Discontinued Opana 15mg Er Equivelent

red Says:

Need pill to replace discontinued 15mg er opana

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s2kisme Says:

Oxymorphone is the generic version of Opana and comes in 15mg ER. My doctor didn't even know that the med was no longer available under the name Opana any more, and neither did the pharmacy.

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Lola Says:

Generic Opana ER is now available from Impax. You need to call your pharmacies to see if they will order it. Impax just started delivering to the rep companies 1/4/2013. This info is for people who really have health problems, not people who want to just for other reasons. Please leave it alone. You all mess everything up for people who need it for health reasons.

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Verwon Says:

One piece of information that I'd like to add though...

Under the drug laws, there are limits to how much of any controlled substance a pharmacy can order and stock in any month. Thus, if they have reached their limit for the month, they may not be able to order the generic in for you, at this time.

Thus, it may still take a month or two, before it becomes more widely available.

Learn more Opana details here.

Are there any comments or questions?

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Bob Says:

After taking Nucynta ER for 3 days, I read that it is contrainicated for me. If I have a urine sreen when I report in 3 weeks , will it still be detected? If so I can bring the infor from the drug store. If not, I,d rather they didn't know I had needed something like thaty

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s2kisme Says:

Lola, you are so correct about that. There has been a shortage this past month making it hard for us who are truly disabled and in pain 24/7.

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Nick Says:

Im so happy these are finally out, i've had serious pain for over years and were taking oxycontins at first then opanas, i dont abuse them but the trf pills dont work for me. does anyone know if these will be available for awhile or if endo can try to stop the release again in may? any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Pete Says:

Re: s2kisme (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Why not just change to a different ER MED then I take the Xtampza ER never had any problems finding this med

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