Actavis Adderall

Marguerite Says:

Couldn't take Activis adderall, different from others, terrible.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Marguerite! How are you? I'm sorry that you had a problem with it.

What types of symptoms did you experience, or did it just not work for you?

The FDA classifies this medication as a stimulant that is most commonly used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy. Its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, nervousness, insomnia, weight loss and anorexia.

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Angry ADD Patient Says:

For the better part of 21 years, I have been on ADD meds, with about 16-17 years of that being on adderall. My dose was 60 mg a day for the last 7 or so years. Got off of it for a few years while not in school, and with the particular job I had, I felt I could manage my ADD without meds. However I am once again taking classes, and have been moved into more of an administrative position at my job. So I went to my dr and he put me back on it. Considering the fact that I had been off of it for awhile, we started at 40 mg a day to get readjusted. I've just started my second month, and now increasing to my maintenance dose of 60 mg a day. The 20 mg generics I got from CVS worked great and I anticipated the 30 mg working even better. But due to time constraints (60+ hour/week job, 3 kids, etc) I used a pharmacy closer to the house. This pharmacy carried the Actavis generics. I'll put it like this...due to the amount of time I've been on the med, I'm very familiar with the adderall and its effects on my body and mind. Haven't ever found much, if any difference in probably 5 or 6 different generics I've found......UNTIL NOW!! I don't know what these people from Actavis are putting in a bottle and calling it adderall, but they need to stop. I would be willing to bet just about anything that if these pills I have were tested in a lab, there's no way they would find 30 mg of adderall in them. Not only is a HALF of my 20 mg pills more effective, but the Actavis made me feel TERRIBLE!! Soon as it took effect, I got a splitting headache, dry mouth (which lasted about 12 hours), and felt very disgusting and somewhat disoriented. It was the dirtiest feeling I've had since the only time in my life I've tried meth, which was about 12 years ago in college. The "speed" part not included...just the awful, disgusting, painful, filthy feeling when it wore off. I hope eventually this company is exposed for their efforts to make money by cutting corners. I could guarantee that the inactive ingredients are unhealthy and cheap. I would almost go as far to say that the active ingredient is cut with something to just squeak by the FDA while making more for less. Trust me people....if you even THINK your pharmacy is switching to another brand, particularly Actavis, GO TO ANOTHER PHARMACY!! YES!!! IT'S THAT BAD!! Unfortunately someone is gonna have to die or have several near death experiences before it is taken off the market. The way this brand felt, there is NO WAY that it is safe, and not detrimental to your body. I am appalled!! Google the brand name...there isn't a single forum on the internet that gives this brand good reviews. Truth is, it may be very hard for someone with ADD, but I will survive for a month without my medication, but what is scary is that the FDA approved this stuff. I thought they were supposed to protect us from poison like this. I think I would be in better shape right now if I would have drank a liter of windex. But what happens when a person with allergies to the unknown ingredients or are on a med that may counteract the substance takes it. Someone please tell me...what is this stuff? My last (and only) dose of this poison was over 12 hours ago, and I have literally never felt this bad in my entire life. Going to the ER is not out of the question yet. The positive effects of adderall have never even lasted half this long!! This is a schedule 2 drug!! Someone should even be punished for even giving this to a lab rat!!

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Mary Rose Says:

Have used many generic brands of Adderal IR, & only had issues w/ Corr-Pharma, which made me feel jumpy, irritable. This week, tho', the pharmacist gave me Activis, & I can say definitively it does absolutely nothing for me, a huge difference. My experience w/ CorrP was not 'reaching tolerance", as my dose 5 yrs later is the same & works well. My dad was a biochemist & my sister founded (is COO) one of the leading most-respected psych meds testing companies. Whoever insisted all generics have same effects due to "identical' formulas is just ignorant. There are differing fillers, delivery system effects, etc. To call the dramatically different experiences of the many patients reporting placebo, or all in their head is blind - or has an agenda.

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Sarah Says:

I’ve been on adderall for 25 years. This month I was given this new generic (Actavis) for the first time. And, I’m telling you 100% this is not adderall. Two weeks into this and I’ve had serious heart palpitations, a racing heart, chills, light headedness/faint & a little blurred vision. I finally put two and two together and confirmed it was the medication and had nothing to do with me! Bottom line, this is dangerous & toxic drug. Within this past two weeks I’ve had two episodes where I though I was having a heart attack. Yesterday, I went to URGENT Care I was so fearful and my blood pressure was off the charts.

Note: Off the this drug my EKG was perfect, the doctor wouldn’t even call in an order for extra testing because it was completely normal. The EKG and my labs were all very normal. I do know this much, If I continued this medication I know I wouldn’t be able to say the same a month from now!

I will be alerting mg provider and have already expressed concern to my pharmacy. Just an FYI, they're likely headed for a slew of lawsuits from people who suffer heart attacks due to this medication. Again, just an FYI…

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Also Angry ADD patient Says:

Re: Angry ADD Patient (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I’m in the same boat and it’s awful because Actavis is everywhere now. I’ve been on it for 15 years - had ever generic brand and never a problem. Then Actavis- the worst month of my life - completely ineffective. It’s awful- I have to request Brand now and it’s going to cost $400 because my insurance won’t cover it. It’s so unfair. We know that Actavis KNOWS something is different and they don’t care. Really unfair to those of us that truly have ADD and rely on this drug to function.

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