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sharon Says:

Need a doctor who prescribes suboxone in Indiana - i am on medicaid.

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PAM Says:

where can i find a dr in indiana that takes medicaid or medicare,i live 70 miles east of indy.i need to find one bad

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mother in Indy Says:

Cassie I'm in same position you are to. Not able to find any help i need Suboxone badly. Girl we can talk..both in Indy no help

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mother in Indy Says:

Tara IM trying to find doctor here and been so sick from not taking pp. I had to get Suboxone off streets to get well. I'm needing doctor can't take no more. Mother of three and need help some one please. Email me with any idea of help {edited for privacy}. Thank you

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Dee ann michels Says:

Are u still struggling? If so i know the anderson center accepts medicaid for long term impatient rehab they give u suboxone to start detox counsuling and all the good care one could ever need if serious about staying clean you can just look it up by typing it in search good luck to you

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mother of 2 Says:

Hi mother of indy, myself as well am a mother of 2 and have been struggling with percocet addiction since the birth of my son in 2012. It has gotten bad I live here in indy and need someone to talk to for support in the same situation that can relate to the affects nof this demon as we try and get our lifes back. I take about 29 po a day and while trying to kinimuze the dose to cut the withdrawal isn't working. How can we talk...

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mother in Indy Says:

Hello mother of two. It's great to hear from you. I'm blessed to finally admit my addiction and open up to others. I'm so grateful to make thus far. I to can take 30 to 40 pills say and it's horrible. The withdrawals it's death. And Indiana doesn't give us allot of clinic that actual accept us. I had taken Suboxone and couldn't believe the instant relief from withdrawals and not needing pp. i really would love to talk and we need to figure way to. The site didn't allow email in here to i noticed. If i could get your email we can talk. I would love to have someone that knows what this is like and being mothers i desperate we are to get well.

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ashley Says:

I am in the treatment and I need suboxone im in Indians please help. I have medicaid too

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brena Says:

I'm in Fortville Indiana and I'm also looking for the same program as you and I was wondering if you had found someone yet and if you can refer me to someone I would very much appreciate it thank you

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jenn Says:

i really need some help i live in bloomington indiana and cant find a suboxone doctor that can help been on methadone for years and im coming off of it now and really sick and need help bad. i would go up to indianapolis if i could find a doctor up there. please help i dont know how long i can deal with this.

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stan Says:

I live in Indianapolis I need to find a Dr that is cheap or takes Medicaid!!!! HELP

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ashley Says:

Avon urgent care accepts medicaid. But it's a 3 week waiting list just to get a appt. Hope this helps

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mother in Indy Says:

I'm on the waiting List. Can't believe they told you three weeks can't get them to tell me that. I have been on it before they said they called everyone. But I'm positive I was missed cause I'm holding my phone like my life just so I dint miss the call. I'm struggling here and I'm running out of hope the number there is right

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Leeann Says:

I have been on suboxone for about 7 months now, i was taking perks, vics or any pain pill i could find, got sick of being out and searching and not finding any and feeling like crap, so i called avon urgent care on a thursday, they told me 2-4 week waiting list and the lady calls people on fridays, so the next day they called me and i got in the following tues. have to be in withdrawl for 48 hours, i was really in withdrawl for 24 hours , i went in feeling like crap and they gave me two half strips in the office and i actually felt better when i left, but that night i did throw up a few times and was sick that is prob cause i wasnt in withdrawl for 48 hours. well now my boyfriend is wanting to get on suboxone, put him on the waiting list like 3 weeks and called twice and they wont say anything, he told them he was miserable and in withdrawl and they told him to go to the er!! like the er is going to do anything. but im hoping they call him soon, i hate him feeling like this, i know what it is like and suboxone is a miracle, i felt better the next day and i can be around pills now and it not even bother me i could care less, if someone handed me a bunch it wouldnt bother me to just throw them away now, there is no way i would go back to pills , the withdraw is too horrible.

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val haase Says:

I called medicaid and they advised me i need to talk to my pmp about suboxone and a referral.

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leeann Says:

Keep calling avon, i called and got my fiance on the waiting list, they didnt call for 3 weeks, so i called and they said he is on the list and will hear something in a few weeks, so that same day my sister called to get on the waiting list too and they set her an appointment for just 5 days later!! that made me mad cause my man has been on the list for weeks, so he called that same day and asked why he was on the list for weeks but my sister calls and gets an appointment for the next week, so they set him an appointment for a few days later, his appointment is on monday 4-21 finally, so make sure to call them, they usually do theri calls on fridays, someone named tabitha is who you need to speak with at avon.

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mother in Indy Says:

Please let me know how it goes. I'm calling Monday. I have been waiting on them for months

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Dee Says:

I know Dr. Deal, in Indy was a few months ago, not sure now his #s 317-884-1752. If he isnt, ask if they may know anyone that is. Good luck

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katy Says:

Wondering if person in Anderson found suboxone doctor because I'm also looking for doctor

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mother in Indy Says:

Thank you. I'm calling Dr deal first thing and let everyone know what he says to. Pray

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Rena Says:

Dr Patel in Indianapolis, IN is a reasonably priced suboxone Dr. with little to no waiting list. $50 deposit is required for your appt. Number is (317) 429-9336

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