Doctors Who Will Prescribe Pain Medication Richmond Virginia Really For Fibromyliga And Other (Top voted first)

mandy Says:

I Have one of the worst severest cases of fibromyligia and something else going on but ii have quacks I have been dealuinf with for over 2 years I cray every day I cant walk I fall I bruse ease I live in severe pain and have been giin loratab Percocet vicoden and I have found the onlky thing that had even eased the pain was fetinal patches 100 and opana and morphoine patches and I am at point to pay out of pocket cause no one wants to help me cause they have has me on lyrica for 3 years and muscle relaxers dosent work at all I hurt to touch I cant walk I need help bad

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helenea Says:

The dr i referred in Va, all do pill counts and drug panels to make sure pts are taking their meds and check the online virgina monitoring prescription line to make sure the pts is not Dr shopping. They're pretty tough where i live, they want REAL records. They're not playing games.

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frank Says:

Sounds like you need a neurological consult.whatever you do,stop expirementing with fentanyl and these other drugs as they will kill you.go to a neurologist and go through the examinations needed to properly diagnose your condition(s) and then either the neuro or pain mgmt doc can and will help you.the troubles of recent stem from crooked doctors prescribing pills to people who are malingerers and are only looking for a high or to sell the meds on the streets.these types have made it tough on those of us who seriously have medical use for strong opioids.i refuse to use the word "need" because even with the pain i live with every day the medecine does not keep me alive but it does add to my quality of life quite a bit.try using a tens unit next time you see your doc.they do help alleviate pain medecine will take it all away.if it are taking too much and are at risk of will need to learn that you have to deal with pain to a certain degree.also sounding desperate while talking to the doc and over exaggerating pain will get you nowhere unless you are seeing a pill pusher and at the end of the day you wind up with a serious addiction.and in will be better off seeking a cure forwhat pains you instead of masking the symptom (pain) much love to you hon and good luck in your sorry you hurt.i only replied because i saw that you have been trying fentanyl etc.and i truly want nobody to die.hang in there.

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hookedonlove Says:

Fentanyl and other drugs will Kill you? NO, I'm going to do it Myself if I don't get some help.

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kitty kat Says:

No one wants to prescribe pain meds, due to the od's that have been reported. This is cruel and in humane tx. If you do find a doctor you have to worry about the Dr.getting reported to the Feds. Now govt states that no one is to be precribed pains meds as a first. alternative. I find it upalling,it's not your fault everyone has to pay for the many that have OD. They made the meds for pain and thats what they should be used for. Many doctors are afraid to prescribe pain meds. How can the govt. overide a doctor order. Angry and dismayed.

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P450 Says:


Balint Clinic in Weyers Cave is closer, southwest of Roanoke. People from all over the state are forced to go there.

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Flygirl Says:

Helenebbb .....could you please share the name of the doctor you see in Hpt. Rds.? I have been looking ever since my doc.'s license got suspended while he was trying 2 help his ppl.... it's been a PIA finding someone w/ all this BS going on thanks 2 the gov overreacting as usual 2 the druggies they can't catch so all of us must's sad...I have so many records, diagnostic results & you can see the damage when you look at me!! They're gonna kill us or we'll do it ourselves. PPL can only handle so much. Thanks for your help...

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Mandy Says:

I am in so much pain I can't walk with out a walker and all ther have given me is lyricists and some muscle relaxer I fall I can't go any thing I need done thing my mother in law before she passed was on 100 fetenal pstches and opana and they had tried her on OxyContin 80 and 240 10 mg break through my dr keep bsn me around snd now my husband to the point we are looking any where for someone to help me. I can't enjoy my life and been trying to find a doc will help me I'm at the begging life now

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mandy! How are you doing? I am very sorry that you're in so much pain.

What type of doctor have you been seeing?

At this point, it really sounds like you need a pain management specialist. They are also the only doctors that are able to prescribe strong analgesic on a long-term ongoing basis, now.

It may be the Lyrica that's causing the easy bruising. Which muscle relaxant do you take?

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Shawn Says:

Hi! This is the first time I have ever posted a question online, but I am in dire need of finding a pain management doctor near the Fredericksburg, Va area. I had an L-5 S-1 Spinal Fusion due to a car accident 4 years ago, and also suffer from Degenerative Disk Disease. I moved to Va last month from Ga, and the pain doctor I have been seeing is a REAL JERK! He REFUSED to keep me on the same meds I have been on for the last 4 years because he "knows what will work better." Well, needless to say, I have tried everything he suggested, and none of the regimens he has put me on work for me. Instead of going into the long story, I just need to find a doctor that will put me on the meds I had been taking for years that actually work. The medicine I had been on is: 15mg Oxycodone 4x's a day, 50mg Ultram 3x's a day, .5mg Clonazepam 4x's a day, 600mg Neurontin 3x's a day, 25mg Phenergan once daily.
He told me that if I didn't "like his way of doing things, then I can just dismiss him."
Well, the problem I'm having is he will only prescribe Extended Release Medication, and I have tried everything he put me on, but they don't work without a short-term medication for the break-through pain. I would really appreciate it if anyone could point me in the direction of a Pain Management Specialist that will prescribe me the medication I was on before. Apparently this is more difficult that I could have imagined :(
Thank you all for your help!

