Substitute For Ranbaxy Lorazepam

Patti Says:

I have been taking Ranbaxy Lorazapam for more than 10 years. Now that is no longer available I have tried Watson & Qualitest manufacturers. I am having severe muscle tightening, headaches and loud ringing in my ears. Can someone please suggest something similar to the Ranbaxy? Even if it is another similar generic drug? Clearly there is something different in the other manufacturers generic lorazapam that is causing so many problems.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Patti! How are you? I'm sorry about the problems that you're having.

The best thing to do may be to ask your doctor to write the prescription as 'brand medically necessary', if your insurance will cover it and try that, so you can avoid the generics.

This medication carries the risk of being habit forming and could cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability.

Are there any other questions or concerns?

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Sandra Says:

Patii did you find another generic brand for Ranbaxy Lorazepam, I have been taking 1mg for the past 7 years and faced with the dilemma of switching to
another generic brand, now. I went to refill my prescription and find out NO Pharmacy has Ranbaxy any longer. This is a big issue for me and wish I would have found out about this sooner. I have 2 doses left!!

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Fred Says:

Wow, same feeling here, muscle tightening , ringing in the ears and frankly not as efficient as I was when I was on Ranbaxy Ativan . Actually from the beginning I was on Watson and that slowed me down considerable along with feeing of depression. After few years one pharmacy that I went to get my Watson Ativan has ran out of Watson and gave me Ranbaxy Ativan, believe it or not, in few days I was a different person, my mind started working faster, I got out of bed and started working as before I started Watson. It sounds like a miracle , but Ranbaxy brought me back to the world as I knew it. As soon as Ranbaxy was no loner allowed , I had no choice other than Watson and I started getting worse and worse. Muscle tightening , even chest pressure , couldn't type
as fast and arms and legs and neck totally tightened . I am praying that I can find something that will replace Ranbaxy Ativan. I am sure someday they will be allowed again. I'm looking forward to that day. I hope the issues with Ranbaxy now Sun Pharmaceuticals would be resolved .
All the best .

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Fred Nikbakht Says:

Dear Ms. Patty, same with me , Ranbaxy was working for me , took me out of bed after several years technically a couch potato , I got Ranbaxy from a pharmacy that had ran out of Watson and I took it with cushion not knowing what it will do with me. Miracle happened , within less than a week , I was out of bed , back on computer, I became me again, thank GOD what Watson did to me was not irreversible , long story short I continued Ranbaxy until the day it was banned , and I had some supply left and lately I ran out , back to Watson by force . in a matter of one week, muscles started getting jammed , walking slower , now using walker , arms are getting jammed again and yet I am pushing forward as I have so many unfinished plans short and long term plans to pursue, no luck , checked everywhere , as if Ranbaxy is vaporized from the face of the Earth. I called FDA to see if there is any hope in future normalization of the relationship between US and Ranbaxy , now Sun Pharmaceuticals and lifting of the bans , unfortunately none according the FDA. Called Ranbaxy US to see if they see any hope in lifting the bans, they only said they do not see that in the near future. Today I heard Excellium lorazepam of Excellium Pharmaceuticals , a Canadian Pharmaceutical company may be the closes generic still available , there were some positive remarks from people who were on Ranbaxy and had to switch to Watson and after similar muscle jamming problem, stomach ache etc., now that individual is on Excellium and is happy with it. Am I going to jump into Excellium now, my GOD who know how it'll work for me, I am tempted to try it though as we all want to be more efficient people and be around our loved ones and be there for them and be a productive member of our society . At this point this is where I'm with this. Ms. Patty , hope you are doing fine and if you have any recent good experiences with other generics please share with others as you will be doing most valuable and precious favors to people. GOD bless. Fred Nikbkaht

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Fred Says:

I'm now trying Excellium to see if it will make any difference. That is assuming my muscle weakness and tightness isn't the result of another issue which I'm trying to find out by going to my neurologist. Now is the matter of beginning to start Excellium/ Will keep you posted.
All the best. Fred Nikbkaht

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