Doctors Willing To Prescribe Oxycodone In Phoenix

Timothy Says:

Please please please someone direct me to a doctor who will listen and prescribe the amount of oxycodone my son needs. Pain management clinics are a joke and fall short of what we know will keep him comfortable until they can do the therapy or procedures that may be able to get him out of pain so he doesn't have to take it. He only needs 60 mg a day in 4 15 mg doses. That is what we've found works and makes it so he doesn't get sick from the meds and is out of the considerable pain he is in. He can't work because they won't give him enough to function. I have spent so much money I dont have to take care of him! He has Ahccs healthcare coverage! They only give him 3 10mg pills a day which falls short of the care he needs and is in so much pain. I am at my wits end! We are in Gilbert Arizona and need a doctor who will listen to the patient so we can pursue the other surgical and therapy options! He has a degenerative disc problem.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Timothy! How is your son? I am very sorry about the problems he's having.

However, if he requires such a medication, a pain management clinic is the only option, due to the new regulations that were put in place last year. Regular doctors can no longer prescribe such medications.

Can anyone suggest a good doctor in that area that might be able to help?

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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peggy Says:

dr that will prescribe oxycodone in phoenix/Glendale az

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Miss E Breezie Says:

Peggy- "are you implying u have one or asking for one?".

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J2thaZ Says:

I have a number of doctors that I know of that are willing and able to write pain meds especially if you have a history of getting them at a pain management facility or in general. Some of them are primary care doctors that write short term some are internalists that write for longer and some are pain specialists. Unfortunately the lot of these doctors are no longer an option for me to use. I am willing to help anyone who needs it, I just ask that you send me the info for who ever you have been prescribed meds from before. {edited for privacy}. Docs are in the Phoenix area.

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Faye Says:

Please could you tell me who your current doctor is because I live in Tucson and me doctor is reluctant to give me 30 Vicodin a month after I fell off a ladder and injured my back and neck?

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Helen Says:

Need pain medication for kidney stones

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Trish Says:

I am going crazy. I live in Phoenix. My Doctor is no longer practicing. I went to another Dr.. Gave me 30 days to find pain management.
I suffer from severe back and shoulder pain. My husband has Parkinson'sdisease, I am his only caregiver. I lift him, bathe, clothe, get him in andout of the car.

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Chuck Says:

Yes I will send you 3 different Drs names that will write 120 30mg oxy IR's if that's what you want. But I need a few good names like ASAP. I've got a torn up knee and am in pain all the time. I know the Drs pretty well. Just can't write for me anymore.

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Ls Says:

I know a couple of docs if you could tell me yours I would appreciate it

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Rick Says:

Hello, i have had a bad infection in my hip and have damaged tissue and lots of pain to walk and have tried just about everything and the only things that really work are opioids. I am also looking for a doc that will prescribe pain meds in Phoenix too and would appreciate the help.

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Lmarie Says:

I'm relocating to Phoenix area and looking for doctors. I have RA and OA

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Lmarie Says:

@J2thaZ, PLEASE REPLY to my post above.

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Irwin Says:

Hey I can give you one reallllyyy good Dr. But I am in the same boat as you, I cannot see him anymore but first visit with him he wrote me 150 30mg OxyIRs. If you could let me know one of your Drs I will gladly give you his name and multiple others. Thanks.

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Jay Says:

I'm new to the Phoenix area and looking for a pain management doctor who will write a script for 20 mg oxycodone. Does anyone know of a doctor and/or clinic?

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Irwin Says:

I have one that without even an examination will write 120 30mgs. He's a RA but sees everyone and will get you in same day. Dr Stuart Posner. Now if you could please send me the names of your Drs

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Barrientes Says:

I am looking for a doctor in Phoenix that will prescribe Oxycodone 15mg. I have records to prove I have been on this medication since 10/2008. However, my current dr. Dr. Todd Turley at Pain Centers of AZ will no longer prescribe this med. He gave me Oxycodone 10/with Acetaminophen, I cannot take it. The Acetaminophen causes Shortness of Breath. So he offered Dilaudid, it makes my nose bleed and finally Morphine IR 15 mg, which made me really sick. I have Cigna insurance. I had a leg injury and unless I have my pain meds I am confined to a wheel chair.

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Azpatient Says:

Hey I need a doctor my doctor said that the Director changed the policies and are no longer writing 30 milligram percocets and I cant find a new doctor.

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Azpatient Says:

I was going to go to Todd Turley to get my Oxycodone 30's but I guess he cant help me my dr office is changing and it sucks because people that have actual pain are suffering because people abuse it.

