Xanax Xr 2 Look Like?

Amy Says:

What does a Xanax 2 XR look like? Round, blue with just a 2 imprint?

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Verwon Says:

The look of the pill and the imprint will actually vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, since the drug is available not in a generic form. This, it is impossible to say which pill you have unless you provide the imprint, then I can look it up for you. You can actually find blue pills in all different doses of Xanax, as well as a ton with that description that are not Xanax.

That is why I removed the prior response to this, the answer was entirely misleading.

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, that should have said it is available NOW in a generic form, sorry for the typo.

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hunglikemule Says:

Also there is a xanax like sedative called nivram or something like that...it is one mg, but has a 2 prionted on it.

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Verwon Says:

And again, that 2 printed on it may only apply to one pill made by one company, the markings, color, and shape can all vary when they are made by different manufacturers.

As when the other guy posted that the blue pill was 2mgs, that only applied to the original name brand, there are no proprietary guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry for how a pill has to look, the color is has to be, or anything of the sort.

So to positively ID the pill, as the other poster pointed out, you need to look at the complete imprint and then look it up. Just because it may be blue and have a 2 on it, doesn't mean it is always going to be Xanax or the generic equivelent, it could be something entirely different.

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jeff Says:

The oval white blank on back with ip 110 on back. These new and only given in hospital

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heather Says:

I have a orange xanax it has 2088 with a v under the #s the otherside just has a split in the midde and the pill is oblong what miligram is it ?

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Paige Says:

Need help do they make 2mg bars in extended release?

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