Doctor Who Will Prescribe Adderall In Boston Area For Cash On Hand

John Says:

Ben add whole life,recently got out , need to get back stable on my adoral medication, and. I got college zoon to start.

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Meggz Says:

Did you find a doc? What's their name

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Alsam Says:

Looking for a PCP or Dr. To prescribe adderall on 1st visit in Boston,Ma. Have been on this medication for 5 years with documentation from my past doctor and have been without it for a couple weeks now. Does anybody know of any doctor around the North shore, South shore or Boston area that is likely to prescribe to me on the first visit?

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Addelyn Says:

Re: Alsam (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I have also been looking for a doc in boston that will prescribe on 1st visit. Have you found one?

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Tricia Says:

Re: Addelyn (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Could you share this docs name please? I live in Boston area and have many psych diags but no one will to prescribe anything useful any more. Please, please help.

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