Colored Vicodin

steve lucero Says:

i was told of differant colored vicodin like blues light blues and greens

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Jen Says:

They are Lortab, or Lorcet 10/325 generic version. They are a stronger Vicodin

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cory Says:

Does anyone know what a light blue pill with M on one side and 345 on the other is?

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cory Says:

I meant a light blue pill with M on one side and a 435 on the other i think its a kind of vicodin but im not sure

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Debbie Says:

Can anyone confirm that a blue pill in color with M361 on one side, and scored on the other side is a 10 mg. Vicodin? Thanks

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Debbie Says:

Also can anyone confirm that a pill colored white with 10 on one side, and scored on the other side with the letters on either side of F/L? Thanks

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Carolyn Says:

On the Vicodin and colors.The little wide blues are 1,000 mg or called 10.0; the slim white which come in 500 mg and 750 mg.The 500 are a bit shorter than the 750 or called 7.5.So the colors are the mgs.I take 7.5 myself for back pain.

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Carolyn Says:

To Debbie..The Vicodin blue pill I have has M360 not 361.Now Mine are made by Watson which is on one side.The M then came from a different manufacturer.My M360 are Vicodin 7.5 or 750 mg. Blue ones are 1,000 mg or called 10.0 mg.

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Carolyn Says:

Cory..On Vicodin..the M you mentioned would be on the same side with the number after it.Not on seperate sides..

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Jimmie Says:

what is a yellow pill with Watson 853 on one side

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Verwon Says:

Watson853 contains 325mgs of Acetaminophen and 10mgs of Hydrocodone, this is a generic for Norco. It is a narcotic pain reliever.

Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.


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Nicki Says:

I have a green vicodin I think..? Its round, With INV and 354 underneath? nothing on back. But I also have a lil green one that has 93 and 833 on the bottom. What the hell are these pills?

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DD Says:

I am now taking vicodin 750 but still have much pain. I just called my doc to see if I can get vicodin 10
Would the norco or vicodin 10 be stronger.

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jayjay124 Says:

Ms. Verwon.
Hi, This is jayjay124, I have a question about Vicodin pain medication. I was told at work that a company makes a 1000mg version. I explain to them that I had never heard of them. I then told them that I knew someone that could get the correct answer this question. Could you please help me and answer this for me. I explain to them that a 1000mg would be very hard on ones liver anmd therefore there is no such strenght of Vicodin. Thank you in advance for expertise.

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cougar Says:

i have a yellow vicodin with a V on one side and 36/10 on the other is this a true Vicodin?

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tommy Says:

I have a light color blue with a number that say the nuber 44235 it as the side as the white vicodinn on the other size have nothing on it so is it a vocodin?

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Sandra Williams Says:

I am currently not seeing a doc any more because of insurance being discontinued is there anyone knowing how I can get the Med that I was currently taking. I have scoliosis an have been experiencing a great deal of pain at nite so bad until I am awaken out my sleep please inform me of any help.thanks

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knowingitright Says:

lorcet 10-650

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chaos Says:

VERWON just wondering if you can identify the manufacturer of this hydrocodone 10/325 whit marked 176 on one side the other side but there is a line . there are 4 letters on the label after tab they are Cara, is Cara a manu." of is it an abbreviation? thanks so much for anything you may enlighten me..

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JD Says:

Please let me know if my script was filled with the right pills? I didn't remember these from last time.

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