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rita gleason Says:

Is Vicodin 750 considered a downer like Xanax?

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Stephanie Says:

No, Vicodin is the exact same chemical make up of Lortab. It is Hydrocodone and Acetaminaphen, which is a narcotic analgesic (a pain killer). I take Lortab for FMS pain, They do not make me tired, they actually make me feel upbeat, but I do not know if that is because the pain is gone or if it is because it is an opiate. Most narcotic analgesics are opiates which means they bind opiate receptors in your spinal cord so you sense pain differently, they also give some people a sense of uphoria, which is why they are habit forming. Please be careful.

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Verwon Says:

While you are stating the correct ingredients, narcotics, are in essence considered downers.

Normal side efffects of narcotic pain killers are drowsiness and respiratory depression.

They do not work the same as the Benzodiazpines that the poster mentioned in their posts, but they are downers, it is very unusual to have them react different and not cause the drowsiness, unless you have been taking them for a long time and have developed a tolerance to the medication.

That up feeling and euphoria that you are speaking of, is exactly the reason that so many people end up addicted to opiates, when they feel that way, and it wears off after their body adjusts to the medication at the current dosage, they start taking more and more so they can experience that effect again.

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Stephanie Says:

I actually have been taking Lortab on and off for a year. But the first time I ever took Lortab I will never forget because I was up all night. I was so wired I could not sleep. I cleaned the whole house. The pain that I had felt for so long had finally subsided, but I NEVER felt drowsy. My doctor told me that was normal, and alot of people feel the same way. I NEVER take more than is recommended. That is also why I mentioned they give some people a sense of uphoria and that is why they are so habit forming. I am aware of what they do.

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Verwon Says:

I was not trying to say you were unaware of it, Sorry if I offended, I just wanted to make sure you and anyone else who might have questions about the same med had the information. It is part of my job duties here.

Almost all meds affect different people in different ways, so what you experienced, as your doctor said, is perfectly normal for some people.

Sometimes, just the relief from not being in pain anymore give an energy boost and you just want to get those things done that you weren't able to do for some long.

I have experienced this myself, though it has been a long time since anything could remove all of my pain from my spinal problems. LOL!

The reason that narcotics all list drowsiness as a side effect and have to carry it is a label warning, is because that is what they do to the largest percentage of people who take them. The FDA requires drug manufacturers to warn about the most common side effects that are experienced by the greatest percentage of people who used the drug.

I also did not mean to imply that you were taking more than you were supposed to, I am sorry if my post upset you in any way, however, if you reread it, you will see that I posted the information in general when I was talking about how those effects can cause people to become addicts, I did not say that is what you were doing.

Heaven knows, when you have a condition that causes chronic pain and you have to have pain meds just to get through each day, you already have more than enough problems and sure don't need anyone accusing you of abusing them.

There are just far too many people in this world who do abuse them, because they enjoy that high feeling and energy burst that they experience, that I just wanted to post an additional warning about it. We have many people who post on here and read existing posts, so I always try to reiterate that type of information as a warning to others.

Opiates have never had that effect on me, I do not get the high, nor the euphora, they just make me drowsy, though I really wish I could get more energy somehow! LOL!

Speaking of being wired though, for reason, a few days ago, I had a really good day, my pain was better for most of that day than it has ever been in years, and I have to say that I just did not want to settle and sleep, there were so many things I wanted to do and get done, because I knew it would eventually come back full force, I could not settle and sleep for anything.

I have never actually tried Lortab, so I find your post invaluable, it provides me a ton of information from your experience using it, so that when someone else posts here with questions, I have more information to help them with.

If you have any other information on it and its use, that you can provide, other than just the generic stuff in the monograph, I would love to know more. Thanks!

Have an awesome day and thanks for posting and using our site.

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Verwon Says:

Oh, just a little tid bit I was thinking of an wanted to share, my prior post where I was talking about the side effect listings made me think of it.

When the manufacturers and pharmacists list the side effects for patient info, regardless of how many there are, and regardless of the severity of them, by law they are only required to list the first so many.

