Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Connecticut

jon Says:

anyone help looking in Connecticut fpr a dr who will prescribe pain meds in connecticut

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Jon! How are you?

Due to the new regulations that were enacted last year, if you require controlled substance for long-term ongoing management of pain, you'll need to see a pain management specialist.

Do you currently have a PCP that you see regularly? If so, that would likely be the quickest and easiest way to find the help you need.

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john D Says:

can anyone prescriberefer a md or d.o or pa that will prescribe narcotic medications in Connecticut I have ruptured discs an bulging discs serious back problems my md retired an now I cant find a dr to help me please help

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Lisa Duncan Says:

Im in the same boat. Im in wallingford pain care and have been drastically reduced.please let me know if ypu find someone.

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Lret22 Says:

Hello.. I am looking for a pain Dr. In ct that will prescrbe methadone. I have been in pain management for over 20 yrs.I have fibromyalgia .IC. RSD and arthritis. I have tapered off to 40 mg per day from 70 mg per day and stopped my break thru meds all together which was 35 mg oxy .per day. Its been so hard finding good Dr's. in ct. I also am hoping to find a good pcp. My pain level has been so severe but I can still work a little....if I can't find a Dr soon Im so afraid Im going to have to quit my job...its so sad that pain management gave me my life back just to rip it away again because of ppl who have no idea what its like to live in pain every day. I understand the purpose of the crack downs but it.wont stop the drug abuse.

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Bill Says:

Yes i am in severe pain all the time, No Dr cares. Does anybody know any doctors that are compassionate and kind and are not afraid to write prescriptions

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jojo Says:

My Dr. does, (Dr. Johnson, New London)only because when I moved back to Ct I had lots of pain clinic medical records. Please don't assume he will or go in asking just for that. He sent me for tests first as well. He is getting wary, and I have to find a pain clinic asap because of disability insurance, as they are trying to weasel out of paying for them.I need a clinic that will write that I need them at least. Has anyone tried Marijuana for pain?

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Jo Says:

go to a methadone clinic,claim ur an addict.and they will help. insurance covers it all. that's what I did for 3 yrs I was pain free and happy

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RaMi81 Says:

It is cruel and unusual how they are restricting much needed meds to people like me/us whose lives are severely compromised without proper pain management. I’ve been in CT for 3 months now, have a diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis. Was on oxycodone 10mg 4x day in CA for 2 year (more when I’m having an acute infection). I have med records, imaging. I have been suffering now for months unable to get the meds I need. I too am becoming hopeless ...

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CJMoore in CT Says:

I go to New Solutions in Milford. My doctors have been great. I see on my caregivers there almost sad because they know the reality of pain.

They can also prescribe Medical Marijuana.

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DyingOfPain Says:

Re: Jo (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

I would like to know how you were taking methadone for 3 years and we're all of a sudden pain free!
I would love that outcome!!!

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Diana Says:

Does anyone know of a opioid prescribing pain management Dr or clinic in the Shelton, CT area? I've been put thru every other treatment and non-narcotic and the only thing that gave me any real quality of life, but I know it's so hard these days to find a Dr that's willing to prescribe the meds that help like morphine, dilaudid, or oxycodone 30mg.

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