Doctors Who Prescribe Methadone In Ohio

Renee Says:

I am a 31 yr.old mother of 3 wonderful girls! I am in the process of trying to find a doctor that prescribes methadone for pain. I live in Ohio and I do know that they do exist! Bk in 2008 my mother went to doc in Springfield and was prescribed 80 mgs a day wich is equivalent to 240 a mth. If anyone knows of a good doctor please reply and let me know! It would b greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Renee! How are you?

It isn't that doctors don't exist who will prescribe Methadone, it's that there's no listing to refer to of doctors that will prescribe any given medication, additionally, since Methadone is so highly habit forming, most doctors are reluctant to prescribe it to treat pain.

Learn more Methadone details here.

Due to the new regulations that were put in place this year, if you require such medications for long-term treatment of chronic pain, then you'll need to see a pain management specialist, because general practitioners and surgeons have been severely restricted regarding what they can prescribe, how much they can prescribe, why they can prescribe it and how long they can prescribe it.

Do you currently have a PCP that could refer you to someone? If so, that would likely be the easiest way to get the help you need.

One important thing to remember is that when you contact a doctor to set up an initial appointment, don't ask if they will prescribe any particular medication, because they are taught to see that as drug seeking behavior, so they usually won't even let you get in the door.

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jayne in ohio Says:

do u realize how horrible methedone is on your teeth and bones? i was on 27 methedone 10's a day i regret it with my life! please try different meds or u wont live very long with your 3 beautiful girls

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Mandi Says:

Does anybody know I need doctors names in kokomo indiana that prescribe Benzos without giving me s*** for it....and that will also accept my insurance..I'm on hip mdwise......I ask this because I have been off my meds my Xanax for my daily battle with anxiety and panic attacks..I have three or more a day! I suffer from PTSD....and the dr. That was prescribing them to me lost his license....plz help!!!!

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tam Says:

No thats 2400 mils a month not 240 and good luck the only way i can seem to get methadone is an exspensive ass clinic and i have insurance thst theh refuse to take

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Lindsay Says:

Looking for a doctor in Ashland Ky. or close who will prescribe Percocet for chronic low back and arm pain.

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Logan Says:

Hello I am currently on suboxone, I need to switch to methadone...I have chronic pain & aniexty, I have tried the subs for months & and I am only getting worse. I need a doctor in ohio, michigan or fort wayne...please help

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E Says:

Methadone is technically not a pain medication. Well it's not something a doctor prescribed as a first choice for a pain medication. I have personally only ever had 1 patient who received a script of methadone for pain and that was because she has uterus cancer and at the time of diagnosis of the cancer was also taking illicit drugs! The doctor prescribed methadone to help with the pain from the cancer and also her withdrawals from being addicted to opiates! I would highly suggest finding something else to take to help your pain other than methadone! Methadone is WORSE THAN HEROIN to get off of. It LITERALLY goes into your bones and 99% of people who get on it stay on it for the rest of their lives.

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Kevin Says:

I need to find help with finding a doctor in Ohio that will prescribe subutex for chronic pain and not for being a junkie. I chose to quit getting prescribed oxycodone and a high dose because of the rapid cycle of addiction forming. I switched to subutex immediately and now Kentucky only wants to prescribe either Suboxone or only subutex for pregnant women. I cannot take Suboxone longer than a day because of severe stomach pain and migraines and have had a doctor tell me I'm allergic to naloxone. If anybody can help I'd be thoroughly appreciative.

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J Says:

Re: Kevin (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Which part Ohio are you in? I recently relocated to the Cleveland area and found a doctor to prescribe me subutex, no problem if you have a logical reason.

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