I forget the exact number, but say a drug had 17 side effects that all occured with the same severity, say to 75% of subjects during drug trials, well they still don't have to list them all in the patient advisory information, they only have to list them all in the Physician's prescription information.

So if you really want the full truth on a drug, or experience effects that you don't see listed, you have to look for the 'Physician's Prescribing Information' or the Full Prescribing Information.

Some unexpected effects could still be totally expected from that drug, you just aren't being told that.

Anytime I, my husband, or son, have to take a prescription medication that I am not already familiar with, as soon as I get home, I get online and do a search, either one of those phrases I stressed will usually bring up the information you are seeking, and then you can really read all about the med.

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Stephanie Says:

Thank You Verwon. I really appreciate your insights. But there is one question i have, What have you tried for the pain? Before the Lortab, I tried Tylenol #3,(which is a joke if you ask me) Darvocet, Flexeril (which you know is a mucsle relaxer) and Tylox. The Lortab helped me so much. The Tylox was TOOOO strong. Talk about being sleepy. If you have another suggestion I would LOVE to know.

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Verwon Says:

Well, I have actually tried LOTS of stuff, LOL! We have been at this, and trying to control it for almot 7 years now.

When I first started, my pain was much milder and Darvocet was usually enough, I had never regularly taken any type of narcotic before, so I had no tolerance built up. My condition is degenerative, so we knew it was not going to be something that would work for me for a long time, though I did manage to last almost 2 years on it.

Then, and I am not sure what they were thinking here, but when my pain was getting to the point the Darvocet was barely taking the edge off, they switched me to the Duragesic patch. Now, I am not sure if you are familiar with that, but it is the drug Fentanyl, a very, very strong narcotic, 80times stronger than Morphine! Jumping from Darvocet to that was just not a smart idea, but I didn't know then how strong it was. I got so sick, I couldn't even hold down water, I also couldn't stay awake, and I do have a family to take care of, plus my online work to do. This stuff is so strong, that one time release patch works for 48 to 72 hours.

I ripped that patch off, flushed it and would never try another! NO WAY!

Then for a year and a half, we tried various non-narcotic options, the Lidoderm patches, which are only good for mild topical problems, like mild burns or abrasions.

So when that didn't work, they gave me Neurontin, thinking my pain was all caused from nerve problems and nerve damage.

That was a very odd one, because it did help when I first started using it, I felt better for about 2 to 3 weeks, but then it just stopped helping at all, no matter how much they upped the dosage.

Then we tried Cymbalta, which did nothing for my depression and anxiety or my pain.

Finally they decided that narcotics were my only remaining option, so they started me on Oxycodone, which was the narcotic in the Tylox that you mentioned.

They gave me a 5mg instant release for breakthrough pain, and a 10mg of Oxycontin, which we later upped to 20mg and that was the stuff that really controlled my pain the best. I could move and function most days like a normal person.

I got unlucky though, because after being on it for several months, my insurance decided to stop covering it. UGH!!!!

There is really nothing else on the market right now that is comparable to Oxy, so I had nothing for a few weeks while my doc's tried to figure out some solution, since the only Oxy my insurance will now cover is the 5mg instant release.

Anyway, they finally decided to have me try MS Contin, it is a 12 hour Morphine, so it works similar to Oxycodone, but it is not as strong, to get a dosage anywhere near equivelent to the 20mg Oxycontin that I was taking, they had to give me 60mgs of the MS Contin, and they also left me on the 5mg Oxy IR up to 3 times a day for breakthrough pain.

A doc with a specialty in pain management finally joined my doc's practice, so he now consults on my case so they can try to get me the best pain relief they possibly can.

I am only 35, and since my condition is degenerative, if we aren't careful and I use too much stuff too fast, so I build up a tolerance to it, I could conceivably run out of options and have nothing left that will alleviate my pain.

Anyway, the next time we needed to adjust my dosage, instead of just upping the 60mg to a higher dose, this doctor decided to just add another pill. He added a 15mg MS Contin dosage, that way, on a day that my pain is really bad, I am sure you know how the weather changes can make it much worse some days, I can take it right with my 60mg to try to get my pain under control. However, on a day where my pain is milder, I can take it later, if it seems the 60mg is just not doing enough or if it is wearing off to fast, to kind of give it a little more of a boost.

