back I have had injections to where the doctor would remove the fluid and put the medicine in that has happened twice and now they say they can't do it because of my L4 and L5 and I also have fibromyalgia and they just out of the blue said that they had a meeting with all of the CEOs or whatever at my pain management clinic and they decided that they're not going to give out Somas anymore they seem to think that the pain medication will stop the spasms and I'm not sure how it works for other people but for me the pain medication has never stopped the spasms it's really sad that all of us people that really need this medication are having to pay for the people that have abused it I also have anxiety and panic attacks so I am on a medication for that and they tried to say that should stop the spasms when they get so bad but not one time has my medication for my anxiety ever stopped my spasms so now they are trying me on this medication Lioresal, I will start it tomorrow, Maybe by some miracle this medication will work but I have my doubts, thanks for sharing your story it helped me a lot

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AZ Doc Says:

Please do not blame your doctor - blame the government. I am a doctor and have been ORDERED by my medical board to not prescribe Soma with any opioid and to taper off any patient now taking the combination. With ObamaCare on the chopping block, now is the time for a letter-writing campaign to Congress, the Surgeon General, President Trump, etc. This nonsense filters down from the DEA, CDC, and FDA and only the Federal government can rein in the out of control bureaucrats! The Trump administration claims to be intent on removing unnecessary regulations. Time to hold their feet to the fire!

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