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is there a purple xanax upj 90

i know there is a purple oval shaped xannax 1mg that says up John 90 on one side and the other side has a score. i just bought some very similar tablets, almost exactly the same just a different shade of purple and instead of saying up John 90 it says up j 90. is this still a 1mg alprazolam? ## Of course there is! The purple tablet, oval, biconvex, single score on reverse side and embossed 'UPJOHN 90' on the obverse is the brand-name Pfizer (originally Upjohn Ltd before Pfizer bought that company - cf HALCION 250mcg tablets, which are BLUE ovals of the same size but flat, thinner score on reverse, and imprint 'UPJOHN 17') XANAX - branded as TAFIL in Germany, Mexico and a few other countries, and as XANOR in Scandinavia, South Africa and a few others. In the USA and UK, t...

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New xanax brenkenridge pharma best xanax vs greenstone xanax

Hey everyone, I just saw that there is a brand new line of generic xanax alprazolam in .25mg, .5mg, 1mg, and 2mg tablets that are newly approved generics for alprazolam xanax. the 2mg are legit made pharma rectangular bars imprinted b707 and shape is very similar to brand name (greenstone) front side says B 7 0 7 and the back is blank and has a curve up like brand name and greenstone. I am hoping to hear some feedback on these generics. they are dispensed by Breckenridge pharma but manufactured by centaur pharma which I believe is in China. Not sure. They again are Breckenridge Pharma Generic and blue bars with very similar shape to brand name but instead of white are blue. I believe these to be the very first legit pharma made alprazolam xanax bars ever made in blue. I am curious if an...

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i am needing a doctor who prescribes xanax with methadone

I have been on methadone and xanax for 3yrs. and i missed my appointment to the doctor who prescribed my xanax 1mg four times a day but i only needed 3 1mg xanax daily and i'm needing a doctor in the middle tennessee area who feels comfortable with prescribing xanax with methadone.i suffer from severe traumatic axiety and panic attacks and i have tried all the benzo family since i was 9yrs old and nothing helped but the xanax 1mg and if anyone has any information about any doctors that will help me in the middle tennessee area please send a reply thanks ## That's a CLASSIC methadone clinic abuse cocktail. I don't know anyone that stupid or gullible to write for Xanax for a junkie on Methadone Main. I was a very common way to somewhat edge the opiate blocked andante high. We ...

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doctors willing to prescribe xanax in new jersey

I suffer from severe panic attacks on a daily basis. im a perfect example of a person that needs medicine and is unable to get it because of so many people abusing prescription drugs. I have such severe anxiety and panic attacks and cant find a doctor to prescribe me xanax because im only 25 and its so addicting. but what they dont understand that i should be on xanax for the rest of my life because my anxiety is so bad. So if any1 knows a doctor in the monmouth county area of new jersey that will prescribe me xanax please let me know...thank u ## Actually, part of your problem is that you are so convinced that you need that specific medication and are already insisting you will need it for life. This will automatically make doctors wary of prescribing it, because, even though you may n...

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Found A Baggie In My Suitcase With Very Small White Round Pills It And Was Scored On One Side Had Single 1 The Other

found pills, very small white, round, scored on one side and a single 1 on the other. Could this be my Xanax the Dr gave me when I travel? I have had severe panic attacks since the 70's and even worse when I travel. Please help. ## Hi Margie, From what I could gather, there are three possible matches to your pill. The first of which is a brand of Clonazepam, used to treat a variety of conditions such as, anxiety; bipolar disorder; panic disorder; seizure prevention; and periodic limb movement disorder. The only thing is that I can't view a photo of the backside of the pill where the score line should be. However, for verification, the manufacturer of the pill is Roche Laboratories and the National Drug Code (NDC) is: 00004-0282 The second pill that could be a match is also used ...

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White bar shaped pill with Y 21

I came across a pill in my purse. It's a 4 score bar with Y on one side and 21 on the other. Someone told me it's a xanax but I can't find any information online about it.... What is this pill? ## Alprazolam 2 mg from Aurobindo ... NDC 65862-679 ... Imprint being described matches what is says on the NDC page. Inactive ingredients: - Silicon Dioxide - Starch, Corn - Docusate Sodium - Sodium Benzoate - Lactose Monohydrate - Magnesium Stearate - Cellulose, Microcrystalline ## You shouldn't be carrying any strange pills Danny in your Purse. If it isn't in a bottle this can be a Federal crime. A white round pill imprinted Y 21 is identified as Ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone acetate ethinyl estradiol 20 mcg / norethindrone acetate 1 mg. It is supplied by Glenmark Pha...

