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rita gleason Says:

Is Vicodin 750 considered a downer like Xanax?

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Deb Says:

The one thing that I have always heard/been told about Lortab/hydrocodone is that it contains codeine, but I have yet to find that in any of the ingredients listed anywhere. Where do people get this and, is it true?

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Verwon Says:

Nope, no codeine in it at all, I have no idea where anyone got that idea, but it is not true.

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Deb Says:

Thanks, Verwon. I didn't think so, but the doctor wanted to give my husband some for some oral surgery but he wouldn't take it because he was told there was codeine in it....I was told the same thing, but not by the doctor. It befuddles me why people say things that aren't true. Unless it's because there are some similar side effects that hydrocodone and codeine share -- think that's where they get it?

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vicki Says:

M 360

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Lucy Says:

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