What Does Roxy 10mg Look Like

katie Says:

what does a 10mg roxy look like?

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Verwon Says:

There is no Roxicodone, which would be the regular release formulation of Oxycodone, in a 10mg tablet.

Roxicodone is only available in 5, 15 or 30mg tablets.

I don't have a picture to post for you, due to copyright reasons, but I can give you some descriptions and markings.

There is a 10mg Oxycontin tablet, that should have the marking of OP on one side and 10 on the other, the other tablets had OC on on side and 10 on the other and they are both white.

As to Roxicodone markings, the 5mg is a round, white tablet and one side it has 54 over 582, the 30mg is round, blue and one one side has 54 over 199 and the 15mg is green, round and has 54 over 710 on one side.

There are also many generics on the market, so I couldn't possibly list all of the markings for those.


There are also tablets on the market called Percocet, that contain 10mgs of Oxycodone, coupled with Acetaminophen, there also many generics of this available.


Are there any markings on the tablet you are questioning? If you can post back with this information, I will gladly look it up for you to see what it contains.

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Tony Says:

Dont listen to Verwon, he doesnt know what he's talking about. There are Roxicodone 10mg and 20mg, but only sold as a generic from KVK Tech. The 10mg Roxicodone is small, round and pink with the imprint "K 56" and the 20mg is small, round and grey with the imprint "K 57".

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Verwon Says:

First, I am not a he and second you have the correct dosages, but those are not regular release tablets that would be a generic forRoxicodone, those are instant release tablets, which are generics for OxyIR.


Are there any other questions or comments?

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Tony Says:

Wrong again. OxyIR are capsules, not tablets. Oxycodone 10mg and 20mg TABLETS are not associated with any brand name, but are more closely related to Roxicodone because they are the same size and structure as Roxicodone, just different amount of oxycodone.

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Vixin Says:

I'm on oxyIR and mine are small round pink tablets not capsules

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Cracker Says:

What does the ir part of roxy

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Digger Says:

I am on oxy IR 20mg tablets and they are small round grey-ish tablets and the bottle says generic for oxy ir. Basically it's like this, if its not OxyContin or some form of controlled release oxycodone then it's instant release. Percocet, roxicodone, tylox are all instant release oxycodone

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Ynaffit Says:

You need not to post about medicine when you do not have knowledge of it.. People read these answers and should be able to find them informative and correct..

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Roach420 Says:

All you have to do to find a pic of any pill is go to google images and type in either the name and mg or the markings on either side of the pill and it will show you every type there is.

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KiaSophia Says:

Just saying I have been getting roxicodone also known as oxycodone hcl for a year they are 10 mg & look like blue 30s but they are pink, thats straight from my bottle so not sure why you dont think they make that mg, but they do sorry just wanted ppl to know what they are looking @

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your highness Says:

I have a round scored white pill imprint 54/543.what is it?

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dana Says:

There isn't a 10 mg but a 15 is light green with the markings R/214 on one side and nothing on the other! I hope this helps!

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Anonymous Says:

You are wrong. The 10 mg oxycodone is bright pink as I used to get them. Google it. I got them for almost a year until I was switched up to 15's.

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jdl Says:

I get the 10 mg now! They are pink,and the bottle says oxycodone, generic for Roxicodone. I was also on the 20 mg. Bottle said the same thing, and they were grey!!!

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gride420 Says:

Your getting different answers because they are getting confused on the time release portion of it. Also some brands make them and some don't. They do make 10 and 20 mg's to sum it all up for you they just might not make the difference in regular, instant, or time released ones. Below are some links to a few with pictures. I could keep on posting many more links, but those are just a few to clear it up. Plus I just posted to clear up the 10 and 20 mg portion of it. One company might make 10, 15, and 30 mg's but could be instant release while another company could do the same mg's but will be time released. Then another company might make 15, 20, and 30 mg's (maybe different mg's) but could just be the difference in time released or instant, regular.. Some could say you also would need to know this so you know how long it might last or to take affect. Which is good information to have, but if you are in pain then it really doesn't matter does it? Your going to take it either way so your pain goes away. Just if time released don't assume if you don't feel better right away or feel any affect in say 20-30 minutes it's ok to take another. Lol if they are from your Dr. Read the bottle and take like should if your legit. If not that's a good way to end up in hospital or dead. Now everyone else can pick apart every little thing I said or we all could come together and answer questions respectfully instead of maybe trying to act like one knows more than the other. Lol

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tknowit Says:

There is also Roxy 10s 20s and 40s. The 10s are small and pink and can be plain or have #s. The 20s are usually a light shade of purple. Not sure wat color the 40s are. Never had them but my doc told me all about them.depending on the pharmaceutical company the colors and # combos and placements can change.

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Alan Says:

There is a 10mg oxycodone tablet now. It is pinkish. I have seen them and the bottle they come in. I do not remember marking or maker, but it exists.

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johnny Says:

I can't believe how many wrong answers there are!!! There is a roxicodone 10 mg and its pink in color. Get your facts straight people!!!

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johnny Says:

The it means imediate release. ( sorry about the spelling. I've been out of school since 1985. )

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johnny Says:

I'm sorry but your wrong. They don't make roxicodone 40 mg. 30 mg is the strongest.

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Deerking57 Says:

What over the counter resembles pink roxy 10mgs ? Can anybody help me on this? Please respond immediately !’

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TULSAhf131179 Says:

Omg people ...I get 40 mg. Just because you aren't prescribed a certain mg doesn't mean they don't make them. I have been on all of them up to 40 and they also make higher ones too. Some pharmacies only carry certain ones unless requested and some doc's only prescribe up to certain mg.

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Rawdog Says:

It is a Roxicodone 15mg INSTANT RELEASE made by Carcio Pharmaceutical. It is light blue to greenish with 187 on one side and a slit on the other hope this helps.
Funny enough I just ran into some myself but their 2 A's and 2 M's really hard to crush by the way it's weird on how sometimes their like that must be an old batch or left in heat to long

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David Says:

This pill has 187 on one side is very light blue is it a roxy15?

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Jay Says:

First of all oxycodone 10 are white or yellow they both have acetaminophen in them Roxycodone or roxys A.K.A pure are also called oxycodone 10mg they are pink, they are pure oxycodone. .

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Lilyann Says:


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Friend of a friend Says:

A buddy gave a friend of a friend a few pills for a head ache there small round pink they say ir and 56 can some one tell me what they are so I can tell him

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Sabrina the Fox Says:

It looks like disappointment and heartache. But depending on the manufacturer of the aforementioned oxycodone, the pill should be some shade of pink... Ranging from light pink that's nearly white to a bright magenta... And the markings on the pill will vary by company too... M, V, K9, A etc etc. Good luck.

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Kiity Moosy Says:

RAWDOG, I totally agree with you. I take Percocet 7.5/325, which is regular release Oxycodone, and Oxycontin, which of course is extended release as you said. Verwon was trying to say that Roxicodone comes in regular release tablets, which is untrue as Roxicdone is instant release, and always has been. Then she claims there are no 10 milligram Roxicodones, which is blatantly untrue! She copies and pastes the same set of side effects of each medication every time, trying to look smart. Lol Then she asks can she be of further help like she's some kind of expert. This woman is delusional and spreads untrue information throughout this forum. Ugh! SMDH

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Their is ONLY "Instent Release" when it comes to Roxicodone!! If it was EXTENDED RELEASE it would be called Oxycotin or OP'S Or old formula OC'S!!!

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