Suboxone Doctors On Long Island

William Says:

Suboxone Doctors on Long Island, NY that take HIP/Medicaid. Trying to find one ASAP.

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, there's really no central listing that I know of that lets you know what doctors treat with Suboxone and take any certain insurance.

Learn more Suboxone details here.

I'd suggest contacting HIP/Medicaid and asking if they have any information that can help you, or you can try the website to find doctors in your area, then contact them to see what insurance they accept.

Does anyone else know of one?

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Ryanthegirl Says:

I know of a doctor in glen cove..and he did take hip/medicaid bc that's what I had and he did prescribe suboxone from what I know. You can email me at {edited for privacy} for more info...I'm looking for help myself lol

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Rachel Says:

Hey can you help me out at all? I just moved to long island for school but havent been able to get any s*** up here but i am trying to detox but doing it without subs or anything sucks

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ceo Says:

Did you find a doctor. I m in the situation. Just moved to long island.

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Rachel Says:

The only doctors I'm able to find cost way too much money and I don't really have any. My best bet is trying to find subs in the city but they are going to be way over priced

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Taylor Says:

Hi I recently came across this post and have been in search of a doctor who prescribes suboxone. I currently have a doctor that does, however he charges me $120 per visit which adds up rather quickly. Thanks for the help.

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Ny help Says:

Rachel I use same dr in glen cove. I'm looking to find Xanax dr...

If you can spell out your number we could help each other. Also glen cove dr now has a cap on how many patients he will see.

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Ny help Says:

Do you know of any Xanax prescribing drs? I have. 2 subocone drs that just tKe co pay or if cash, 90 a visit- 1x a month.

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denny Says:

i have emblem health hip medicaid i live in glen cove. can you send me info on a doc who takes my insurance? please i would really appreciate it.

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Ny help Says:

Hey Denny I can help you with the dr! The dr I know helps tremendously. And listens to you. He will be a great asset in your recovery.

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Ny help Says:

I think there are. Few drs I could help you with. Especially in the area code Suffolk .. There are drs on Long Island that prescribe suboxone. Maybe. Some of them take insurance and others take Medicaid/hip. {edited for privacy}

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Ny help Says:

Denny if you read between the lines you can get in touch and I can give you the drs info!!!! Both will take hip/Medicaid.

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jin Says:

Hi, I'm looking for a dr that prescribes suboxone and takes medicaid, can you help me?

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yanks Says:

Hi Ny help,

Would you please be able to help me, that is a much better price than I've been paying with my current doctor. If could could please email me {edited for privacy} with their information I would really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!

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vlad Says:

Long Islander here..... I'm looking for pain mgmt physician. Can anyone help me out?

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Jessney O Says:

Can you tell me where those two doctors are? $90 a visit isn't bad. Do they prescribe subutex? Thanks

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Katy Says:

Hi I saw your post and am looking for a doctor who prescribes suboxone. I was going to Dr Goldstein but he retired. Can you give me the name of your doctor and number.

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Cutielea Says:

Can you send me the name of the Dr that accepts medicaid and prescribes pain meds/subs?

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Peetie Says:

Can any of you please help me find a doctor. I've been looking and need suboxone so I can get off this evil dope and save my marriage

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Jack Says:

Looking for a Suffolk Sub doctor that takes insurance too. {edited for privacy}

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