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Xanax loss of appetite when stopping

So I've been prescribed 0.5 mg xanax for about 7 months now. I take it almost everyday. Sometimes I take more (0.75- 1 mg) or sometimes I take less (0.25 mg) but most often I will take 0.5 mg. I tend to not be able to eat unless I take it. I don't take it more than once a day if I do. The longest ill go without it is every other day. Its been a while since this started, like I said 7 months. Could I get withdrawal from stopping altogether? The fact that I can't eat without it, is that a withdrawal symptoms? (As soon as it kicks in I have no problem eating, but can't seem to eat a thing when im not on it) Or is it just anxiety symptoms? ## It is a sign of a withdrawal, actually rebound anxiety. By varying your dose, you are messing with your body chemistry & your mind...

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Does anyone know doctors in san francisco california that will prescribe xanax for panic attacks?

I am having a really hard time finding a doctor that will give me a script for xanax. I use to be able to get them from my old physician, but not anymore. This makes my life a living hell. So I figured that since I actually have a legitimate reason to be prescribed xanax that I could go see my doctor and just be honest with her and I'd get my xanax legally instead of having to go on a scavanger hunt to find real alprazolam. But I was wrong. She treated me like s*** and pretty much made me feel like I was a joke, or some addict trying to get a fix. ( which I am not ) All of this just made my life worse. I feel so discouraged and hopeless. It is not fair that all these doctors seem to be nowadays is these people, these self ritgeous smug people who get to determine whether or not I ge...

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Xanax drs long island new york

Need a dr that understands anxiety. This is from after the birth of my son and 1 mg barely takes away my issue. I need a dr that is non judgmental and willing to help. I'm on Long Island... And just want to get through this. I am not addicted to these at all, but when my anxiety is bad. I can't function. Please help. ## All doctors are judgmental. You should be able to find a Doctor that can assist you in a big area like New York? ## Eddy, if it were only that easy! I'm bear NYC, but I really have to stay local. Plus you can be viewed as a dr shopper so easily... I'm just trying to find one non judgements and willing to treat me!!!! Most drs these days are treating the public service announcements and not the patient. ## I don't know what the State/Local laws are lik...

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fake green Xanax bar

It will not break in half or crush easily, so does that mean it's fake? ## I recieved green xanax bars cut into 4. I have never seen a green bar cut in 4. Always cut in 3. But it works? Like i feel like it feels like a regular green would do. Do you guys thing its possibly an out of country pill? Someone help me here ## What numbers / letters were on it? I just got the same thing. Green, three scores on one side s|90|3 but then there are 4 scores on the other side. Never seen there before ## I had this one too. Green bar, 4 lines on one side & 3 lines on the other. Taste bitter and hard to break in half.. Is it fake? ## I usually always take the green s903 alprazolam. My buddy had some that look the same but they are smaller to me. They just look like a miniature version of the ...

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Doctor in Pittsburgh PA that prescribes xanax or klonopin

Every doc I've met with here in Pittsburgh Pa will only take cash if they prescribe you xanax.. Very unethical but since I have insurance I would like to find a doctor to prescribe me the meds I need. I would take either although I like the Klonopin better, xanax cause my depression to worsen after I take them... Anyone know of any Psychiatrists that will take my insurance and prescribe me meds? ## The state medical insurance has very strict regulations regarding why a doctor may prescribe controlled substances, such as Xanax or Klonopin, which are Benzodiazepines. Thus, the doctor's have to go through a lot of paperwork and can get in a lot of trouble, if the state feels that something is out of line. Learn more Benzodiazepine details here. There is nothing that mandates that t...

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Doctors in Atlanta that prescribe Xanax?

Doctors in Atlanta that prescribe Xanax? No insurance. ## Hii did you have any luck with doctors in Atlanta? ## I'm looking for a new psychiatrist in the Atlanta GA area to prescribe Xanax for my severe anxiety/panic disorder. ## I know one inside perimeter that will prescribe 2mg off the bat, even along with adderall too (which is not supposed to be allowed). He is on the board of addiction medicine. Hides in plane sight. $150 cash walk in fee. Like 20 simple questions asked on a computer. If you fail you are an idiot. "Do you panic?" "Do you feel like you are going to die when these attacks start?" "Does your heart race?" .. crazy. Best kept secret in Atlanta. Only way i will tell you is in private, not on boards because he will blow up and the dea will mes...

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Find A Doctor tampa fla who prescribes xanax

I need a physician in tampa fla who prescribes xanax ## In most cases, due to the new laws that went into effect at the beginning of the year, if you require it for long-term treatment, you'll be required to see a specialist, such as a Psychiatrist. Except for in certain rare cases, severe restrictions are being placed on how long general practitioners can prescribe such medications. Have you taken it before via a doctor's prescription? Do you have a doctor that you see regularly that may be able to refer you somewhere? Learn more Xanax details here. ## I asked you before, what are these new laws? Are these new State laws? What are the new prescribing limits from the General Practitioner? Xanax has not been re classified or scheduled in our Country. Do you have any links availab...

