Doctors In Florida Who Prescribe Methadone And Oxycodone

Dana1971 Says:

doctors who frequently prescribe methadone and roxycodone near central Florida to patient have proof of chronic pain history

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Kris Says:

Dana1971 do you know of any good Dr's in South FL? I live in Vero Beach, but obvs willing to travel.

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Dana1971 Says:

I do. I know of one for sure and located in Tampa. Where are u looking? I am looking for Tallahassee area.

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Kiki Says:

Definitely Tampa/st Petersburg area. I used to have 1 Dr in ea town and know SEVERAL ppl with SEVERAL Drs in that area. Dr. LaFrock near st Pete/Clearwater airport. Dr Navine in Tampa..Just to name a few. Also there are tons of small pharmacies willing to fill. Dr Amy Martin in Bradenton is good too.

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cdub Says:

kiki.....which doctor will take out of state patients?

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Karen Says:

I am looking for a doctor who will give me my 30 mg Roxy and pharmacy to fill it. I just moved to Jefferson county, Missouri. I have had a crooked spine since birth. Need help fast.

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Candy Says:

Walgreens fills my roxy for me. 10mg four time a day.

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Anon Says:

None of them by law are supposed to take out of state patients. Thank Pam Bondi for that

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Gino Says:

Kiki, are you insane? I realize your need to help people, but I am a patient of one of the Drs. you referred to this open forum. It is difficult enough to get a good legitimate Dr and your spreading his name could cause problems for him and his other patients with the dea. By knowing so many Drs you sound like a shopper. I think you need to use your head for something other than a hat rack! At my next appointment, I will let Dr know that you are using his name in an open forum!

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Alexis Says:

Re: Kris (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I'm from for it if so if you been there for a few years I would think you would know the new requirements. If you travel outside your zip code you are not going to find a doctor. Your ID must match your zip code and your residency address. And most doctors now that do write for pain meds will check out all three of them. I had a personal reason that I had to be in Florida for and had no other options so I had to comply with everything prior to even finding a doctor. And you can't BS your way around it or they will check you out I can guarantee you. I have a home not far from Vero Beach so I know how they are in South Florida. Good luck in your endeavors I wish you the best

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