Subutex And Bladder Problems

Sub girl wen Says:

Just wondering if anyone has had bladder or kidney problems taking Subutex? I've been on it for roughly 3 years. Is it something in the Subutex? It's the big pills, not the little ones. Any info will help. Maybe the fillers. I don't know. I can't hold my pee at all. Please help.

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Kevin Says:

Hello Sub Girl Wen,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having these issues. According to the NIH subutex is known to effect the bladder but what they have listed is urinary retention and urinary hesitance. In other words it is listed that subutex is known to cause users to not be able to completely empty their bladder, have weak streams, not be able to go at all or lose control over their ability to hold their bladder.

I would suggest that if you believe your issues are related to your subutex medication it would be in your best interest to bring this up with your primary care physician. Though it may not seem that bad it could eventually lead into a more serious condition or be the symptom of a different underlying issue. I hope you have a wonderful day and happy holidays.

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Wenfy Says:

Re: Kevin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you so very much yes I'm having everything you listed weak stream my legs aren't swelling or anything but hard to start peeing and when I get up from laying down well there goes everything accidents every single nite I'm going to my urologist another one the other urologist said there is nothing he could do he didn't see anything wrong long story short but that medication is a must for me I don't want to have to go back on pain pills but may not have a choice thank you for responding and reaching out seems I'm alone .. God bless ??

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