Taking Xanax With A 10mg Vicodin

Drug Interactions Says:

Just trying to determine if it's safe to take a 10mg generic Vicodin with Xanax and if it is okay should I only take half a bar?

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Verwon Says:

What dosage is the Xanax? Have they both been prescribed for you?

The main issue with combining these types of medications is that they both increase sedation, so it could intensify some of the side effects you may experience, such as drowsiness and dizziness. So, they should only be take together, if your doctor approves and, if so, then please ensure that you will not be driving or operating any potentially dangerous machinery.

Both of these medications also carry the risk of being habit forming, as warned by the FDA and other side effects may possibly include nausea, dry mouth, irritability, headache and constipation.

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EDDY Says:

Great advice Verwon! Generally this would be safe although I wouldn't operate heavy machinery or drive if possible. Also both medications are addictive and could cause withdrawal problems so be advised!

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