Doctors That Prescribe Methadone For Pain Northwest Indiana

Brian Says:

I need to find a doctor that will prescribe Methadone for pain use. They wont even let me go to clinic because i was on it for pain for many years

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Justin Says:

I live in south bend Indiana and was going to a methadone clinic for 8 yrs, I then found a dr. who wrote me 10-10mg pills a day which is 100mg a day. That was what I was on at the clinic. Then I started getting dirty drug panels and after the 4th one he stopped writing for me so I went back to the clinic and they toke me back on with no problems. I have never heard of the methadone clinic turn anyone down due to getting it for pain from a doctor originally. I know too many in Indiana and in Tennessee and Florida who started clinics because of doctors not writing anymore for pain management.

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Brian Says:

I know, right. It's unheard of. I even had a note from doctor saying, that I'm a good candidate for the methadone program. But they still said no, bc I'm not a drug addict. I said I was a drug addict, give me a U/A and u will see. I even went to a clinic for a while once in gray. But I stopped going bc I got clean and believe in marijuana for pain and stress. It pretty much fixed everything if you ask me. Might not take away all the pain but keeps your mind off it. It's all bc of the DEA and doctors have been scared to write prescriptions for pain mainly or anything because they're taking away all their licenses or getting fired. It really sucks. I have a lot of health problems, and can't work with meds anymore.

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jade1983 Says:

That is odd. I was on a clinic in southeastern IN for 6 yrs and on my intake day when they asked me what drugs i had been using i told them methadone, and that wasn't a problem then in 2005 but about 2013 I went back there and their new doctor said he would give me subutex but not methadone bc apparently it was my drug of choice he said. So I left. I'm back on a different clinic on methadone but very badly want to get a doctor to get off methadone and I do want to try the subutex now. I just need to find a doctor that I have an actual shot at getting prescribed subutex not suboxone. You mentioned a doctor in IN. If you could share his/her name please email me {edited for privacy}. I'd really appreciate it and would never mention anything about this site or any names.

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Jeff Says:

I transferred from my Pain Dr. TO a Methadone Clinic for ease of prescribing practices because Tenn is SUCH A PAIN IN THE butt to get regular pain meds now. At the pain management I went to, they made you feel like a drug seeker MORE than a Methadone Clinic!! I never had a dirty U/A for anything I wasn't supposed to have. I'm a Bail/recovery Agent AND a Certified Addiction Specialist...go figure right?? I know the man that owns the Clinic I go to now, and they are the best. I used to have Duragesic Patches and was assured the Methadone would help with the 29 lbs. of Titanium and plastic in my legs and shoulders, and they were's a very effective pain med. With the proper amount of Ibuprofen and Lyrica, it is...

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Tracy Says:

What doc were you seeing that discharged you due to failing drug panels? If you don't mind my asking...searching for a doc myself.

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Jason Says:

I was getting a 180mg a day from a doctor and started failing my drug panel so I went back to the methadone clinic. I have been going to the clinic off and on for 20 yrs and they know I leave to go to a doctor and after a yr or two of doing good at the doctor I started messing up and after a few months of failing my drug panel it's back to the clinic because the doctor stops writing, so I know the clinics will take you with no problems.

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Trace Says:

What Dr in Indiana was it? Mine had me on 200 mg in Indiana for yrs and dropped me. New Dr only does 40mg.

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Patrice Says:

Re: Justin (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Go to the clinic again and tell them your now addicted to opiates. They have to take you..

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Sierra Says:

Re: jade1983 (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Methadone/sobutex clinic called ITC TREATMENT CENTER IN INDIANAPOLIS ITS LOCATED AT 3)th and keystone avenue

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Desperately seeking relief Says:

Did you find one? I know if a place. But not sure how old this post is.

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Brian Says:

Re: Desperately seeking relief (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Yes, I finally found a good one in 2019 in Valparaiso! It's the nicest methadone clinic I have ever been to. And I travel a lot, following phish around! Still looking for a pain management doctor tho. I want my life back when I had scripts for methadone.

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