This is a great way of prescribing the meds, you know that way, if your pain is worse at certain times or on certain days, you have something to help you deal with it, you don't have to worry about taking one of your other pills too soon, or doubling up and worrying about taking too much or running out too fast.

I am at the point now, however, after over a year on the Morphine now, where I do go through them all in a month, so we aren't sure how much longer these doses are going to last, but I am trying to stick it out as long as a I can.

I am curious about what dose they gave you of the Tylox, that is Oxycodone, and it could just have been, as you said, too strong for you, most people do have to start at a very low dose and gradually go up to a higher level, until they hit the right dose that controls their pain.

There have been people who were given a stronger dose to start using it and they ended up overdosing, resulting in some deaths, from taking just one pill out of their new prescription, no abuse or anything involved. So that is one you have to be very careful with.

When I was on it as my main pain control med, I am actually remembering a little more now about it, they actually started me on the 5mg instant release, then a month later added the 10mg of controlled release, then we went up to the 20mg after another month. So you do have to do that one on a very gradual build up, otherwise it can be very problematic.

The Tylenol 3 that you were on, is a joke to use if your pain is severe, because it is just Codeine. It's alright if you aren't used to narcotics and/pr haven't taken them before, but if you have had other issues where you had to take opiate pain meds, then it won't even touch your pain.

So the best results I ever had for pain relief where when I was on the Oxycontin. It can be frustrating, since you do have to start so low and build up gradually, to avoid those bad side effects, but once you get there, it is really the best med and most docs and pharmacist will tell you that as well.

When I had to switch, my husband ask our pharmacist what would be comparable and he flat out admitted that there was nothing else that would work the way Oxycodone did to control my pain.

Even using the direct conversion formulas they give you, which came out to that the Morphine 60 would be an equivelent dosage, but I could tell within a week that it was not as strong and effective as the much lower dose of Oxycontin that I was on.

The Lortab you are on has Hydrocodone as the active opiate, couple with Acetaminophen, and that is a pretty strong med, as a matter of face, it isn't available by itself in any dosage, because they have never been able to prove to the FDA that is safe enough to be used that way.

So the problem you are going to eventually run into there is the max dosage you can get right now is only 10mgs and only in formulations with Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen.

Since it has the Acetaminophen in Lortab, you also can't just double it up once the max dose stops working for you, because you can't exceed 4000mgs or 4grams of the Aceta in a 24 hour period.

So, if your condition is chronic, and since you know a good bit about pain meds and have tried quite a few, I am assuming your condition is chronic and can't be fixed with surgery or other solutions, you will eventually have to switch to something else.

I sincerely hope that is a long time in coming for you.

On another note, taking the Acetaminophen for so long is generally just not good for you anyway, since it can cause so many other health problems, so more than likely, even if the med does work for you for awhile yet, your doctor will eventually want you to switch either to the equivelent that has Hydrocodone with Ibuprofen, or to a narcotic totally by itself.

Have you ever tried pain management? I have heard great reviews from people who use pain management clinics, since the doctor's there specialize in helping people get their pain under control. They know the best combinations for pain relief and also, the safest ones.

My main concern for you is that you are on such a short acting med. For chronic pain conditions, most people do need a long acting med, or they end up trying to double up or taking the next dose too soon, when they are on the shorter acting ones like you are.

The regular release meds, which the Hydrocodone in Lortab is, take around 20 minutes to half an hour to start working, which can delay your pain relief and they have a very short half life, so they tend to wear off fast, leaving you in misery.

Most pain patients, have a regimen similar to mine, they have something long acting, then a regular release, or instant release med to use for breakthrough pain.

So you probably will need to look into something like that, very soon. If you doctor is reluctant, then you will probably have to see someone else or try pain management.

this site doesn't have any pain management clinics near me anymore, we would have to drive over 3 hours to get to the nearest one, and since when you are on the straight narcotics, like I am, you can't have refills on those and have to see your doctor once a month, so that just wouldn't be feasible for me.