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Ocelot Says:

I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel in both wrists. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Well I have been seeing the same Dr for the last 8 yrs and because people can't follow directions, or abuse their medication is why I am now looking for a new LEGITIMATE Dr. His practice made a decision to no longer write pain medication, bc they do not have the resources or time to monitor it properly. He wrote me a excellent referral letter, saying I follow all guidelines, and am a good patient. My rheumatologist believes in a different pain medication than I am prescribed, and so he said he would write me rxs for a new medication, but if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have tried everything under the sun, and I'm also taking Arava, ibuprofen, and Plaquenil to supplement the inflammation. I am looking for either a general practitioner or a internal medicine Dr that is understanding and will allow me to continue to live my life w as minimal pain as possible. I am open to any and all suggestions.

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Gina Says:

Hi I'am in Fred/Spotsy have you had any luck? I have DDD, Stenosis, Bulging discs, fibro.

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Mandy Says:

I don't know any pain management dr around that arntvtightvassrsv I'm not drug seeking ibjustcwantvtovbe out of pain or have it subside to where itsxbareable

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Shadow Says:

Hi there! Sorry to hear your having so much trouble. I'm in the same boat living right outside of FredVegas lived in the fredericksburg area all my life. I'm not sure how far you are willing to travel, and I'm new to this whole message board not really sure how it works. But there is a great pain management dr. In manassas named Gerald lee. More than likely he will treat you with those med, providing Recent MRI and and records.

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Helenebbb Says:

It is very difficult and frustrating to "find" the right fit and right pain dr. The dea has them all terrified. And for good reason, those of us that are legit pay the price for those who abuse . I went thur the same thing with finding someone whom I trusted and would let me partipate in my care. I had heck of time finding dr for my pain after moving to va from Florida, I even went back to Florida a few times and saw my old dr until I found a dr I liked. I went thur a few. I was not going to be treated like a child or spoke down to by any dr , I am always polight. I am an grown women, I know my body better than anyone.. I had no luck in Richmond area. I live in Williamsburg, I have to drive into Hampton roads to see a great pcp, if a pain suffer has complex problems. And other medical issues. The dr become frustrated too, when your dr is not willing to listen to your needs ,such as not wanting to try or give you break thur medicine, I think of that as a control freak issues with that dr. I had dr like this.. I changed.

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Flygirl Says:

Don't know if you'll ck this or not but I'm in the HR area & looking for a doc. who will help. My doc. of 14 yrs. got his license suspended cuz trying to help his patients...I have tons of records & all ya got to do is look @ me & you can see whats going on. I haven't had much luck & seems everyone wants to send me to a pain mgt. clinic. TIA for any help...

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Artsyteach Says:

That is fine. Just need to know a compassionate pain Dr who will write my meds withljt profiling me.


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cdub Says:

what is the 411 on Balint Pain Clinic.
Will they take new patients
Will they do self pay

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Michelle Says:

Shawn...who's your doctor? All I need is ER medication. Maybe I can tolerate his attitude in exchange for his help. I'm desperate! My doctor closed doors without warning. I'm an amputee with many issues. I'd really appreciate any doctor that will prescribe meds. Thanks

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Leah Says:

I feel your frustration. I had been seen a pain physician for several years. He provided all he could without treating me like a "drug seeker". They stopped taking my insurance,but i thought I had found a great new doctor. He didn't want to prescribe medication and sent me to another doctor.i felt ok with that because he's the only doctor who has given me shots that had any effect at all. Now,i don't know why,but he transferred me to another doc who works under him. My presprictions have become all messed up and it takes an act of God to get a call back. The Fentynal patches take a good amount of the pain away but oxicodone although in my opinion isn't so better than all the other drugs I've tried. My last provider wanted to put me on an oral form of fentenyl,but having a hard time with insurance covering it. I don't know why they don't listen. I'm not a drug abuser,I only want relief from this constant tear inducing constant pain. It's obvious that I'm not taking these drugs to get "high". I'm just a human being in pain all the time. I'm just trying to get some relief.if these medications are used as directed,there should be no problem for people like me who are resistant and not touched at all by.the lesser known pain relievers'.Thank you for listening. I'm sure many of you are in the same position. Just a note for people who use fentynal...try the Mylan brand. They are generic,but i believe they are safer and don't fall off. Best of luck and reduction of horrible PAIN that controls so many of our lives.God bless.

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Denise Says:

Can you advise a Doctors name? I don't care about tough...I care about my quality of life which I have none with this pain... Please advise?

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