Which Pharmacies Currently Stock Roxycodone 30mg In Pinellas County, Florida?

Looking4Advice Says:

We live in Pinellas County, Florida. My spouse, who is in severe, chronic pain, has been a customer of Walgreens for many years. Everyday this week we have driven from Walgreen's to Walgreen's trying to fill his prescription for Roxicodone 30mg, to no avail. I cannot get any help from his regular pharmacy. I know that it's dangerous for them to tell a total stranger which store has them in stock, but I don't understand since they know him, why they can't call around or give us any assistance. I am at a total loss as to what to do & would appreciate any information that you could provide. It is so hard to see him in so much pain. Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

Has he spoken to his doctor?

He may just need to see if there is an alternative medication that he can use for awhile, such as Morphine, or Dilaudid.



Many people are having trouble getting all forms of Oxycodone in Florida this year and there has been nothing official released as to why.

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Allen Says:

I've worked in a wherehouse the last 5 yrs,manually pulling close to 500 full pallets daily to support my family.I go to pain management to help me pull my weight against much younger men! The last few months I've suffered terrible pain in my lower back,due to shortness of medication.The pharmacies that carry my medications, will no longer accept my insurance,stating that the profit margin is to big to accept on that drug,but they'ed be more than happy to fill any other meds. I have prescriptions for!

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ray Says:

order a week in advance, walgreens only possibilty, or get hydromorphone or some replacement, but sometimes a lot more expensive....

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Larry Says:

Hydromorphone/dilaudid are also just as hard to get. Don't waste your time and money going to your doctors to get your script changed.

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sherl Says:

i my self have found myself doing the same thing with walgreens as i have been a custmer for yrs too but what me and my husband found out is walgreens got into alot of trouble a couple of months ago for distributing to many roxicodone so now they only get a certain alotment and nobody knows when they come in and they r not aloud to tell us which i dont understand either y they cant tell us (regular) customers.coz u would think they wouldnt want to lose us ..

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pquez Says:

i live in the tampa bay area, filled today, but walgreens said they WOULD NOT fill it again.....i guess after this month i'm gonna be hurting.

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Hippie Hagar Says:

You best bet is to go to a pharm that will compound them for you.Just be aware that most will put additives like lactose and ginger in them so they cant be abused.

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Hippie Hagar Says:

Trinity in Largo/Clearwater will compound Hydromorphone/Dilauded for u but know that they add lactose and ginger to them.

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Keri Weeg Says:

I live in Fort Myers Beach. My husband just went into pain management and cannot find anyone to fill his prescriptions for hydromorphone and mscontin. He has a broken neck injury that has deteriorated over the years and needs to work to feed his family. We have been to every CVS in Lee County and he is about to try Tampa area. Please help us

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alley Says:

I live Dunedin Florida please try Dunedin Florida Kmart maybe they can order
it for you

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surf Says:

Did you find any help yet?

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Somechick Says:

I know your post is many years old and hopefully, by now, you've found a pharmacy to fill your scripts without any problems/delays. If not, I would recommend going into a locally owned/operated pharmacy and developing a relationship with the pharmacist. Explain your situation and the reasons you receive the medication as this will help the pharmacist understand you're not an addict seeking opiates. Center Pharmacy in Ft.Myers accepts new patients and although cautious with whom they dispense Schedule IIs, they are understanding of the current issues filling them at chain pharmacies in the area and more likely to fill for you.

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Stormy Says:

CVS is the worst!! I am in the same dire need. And understand that due to the abuse, it has ruined it for all those in need. I have had great experience with OptumRX..mail order. With arranged expedited svc, with guaranteed delivery by 10am, using ups, along with other non narcotic meds. Policy states that u need non narcotics as well as controlled in order to be filled. Confirm with OptumRX though. Hopes this helps other folks.. I finally found a local rx, however, it's still not close enough.

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