It is bad enough that our current family doc, who is handling my case, is an hour and a half drive each way, and we have to do that once a month. But for the time we are going to be living here, while my husband is in school, it just didn't make sense to switch and try to get another doc who would understand and work with us, when we both have really complicated medical histories.

I know this is very long, sorry about that.

I am not sure what your condition is, since you didn't mention it and, of course, it is no one's business if you don't want to talk about it.

I have a severe form of Scoliosis, that was improperly treated when I was a child, so it has just gotten worse over the years, and of course, when I was younger, I never worried about it, or gave it much of a thought. I worked, lifted heavy stuff, walked everywhere, even carried home groceries, had a baby, and well, it all just gradually took its toll.

I have an S curve, that goes 67degrees towards the left at the top, then a little below my mid spine, there is a gap in the vertebrae, where the curve changes direction, and curves 47 degrees back towards the right.

I did see a Scoliosis specialist in Pittsburgh a few years ago, he gave me some good news anyway, I do not have the cork screw twist that usually goes along with scoliosis when someone is born with it, so there is nothing putting pressure on my internal organs and they are safe.

However, to do surgery and fix it now would take so much, basically, he said they would have to fuse my entire spine into one piece, and he said as a pain solution, it wouldn't do anything. It would be purely a cosmetic fix only! I have to say, that compared to the risk and the recovery time, which would be over a year, I will just deal with the curve and the little hump I have over my left shoulder blade! LOL!

I am happily married, already had my son and didn't want to have more children, so I have no reason to worry about how it looks, my husband and son sure don't care.

Anyway, if I can provide anymore information, if you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to post back or send me an email at [email protected]

Have a great day!

I only have 3 straight vertebrae left, the first 3 in my neck and that is it. The gap causes my discs to cram together, so they bulge and herniate at will.

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terry Says:

When I first started paim meds they knocked me out but I have built up a tolerence. I have a fused c3-4 and damage to the one above and the one below. Severe Arthritis in my neck , bone spurs etc. For many years I was on and off pain meds. Luckily for me I finally have the same medical practice for 6 years I lost my origional dr nut the ones that followered her were just as intersted in helping me to have a bettrer quality of life living with a chronic, permanite pain cindition. Currently I am on Methadone 60mg 3x daily I take loritab 750 for breakthrough pain . I also take muscle relaxers, 800 ml ibuprophin when I over do and am inflamed until the condition levels off. I am on Cymbalta which I like for the deporesdsion help dosent seem to change my pain problems. I have high blood pressure now not sure why nut am taking med and waret pills for that. I can accomplish more daily but still have to watch myself because I have a tendency to do more than I should and pay for it for days. I've worked on fighting my pain for a long time. I have studied alot and do more than just meds I meditate, stretch, visualize my pain in a room and my goal is to keep the door shut I know its there but if I can keep in in the room with the door shut I can live with it better. I I do traction and try to pace myself ha ha not to good at that but do try. My condition is only going to slowly get worse so I figure me and my pain have to learn to get along. My dr has suggested I apply for disability. I am arguing with myself on that I don't want to accept the fact I can't work alot. and believe me people freak out when they find out what meds I am on. I am accused of being high all the time. I try to explain but people are so easy to think the worse. I am very lucky to have a pain management program that is workin somewhat. I am in pain every day but am copin better, my level of pain is better on most days I am going to up my loritab to 10/500 or get more 7.5/500 since my tolerence has built up on this. Well I have rambled on enough. Be happy your attitude helps you /me deal with pain better. I always have something to be gratefull for and I can always do domething small for someone who is worse of tghan me in one way or another. later-- Terry

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terry Says:

forgive me I didn't check my last post for spellling. I really do know how to spell. I just get so busy typing. oops :} Terry

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Verwon Says:

Terry, no one cares about your spelling, don't worry about it. The only time I comment on it is when someone is having trouble finding info on a med, I give them the correct spelling, so they can then find what they are seeking.

You do have a great attitude, that is refreshing.

I also have the same attitude about helping people, its why I am here, at least I can do something to help others and then I don't feel so helpless. When I got shopping, no matter how much pain I am in, I also refuse to use handicapped parking or thsoe motorized carts, because I can still walk and I would hate to use one and then have someone show up who really, really needs it and would have to do without.

