Can I Take Buspar With Chantix?

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i am taking buspar for anxiety and chantix to quit smoking.

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Shane Says:

According to both my physician, psychiatrist, AND pharmacist, yes.

I'm currently taking Chantix (Champix here in Canada) with 15mg of buspar 3x daily. However, fair warning. You may find yourself getting brain zaps (Google if you don't know what those are) around the time you take your buspar. It's annoying, but it goes away. However this can be dangerous if you have to drive around the same time, so try and work it so you don't have to.

Source: Personal experience

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Verwon Says:

I haven't been able to find any problems or interactions listed, either, but they should not be taken without a physician's approval and monitoring.

As Shane has mentioned, you also have to be careful about worsening of some of the side effects, which could make it dangerous for to drive, or operate heavy machinery, according to FDA warnings. Sometimes, if you experience too much drowsiness, and/or dizziness, your doctor might want you to switch the time of day you are taking something.

How are you both doing with the quitting thing? Is the medication helping you?

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Sandra Says:

I've been a smoker for 50 years. Tried patches even hypnosis. Chantix has set me free. Still think about a cig once in a while but the yearning doesn't last long. I use a cut off straw like a cigarette in my fingers.

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