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Doctors Who Will Prescribe Xanax In San Antonio, TX

I recently moved to San Antonio, TX and need to find a local doctor that will prescribe me xanax for my anxiety. ## I am not familiar with doctors in that area, but one piece of advice I can offer is not to call doctors and ask if they will prescribe a certain medication. When you do this, you will usually just get told no immediately, because most doctors see it as drug seeking behavior. The best thing you can do, if someone does recommend a doctor, is to set up and appointment and make sure that they get a full copy of your medical records. Most doctors are more apt to follow the prescribing practices of their colleagues, when they can see the documented information. Learn more Xanax details here. Does anyone else have any suggestions to add? ## alamo mental health. dr earl stenger. M...

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i need help passing my drug screen with someone else's urine but my prescription has to show up on the drug screen

Someone please help me. I've been on my Xanax's for 20yrs and cant lose them. I just wanna know if I crush one of my Xanax's into someone's clean urine will it show up on the test? And how long do I have to let the Xanax sit in the urine or when do I put it into the pee? ## It would depend on the volume of Pee. Why are you messing with urine again? ## if I crush up one of my xanax and put into someone else's clean urine, will it show up on drug screen ## That is what George was asking! What if you drink Urine and it has Xanax in it. Would it then show up in your urine? ## yes it will ## I think that you would be ok just putting xanax in your urine. Now w suboxone and methadone that test for a metabolite but Ive never heard of it w xanax. I would put some xan in and t...

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What does xanax taste like?

Are xanax tablets chalky and do they have a taste? ## Does xanax taste chalky at all because I got dispensed some bars that say xanax on one side and a 2 on the other side and they look perfect but do not have that bitter taste that I am used to? Does anyone have any advice on this? ## If it doesn't taste bitter there is no possibility it's real. If you can taste chalk or any other flavor it should be pretty clear you do not have genuine Alprazolam. ## Alprazolam or Xanax the name brand comes in different strengths, The 0.2 is usually white. The 0.5 is peach colored the 1 mg is blue with a line in middle and the 2 mg bars come in white, yellow, green and a long with scores in them. These are all from the pharmacy. If you have PTSD or anxiety issues find a good doctor and be hone...

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Refilling my valid Xanax prescription early

I only see one doctor and he gives me a 3 month supply of xanax. When I went the last time he wrote me out a prescription but I still had two refills. I had a friend and her husband passed away and I gave her some of mine thinking I would have no problem re-filling the prescription. I had sense enough not to go to the same pharmacy and not to give my insurance information. So I go to this small drug store by my house and I had to fill out paperwork such as dob, name and my DL #. Well they paged me to the front of the store and advised me that it was 7 days to early for them to re-fill. So my question is where can I go to re-fill a prescription that is valid written by the same doctor. I only tried one place, I'm guessing they must have a data base if you try and refill your prescrip...

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i have been taking pregablin od 100 twice daily for more than 18 months nerve pain in forehead is it ok to takevthisvforvso long and what are th

I had nerve pain in right side above eyes diagnosed as fibromyalgia or mild form of trigeminal neuralgia. I have been taking pregablin od 100 twice daily since 18 months and tegenrtrol cr 200 - 1/2 tab thrice a day since 12 months. I also take a vitamin supplement daily. No other meds. My age is 71, male. I have not observed any side effects except increased appetite and some memory loss which may not be related to these meds but just age related. Can I continue these meds for so long without kidney,liver or heart damage? ## I have PTSD, extremely bad anxiety and my back has been broke twice. I was on Xanax and it helped me so much. I have Medicare and want to find a Doctor who believes Xanax helps patients ## Pregablin is very bad. For the body it can be fatal ## That's easy most d...

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Doctors that prescribe xanax warren ohio

Help please! I am a 57 yr old Totally and Permanently USAF Vet. The VA Hosp I Want to do my Hip Replacement is the Wade Park VAMC in Cleve. My Medical Probs are severe and lengthy, but my only Psych need is for my increasingly-severe Panic Attacks, and my Anxiety Disorder, which had responded well to Xanax 1mg. However, in its ever-lasting quest to make a junkie of no one, The VA Dr here in SC recently tapered me off of my Xanax. In just over a month, I am moving back to the Warren-Y'town area (my locale for 40 yrs and then some) for a min of a year and a half to address the Phys. Stuff incl major Surgery. I am so far unable to find a Dr there who'll write the Xanax. I can drive around up there but no more than say 20mi each way fm Warren. Help! ## Look for a website like this o...

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Doctor who will prescribe xanax in wichita kansas

I am looking for a doctor in wichita ks that can prescribe xanax, valium or kolonipin. I am so sick and tired of this search that will fail most likely. Twenty years ago I started using opiates. Twelve yrs ago I was able to get on methadone. Being diagnosed hep c positive 12 yrs back also. I have not been able to treat it, no health insurance. I have a dental issue of all four wisdom teeth that are all broken and require extensive surgeries- for 8 or so years. This week my blood pressure was 178 over 130. I also have been prescribed depecote and remeron for bipolar 10 yrs ago. I live with my only relative who is ill and old with bipolar and high blood pressure also. As these conditions have all been getting worse- panic attacks from hell, headaches 10 or so more. I can"t stop the pa...

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