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terry Says:

you are right Someone said good for you you'll get a handicap parking sticker when you fo on disability. For me at this point is there are far more people who need it more than me. I also feel its giving in . I met some wonderful sr women whose advise keeps me from giving up. One who had alot of physical problems said to keep on going , doing, even if it takes a long time don't give up keep moving. If I surrender to this pain I will quickly become worse. I know in my heart that I have to use every avenue possible to keep moving to not let pain win. I also fight depression and although I finally found a antidepressant that works I try very hard to overcome all of this.How we look at things even pain is really important. Its nice to seak with a helpful likeminded person. till next time, Terry

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Verwon Says:

Your are correct, the minute you give up and/or quit moving, then you will no longer be able to keep going.

If I am going to be on my feet walking around a store or something for more than a few minutes, I do have to use a cane to take some of the pressure off my left hip, which is my worst pain problem, but I would rather do that than lost the ability to move altogether.

It does get hard and depressing sometimes, no one plains to be disabled when they dream of what they want for the future in their younger years.

I will be 36 in just a few months, April, and when I was younger, thinking of college, a family, a career, and etc. being disabled never crossed my mind. I never dreamed that I wouldn't be able to finish college, because I can't go sit through traditional classes, so I would have to continue my learning on my own, from home, on the computer as much as I can, at my own pace.

I never dreamed I wouldn't be able to go out and play a game running in the yard with my son, or that pushing a vacuum around the house would lay me up for a few days, as would just standing there doing dishes.

You just don't think of those types of things, even if you do have some health problems when you are younger, if you are ambulatory and pain free, you tend to take for granted that you will stay that way.

I have already felt the effects of what happens if I lay in bed for a day or two and don't move around much, my pain and stiffness is much worse, so I have to make myself get up and move, do something, even if it is just sitting out here on the couch, like I am now, and using the computer to get my work done online and my coupons organized. At least then I am upright and my family and I can spend time together.

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terry Says:

I would love to comtinue talking with you frequently the positive support and knowing someone is out there like minded is great. Since you are the moderator yu should have access to my e-mail please do so if you feel the same if not I will just post here when I see something I can help with . Terry

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Verwon Says:

Actually, as a matter of privacy, I do not have access to the email addresses, those are kept in the system, computerized to let you know when someone responds to your post and the webmaster can delete them when someone requests, but this site doesn't see them and access them as a matter of principal. We would not want someone to try to say we spammed or caused them problems.

However, I do have an email that I post publicly at both sites I work for, so people who need to reach me can do so, even if, like you, they just want support and conversation with a new friend who understands what they are going through. Email me at this address [email protected] and then I will, in private, give you the address to my personal box.

I do it this way, so the spammers can't clutter up my personal box, but people can still reach me at any time.

And as to posting information on things you can help with, yes, please do. Even though I try to keep up on the latest med information, it is of course, impossible for me to keep up to date on everything, plus there is nothing more valuable than being able to share your experiences with certain meds and/or medical problems with others who might be wondering.

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Stephanie Says:

Dear Verwon,
Sorry I have not wriiten in a while. On top of the chronic pain for FMS, I also have TMJ very badly and had to have jaw surgery last week, so I have been indisposed for a while. I was so upset after my surgery. I gave the oral surgeon the list of meds I take for pain,(Lortab) and the others (Elivil, Neurotin). After surgery (I had Orthoscopic Jaw Surgery) he gave Lortab for the pain. I have been takin Lortab everyday for pain for quite some time. I told him that I had built up a tolerance to it and he really needed to give me something else. Of course he did NOT listen to me. So I was back in the emergency room the very next day. I was in so much pain ( and I am used to pain) my blood pressure was 155/115. Its usually 110/78. I was soooo sick from the pain. It was horrible. When the resident Oral surgeon at the hospital saw me he could not believe what the other doctor did. He gave me a shot of Dalaudid and Phenagren and sent me home with Percoset. After that I was fine. I do not understand why the doctor did not listen to what I was saying. It would have saved me a day of HELL!!

