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AC Says:

Help, Seeking new Doc in NJ (Middlesex/Monmouth County areas) I have been going to a pain mgmt. doctor who was giving me oxycontin ER 40mg twice a day and 10mg Percocet 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. They have cut my meds in half in the last 2 months, I have always taken meds correctly and never had a dirty UA. My levels were always good. I have bulging and herniated discs and am in a lot of pain. They are cutting everyone down on meds because of over medicating some patient etc.. (and now everyone pays). I want to find new pain doctor who will give me what I was originally taking does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks for the help. please get back to me with suggestions. Thanks Again. want to find new doc before my next appointment

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Olivia Says:

I hear Dr Weinstein prescribes 30mg Oxy. Did he make you get an mri or order any tests before diagnosing and writing pain meds.

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bob Says:

Olivia..Dr Weinstein is a legit by the book guy. You have to have mri's that are recent (within the last 2 yrs) and records from your last PM dr. If you have never been to a PM dr before than he will prob give you 10mg oxys and send you for an xray then an mri. He doesn't just hand out 30mgs when you walk in the door.

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Tomby Says:

I just move to pa. I am looking for a pain management doctor. My current doctor is in nj but its a hassle getting there. Please help

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stixNstones Says:

FYi asking for help to secure another doctor isnt breaking the law; what it is though, is a patient's right & pain management told me that themself. Westcoast doctors arent afraid to help patients; provided you actually have a legit medical-condition/disability & actually listen to their patient's knowledge of their own body, theyve lived in since birth. Neither of my doctors have ever ignored my call for help; much less cancelled me as a patient right after, cause spouse's employer's incompetence paying his paychecks that messed-up his insurance cause of it; now I feel like I'm in fight-or-flight cause I can't find anyone to help me w/proper care for my 4yr long disability. This is solely an eastcoast issue, as I've never had an issue in 4yrs til' recently moved-back east w/4yrs worth of records/proof in-hand, so idkwtf ppl here been doing, but definitely forcing those w/legit conditions to be punished for their wrongful doings & didnt really need it!

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Lraythegreat Says:

Well I sm from south Florida and to be honest I have chronic Back1 pain but no evidence why, and I'm only 31 years old. For the last two years I have been getting monthly #240 30mg Oxycodone IR(immediate release)for breakthrough pain i plus #240 10mg Methadone & #90 2mg Xanax bars. Gh

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rozay Says:

hey try dr monica and ariz mehta. 191 palisades ave jersey city nj.

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Ashley Sign Says:

Hi AC, I am having similar issues. I can't find a pain management Doctor in north jersey. I had 3 spine surgeries and I don't want a 4th. I have great insurance so the doc will get paid. Thanks, Ashley.

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Busted Says:

Who do you go to in Pennsylvania. Would you be willing to share that information??

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Valerie Says:

Hi Frank, I just was looking on here and saw you were looking for a doctor still. Or did u find one? My email is {edited for privacy}.

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Thadious Says:

mike ; I;ve had many surgeries and all bad; I;ve been on meds for over 23yrs ; pain management has been given guidelines by the cdc and fda; they are phasing out opioids all together or your max will be no more then 51 mgs daily of any combination you take. Urine test every visit. These guidelines were more like the hand of god condemming any pain management doctor to write more ;and if they do they will have there licences to practice terminated. They allow only 3 conditions to be treated for long term opioids. These conditions for treatment are part of the governments involvement with the opioid problem in this country;so this is the answer; I doubt since this has just been in acted by the government and insurance companies that pain meds will be prescribed in the doses we have all been accustomed to using to manage our daily life. Unfair ;yes ;do they care ;no !!

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RM13 Says:

Any pain doctors that will accept Medicaid in the New jersey area ? and prescribe oxycontin 40mg

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RM13 Says:

Any luck on the Doctor in Clifton ? I'm from Saddle brook and can't find anyone local

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Carmine Says:

Patricia. I live in pa. Is there a way u can help me with ur doc in pa? I have one in NYC that I can refer to and is closer for u since u live in lodi.

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Shelly Says:

Hi I live in central nj and am in dire need of a pain dr. Would you be kind enough to tell me where to go? Tyvvm!

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Babygirl Says:

Try dr bemean in carteret nj make a appointment n tell the dr ur promblem n wat u been taking n if u have any xrays or mris take them wit u he use to give me my pain medication n dtoped cuz i owe money.

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Carmine Says:

Patricia, I have a Dr in pa I could help u with. I could use a Dr in NYC. This Dr in pa isn't giving me close to what I was on. The cut was ridiculous from the Dr I was going to.

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Disgusted with the process Says:

This doctor will not treat anyone if they live out of the state of New Jersey. My husband couldn't even get his foot in the door because of his address. This whole chronic pain issue sucks and doctors are running scared. They are supposed to be helping the patient not allowing the DEA tell them what to do. I personally think that's bulls***. These doctors work on your emotions like you don't want to see me go to jail or loose my license. If they're legit they should have nothing to worry about. We can thank all the greedy money hungry doctor's out there and the patients that are full of s*** and have nothing wrong with them. That's how all this s*** started. Medicare and Medicaid are fraud cash cow businesses, just write scripts, take your money and give no referrals for testing or anything.

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Carmine Says:

Tomby, I have a urgent care in pa u could use if u have a doctor in NJ ur willing to trade. I would do that 4 u so if u want to let me know.. also happy thanksgiving to u n ur family.

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Shelly Says:

Hi carmine, it's shelly! I went to dr George that someone posted on here. Policy there was to have inj's. first then 2 weeks later post op where they then issue your meds. I go back Tuesday he did tell me I was on way too much meds. And he would be cutting them. Very nice dr. And it was no hack job inj.! I'm hoping for best on Tuesday I will let you know and fyi to all the dr. Said he was not going to take me at first because iam on xanax. He explained to me that apparently the DEA has informed all pain drs. To deter from accepting patients whom are on benzo's. I finally found out why I get shot down instantly the past few places I went! So yes ppl if you are on xanax, ativan,etc... Chances are you will be turned away! He decided to take me after seeing how bad my mri was and my honesty of my pain! I'm hoping he just didn't want that inj. bill from my insurance! We see Tuesday if I get my much needed meds! And carmine I know you drive to nyc every month. If you come thru jersey we should go for lunch! You have been most helpful to me out of anyone on this site! Lmk

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Frank Says:

I need a doctor to prescribe at least #240 30mg oxycodone; 90 2 mg xanax; and oxymorphone 40mg opana generic orange or tan moons. I will also take #240 15 mg oxycodone or #180 methadone 10mg. Will pay top dollar for the right care. I have 9 yrs of records for nerve damage, back, rotatorcuff, neck, tricep, bicep. I need help asap.

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