Availability Of Roxycodone 30 Mg In Southern Wv

Mary Says:

My brother takes Oxycontin 80 mg. for timed release pain management and 30 mg. roxycodone for break thru pain. He has seen the same doctor and went to the same pharmacy for over 10 years. Suddenly last month, drug store did not have the 30 mg. available for a few days and this month, I was told that 30 mg. were no longer available. I cannot get his medication anywhere ( the 30 mg.) Are they no longer on the market?

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Roxicodone (regular timed to act) and Oxycodone(contin) (longer time acting) are essentially the same medication but here apparently prescribed for different effects. Short and long term pain control. So, to summarize, they are essentially the same drug but with different prescription for use, and most likely different brands.

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VerFree Says:

The 30mg dosage is still available, but there may have been a shortage, at the time you were looking to fill the prescription for him. Roxicodone contains the active ingredient Oxycodone, which is an opiate, so it's a controlled substance, which carries the risk of being habit forming.

Were you trying to pick it up for him? Some pharmacies have a problem allowing others to pick up controlled substances.

Were you eventually able to find it for him?

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