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terry Says:

Wow I am glad you made it and you found a Dr who would listen. I'm Terry an just had to answer even though you did not speak to me :} Your first Dr sounds like a few I have delt with . Some Dr's have this God problem and don't you dare tell them what you need. I am licky to have ones now that say by now you know what works what can I get you. Of course the make suggestions etc ut respect my knowledge of my body and know I don't abuse my pain meds. I 've also been treated like a druggie looking for a hookup by some nurses and drs and even people I. I hope the surgery helps you and you feel better. I AM ON LORITAB 7.5 AND HAVE TO TAKE 2 TO FEEL IT ANYMORE ITS SAD BUT YOU DO BUILD UP A TOLERANCE.Hope you feel better soon and I hope your reg dr treats you better..... Terry

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Debra Says:

Stephanie, there's nothing wrong with you. I take Lortab also for fibromyalgia, and they react in my body exactly the way you describe your side effects. It is normal. I have been taking them longer than you and they still react that way with me.

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Verwon Says:

Aw Stephanie! That is so awful, I can't believe that doctor wouldn't listen. It is just another sad example of a doctor getting a god complex and thinking he knows more about your body than you do.

He could have, and if he was doing surgery SHOULD HAVE looked at your medical records so he knew what you were on and not even tried to prescribe you the same thing. Just ridiculous.

Terry, nice to see you back here. Yes, you are very lucky to have found a good Doctor, there are many out there who don't really care about the patient anymore. As evidenced by Sandy's example.

I have TMJ as well, so does my husband, but not as badly as you. A lot of mine was relieved when I finally found a dentist that would remove my molars, they were so bad anyway, that he finally agreed with me that they were not worth saving.

Debra, thanks for joining us!

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Stephanie Says:

Hello again Verwon, Terry & Debra:
I wanted to speak to you guys again because I am having some difficulties and wanted some feed back. I live in Mobile, AL but I had to have the Jaw Surgery in Birmingham AL (which is 5 hours away) because no one in Mobile could preform the procedure I had to have. Since my surgery on Jan 19. My jaw joint has dislocated 4 times, causing terrible PAIN. Since the doctors in Birmingham are treating me, my dentist, oral surgeon (that referred me) and my family care physician will not even see me. Wednesday my jaw popped out again. I called all my former doctors HERE in Mobile and they all told me they cannot touch me because I have a doctor in Birmingham treating me. So I had to go back to the emergency room. This makes the 4th time I have been to the emergency room in the past 3 weeks. When I call the doctors in Birmingham for refills on my anti-inflammatories and pain medicine, they say I need to come back to Birmingham and see the doctor. I have already been up there 3 times. I am scheduled to have surgery again on March 9th. I am so frustrated. Why can't my doctors here help me? Every time I go to the Emergency room it cost $150.00 (thats my deductable). I just do not understand!!!!!!

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Verwon Says:

Wow Stephanie, very sorry to hear about the pain and problems you are going through.

Unfortunately what you are going through with none of your other docs wanting to see you for this is very, very common in the medical industry.

There are several reasons for it, not the least of which is that a non-surgeon, or even one who doesn't specialize in the type of surgery you had, is not familiar with the procedure you had done, so they really have no idea what is causing your problem, or what to do about it.

Next of course is that face that they don't want to be help responsible for any problems that may arise. On the off change that it would turn out that the surgeon who did your surgery did something wrong, that might encompass malpractice claims, if a different doctor has looked at it and tried to treat you for it, he/she can try to claim that everything was fine and normal until that person messed with their work, so then the other doctor who helped you ends up being held responsible and having to defend themselves.

Any of these other doctors that did not do the surgery, while having no idea of the exact procedure and what might be wrong, they also don't know the best remedies for the issue, or what meds work best for these occurences.

If you were calling them to go in for some unrelated problem, like other health issues you see them for, there would be no problem. But basically once you have had something done under the auspices of another doctor, they will not take the risk of trying to touch it and do anything.

Even if it was just a brief follow up exam, with no complications causing problems, they will usually see you, as a favor for the surgeon, and to save you from having to travel back to Birmingham. But as long as it is still in the main healing stage and there have been some complications, you are pretty well out of luck there, though I am very sorry to have to say that.