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MG Says:

My wife and I are new to the area and she is suffering from acute back, shoulder, and knee pain. We are looking for a Dr that will prescribe meds easily. Please help!

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DesperateAZPatient Says:

Why can't Todd Turley help you anymore? I am in the same boat as everyone else.

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Russty Says:

Re: J2thaZ (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I’m in need of a new pain dr. Could you please help me find a new pain dr??????

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Russty Says:

Re: Chuck (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

I need a new pain dr bad. Is there any way you could you please help????

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Meka Says:

Re: J2thaZ (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hey @J2thaZ im from Mississippi and traveling im trying to see if you any dr. there i can see ok thanx

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Meka Says:

Re: Irwin (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Hey @Irwin im from Mississippi and traveling im trying to see if you any dr. there i can see ok thanx

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Tina M Says:

Re: Phoenix girl (# 142) Expand Referenced Message

Hannah bangura won't.. Just saw her and won't go higher than 10/325 percocet.. I need higher.. They won't listen.. I have had CRPS for 11 yrs..

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Flying Unicorn Says:

Re: Alicia (# 149) Expand Referenced Message

Where are you located Alicia? I listed a good doctor some posts back as long as you have legit paperwork. I'm waiting as i write this for a real good doc also in Phoenix. My friend is supposed to text me the information today sometime. It's hard now. I know.

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Alicia Says:

I really need to find a doctor that can help. Please post back if u can give me some info.

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Tucson transplant Says:

Tucson, any Opioid PCP's around..arrived via Hurricane Katrina (05) with major injuries, 6 lumbar, 2 shoulder, 1 c- spine surgery later, posture out of wack so feet killing me also.. my script writing PCP is retiring, running out the door no recommendations except any Pain center i might choose..UGH! He's been great past 14 yrs. But leaving me hanging here.

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Jayre Says:

Re: Phoenix girl (# 142) Expand Referenced Message

Hi, hope you're happy with your doctor. After 15 yrs of pm for problems from a wall collapsing on me while shopping, after I fell hiking into a ditch, I fractured my back, it is breaking up so this will not stop. You mention Doctors who prescribed a higher dose for relief, I need 3 10 mg Oxycodone with 25 mcg fentanyl. Do you know if they'd prescribe this? I am not getting outdoors, not going to work, losing a way to have a living. If you have time please write me back. {edited for privacy}. I appreciate this. I am worried sick.

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Syn Says:

Re: J2thaZ (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Would you be so kind as to send me that list? 5 yrs ago I was shot when a guy broke into our home. I was shot 3 times and the first shot was to my head after I turned and noticed this stranger in our house. I saw it all. He then shot me 2 more times after the headshot. It was through the Grace of GOD that I am here now, but anyways the 1 to the head caused many many issues as it traversed the entire left side (mind you it penetrated the skull) of my brain until it settled in the cerebellum region of the brain. It has been such a struggle for the last 6 months. Been to several Pain Management clinics who refuse to listen to me or my Neurologist (from Barrow's Brain & Neurological, 1 of the top 5 in the country). All they want to do is push injections which my insurance refuse to pay for saying they are experimental. My Neurologist even put it in my chart and has told them over phone that they are not to do a thing regarding the head and brain but these clinics dont listen. I have been on 10s now since the shooting. At one point I was prescribed my 10s along with Fentanyl patches at 75mcg. I used them for almost a year then they just stopped helping, so on my next visit I told her not to give that to me as it was no longer working & I didnt want to have to go up because even if I doubled it I can become immune to it. She agreed & had told me I could go back anytime if needed and she would give them back since I volunteered to quit them. So anyway she ended up quitting about 4 months later. I ended up leaving that clinic and have tried several others to no avail.

I would be forever grateful for that list. Hopefully at least 1 might help me. I'm so tired of living in this pain. My own PCP said I do need a much stronger dose & he is in agreement to go back on Fentanyl (just not as high at first) but he isn't comfortable writing anything higher than 10's as he believes ANYTHING stronger would end up causing DEA to audit him & no way would he do the Fentanyl. He does the 120 10's every month but has stated if at anytime I decide that I can no longer tolerate the pain he will help me get to the right clinic. What he forgets is that he took it over because I had asked for a new referral to another clinic. I explained it all to him and he decided to take over but what makes me mad is originally when we spoke about him taking over he said no worries in a few months he would raise me up but that never happened and if I mention mine are not working like they are supposed to, he just tells me if that the case and you want higher mg he will send me to pain management. So im stuck between a rock & hard place. Please share anything you have on Dr.s that could/would help me.

{edited for privacy}

Thank you

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