What Are The New Laws For Doctors Prescribing Pain Meds

Donna Says:

A lot of us Have to have pain meds. I've been on disability for over 8 years and can't even clean my house without hurting. With the new laws, I'm struggling to find another provider that will help me. I've had several doctors, one in which I went to for a long time and he retired. He didn't just give me what "he" thought I needed, he actually listened to me, read my MRI and asked "me" what helped. That's one reason I ran short from the last pain clinic. What they were giving me wasn't helping as much, but the original doctor was on medical leave for over 3 months and none of the other doctors would talk to me, just keep saying I had to take to her. Well, by the time she came back, it was too late. Can't they "Listen" to their patient and not feel not they "might" get in trouble. I just feel there's no doctor that I have found that actually cares about ME. I love the one the retired. He treated me as Human Being!

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Verwon Says:

It isn't that they don't care, but due to new DEA recommendations, they have to be very careful, or they risk losing their license to practice medicine, huge fines, and jail time. A doctor has to account for every controlled substance prescription they write, and why they wrote it. I understand this does not fix things for you, I am just explaining why they act that way.

What medications were you taking?

Since the FDA considers opiates to be habit forming, and they are controlled substances, many doctors will not prescribe them, anymore. Most ERs where we live even have signs up saying that they will not prescribe them for chronic pain patients that run out, they advise that you go see your regular prescribing doctor. My primary care doctor has signs up stating that they will not write such prescriptions.

It can be hard for a doctor to find a balance between taking care of their patients, taking care of themselves, and their families.

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Cj Says:

What doctor in vadila la writes pain med's I go see Dr fair Banks

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Cj Says:

Seeing if fair Banks writes opiates or not and what kind of meds

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