Under federal law, when you go to the emergency room, once they register you to be seen, they have no choice but to treat you and do something, because some problems could be life threatening in nature, and in cases like yours, even the pain you were in could cause serious medical issues, such as increased heart rate, high blood pressure and etc. So they have no choice about treating you.

I know this is very frustrating and expensive, but before you have that second surgery, unless it is to finish fixing something on this same jaw joint, you should not have it done until you get up there again and see the surgeon to find out what is going wrong with this one. It should be healing up, not popping out of joint on such a regular basis. I mean, that can be a hazard of the surgery, but it should not be happening so often.

You need to see him to rule out a mistake on his part during this surgery, or unforeseen complications, that way you can find out what is going on before going through with the next procedure.

Did you also see a different surgeon and get a second opinion, before following through with this first surgery? That is always a very important thing to do, since sometimes another doctor can see what one has missed. You can also end up with one doctor who still does things the old fashioned way, which uses older medical procedures that have a longer recovery time, when a second opinion doctor might suggest newer procedures that wouldn't be so complicated for recovery.

I know this information does not help your frustration or pain any, not to mention the financial burden, but I am just trying to explain why the other docs won't see you and do anything.

It works this way in many medical quarters. For instance, when we moved here, I could no longer see my old dentist and had to find a new one. However, I had a lot of problems and issues, plus my prior dentist got in trouble for fraud, he didn't do procedures that he claimed he did and put in the patients records, but billed their insurance for. He was watering down novacaine, so when someone came in who wasn't paying cash, and he felt what their insurance paid would be too low, he gave them the skimpy shots. He did this to me several times and had me convinced that there was something wrong with the nerves in my mouth, which is why I couldn't get numbed up and would still feel it when he was working or pulling a tooth.

Anyway, when I was calling around to find a new dentist, I mean I especially didn't want to see him again after I learned what he had been doing, many dentists I called didn't want anything to do with me or my teeth. They did not want to run the risk of being held responsible for something he had screwed up. Like when he filled a few teeth right on top of an abcessed infection, without doing anything to treat the infection, just leaving it in there.

I finally found one who would, but I had to sign an agreement stating that everything he had done, and any problems he had caused would be documented and that I would not hold them responsible for anything they did not directly do in treatment. That way they could protect themselves from being held respnsible for a problem that originally started from his treatment, and not theirs.

If you offer to sign a no-blame waiver, you might be able to get one of the other doctors to see, but even then they still might not want to do it. Some would rather just skip the issue and not have to worry about it at all.

As to them not wanting to give you the refills by phone, and wanting you to come in for an appointment, that is normal as well. When a surgical type of procedure is done, which necessitates prescription medications, they usually give you a certain amount, based on how long the normal recovery takes, plus since individuals can vary in how they respond to a treatment, they usually add in a few extra days, just to be on the safe side of treating the pain and discomfort.

However, if you have already used all of those meds, either faster than you were supposed to, or at the exate prescribed rate, but need more due to ongoing pain and problems, then they want you to come in, because that generally means something is going wrong.

Without seeing you to do an evaluation and see what is causing pain and problems, beyond the normally expected healing time period, they can't just toss more meds at you, under government regulations, they can get in serious trouble for doing so. They have to ask you to come in for an appointment so they can check for healing problems or additional complications.

You could have developed an infection, which could be causing the additional swelling making your jaw dislocate, there could be some missed bone fragments causing additional irritation, or they could be other problems, such as a bad immune response, or inability to heal properly, so they have to see you to check and evaluate what is causing the problem and how best to treat it.

My husband had surgery about 7 or 8 years ago for Carpal tunnel, and even though it has been that long, if he has some pain or issues with that wrist or hand again, other docs still won't touch it, they tell him to call the surgeon and make an appointment. They will deal with and treat anything else, except for that.

I am very sorry, but you choices for solutions here are very limited. Except in the rare case of outright malpractice treatment, when another doctor has to treat you to help clean up the mess left behind by the screw-up, you are pretty well screwed.

I know, it would be nice if they told you that before surgery, but they don't, unless you specifically think to ask.

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