Doctors Who Will Prescribe Adderall In Jersey City Nj Or Nyc Area

emily10 Says:

looking for a doctor in the jersey city area to be prescribed adderall.
Thank you

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jmm512 Says:

I wouldn't go to any md in New York because they have that ISTOP law, so if you're doctor shopping in NYC, you will get caught. Although you can go get a script in NY and fill it in Jersey City or Connecticut. I am reluctant to give names out in a public forum and dont want to post my email addy or cell number. Too bad. I can refer you to an excellent shrink who is very reasonable.

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cyrano Says:

can you refer doctor for adderall Rx in NYC. I have job interiew tomorrow for which it is necessary for focus

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Hypocrate Says:

omg you might as well just stand outside of a pharmacy and wait for someone to walk out and ask you what you need. or go to nyu or princeton etc library and approach the kid that's been studying for 10 hours straight... you do not want to put quandries like that out on a public forum, saying things like "doctor shopping," etc. but i feel kinda sorry for you so i will share my own experience with you in the hopes that it may provide you with some sort of wisdom and not a speed addiction... My doctor and I had a fight about adderall when i was first prescribed it: she - who was my psychiatrist who gave me, among other meds, suboxone for opiate dependancy - wanted me to start taking adderall immediately and i did not want anything to do with it. I've had this fight with several other doctors when attempting to get them to agree to let me try to take less of it. It's because I have Kliene-Levin syndrome which some docs prefer to call Idiopathic Hypersomnia with long sleep time. In other words, I fall asleep and sleep for days without waking up. And when i do wake up, I have trouble with my memory, my balance, speech (i forget every day words like the ones i'm typing right now) and without adderall i cannot hold a conversation or type this etc. Sometimes I even think I'm dreaming when I'm awake and I've been known to talk to people about the time that we did this or that only to find out that we didn't - it was a dream. It started with flu-like symptoms and it's been 8 years now. I was on XRs but I can't even ride in a car they make me so nausuous.
Hope my pain can be your gain.

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dp Says:

name of adderall doc>>i an on west long island

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CC Says:

Dr. Daryl Isaac in Manhattan, NYC. He's a great doctor! He's been my doctor for almost 10 years. Unfortunately, I moved to New Orleans.

{edited for privacy}

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