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Mad American Says:

Ok, I live in Las Vegas Nevada here is the question Why is so hard to get my Medication now a days? Since I came back from Michigan 2 years ago I've been living nothing but a hell life month by month getting my prescriptions refilled. I am a person who has always went the alternative medicine route until one day someone introduced me to a doctor who prescribed me Valium for adhd and sleeping. I've been on it almost 8 years and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to get off. Also a drunk driver hit me and my knee's are shot and I need surgery on my back so the Doctor put me on Hydrocodone aka Vicodin. (The reason I put Xanax in the title is because I found out they are almost they same exact drug). Let me clear I don't want to be on these medications but now I HAVE TO BE thanks to the Doctors that prescribed them to me. Trusting doctors is not a good thing in this country but anyhow... the question is I've been seeing the same Doctor for 8 years, now out of the blue this JERK said to me he can't be my Doctor anymore because of the so called DEA down his back. Here is why he said that to me, Walgreen's the crappiest pharmacy in the country gave me a bad batch of my valium (it was all dusty and breaking when you touched it) so I called the pharmacy and told them, they told me to go to my Doctor and ask for a early refill. I call my stupid doctor and tell him what had happened he obviously either A. Did not believe me or B. Is just a jerk or C. He really is having issues prescribing medications like this.

My question is 2 fold: 1. Is there Doctors in Las Vegas I can go to and get my prescriptions without a issue or 2. Is this a Nationwide Problem where every state is cracking down on Doctors or is there better states to be?

P.S. Our Healthcare system is in total chaos, it isn't like this in Europe, Thailand or any other place. It's just the good old USA I guess they're just trying to get us addicted and kill us all off no clue but this is really puzzling to me.

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Verwon Says:

New regulations were put in place last year that encompass the entire U.S., not just where you live. So, you'd have to deal with the same type of thing, no matter where you live.

Doctors have been severely restricted on what they can prescribe, how much they can prescribe and why they can prescribe it.

However, Valium is not prescribed for ADHD and you're not going to get another doctor to prescribe it for that.

And no, you don't have to remain on them, just because they were prescribed for you. You can taper off of any medication, though it may not be easy, but there is help available for that.

Have you tried consulting a different doctor? Perhaps a specialist?

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Mystic Seer Says:

Verwon, I did ask you for a link to new national regulations and you didn't write back? I find Arizona and California to be still offering these medications. If it is of any value I was told the same thing in 1988 about possibly seeing a mental health provider instead. I do find it interesting that in Nevada you need to see a Psychiatrist for your Pot recommendation?

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The Angry American Says:

Easier said then done tapperng off yes I have spoken to a specialist that cost over $1000 dollar to talk to. The only answer is to taper off for a full year straight according to the specialists. It's Valium is for Anxiety and Sleeping not ADHD.
Doctors in Nevada THERE ARE NONE.
If you know better then list them. This drug war is crap it doesn't solve any problems.

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EDDY Says:

In the mean time every other home in San Bernardino County and Mohave County makes Meth, the biggest poison known to man next to poison. Why not take a 2 hour drive South to the border California towns?

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