Doctors Willing To Prescribe Pain Medication Spartanburg Sc Area

tamtam Says:

Buldging disk in lower back and also broke my L2 vertebrae in 2006 pain is intolerable

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Tamtam! How are you?

Due to the new regulations set forth by the DEA last year, you'll need to see a specialist to have pain medications prescribed. A general practitioner won't prescribe there for you.

However, do you currently have a PCP that could refer you to someone? If so, that might be the quickest and easiest way to find the help you need.

Can anyone recommend a good doctor in that area?

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Used up Says:

I've tried Piedmont Comprehensive Pain Management in Greenville and the dr I'm seeing cut my pain meds in half at my first visit and is threatening to not prescribe "one single pill". Despite saying they would monitor my pain levels closely over time I barely see the dr as the visits are about 60 seconds and he never asks about my pain levels or functioning. The wait times can go over 90 minutes too. They referred ma to dr Mina for a spinal stimulator and had it done 6 weeks ago. So far I'm not getting the relief I need to function. If you find a dr that will actually prescribe hydrocodone or something equally effective PLEASE post it so I can have a chance at a normal life.

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char Says:

if you have had surgery, get your surgeon to refer you to pain management along with all reports and x-rays, also any mri's.. any and anything you've got to give.

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Used Up Says:

Not much response on this thread but I thought I'd update... Tried a few more "second opinions" and received VERY terse and rude treatment by all pain management doctors I've visited with. I've been upfront and honest. Told them that my current doctor won't treat my pain, spend time finding solutions, and refusing to prescribe anything but placebos (prescription strength Ibuprofen or worse, SSRI's and other anti-depressants, promising they work wonders for their other patients) All while taking multiple UA's charged to my insurance at 15-30 times the actual cost (saw one UA charged for over $1,300). They don't even look at my MRI scans showing massive trauma to my lumbar region with several causes for moderate to severe chronic pain. Just in and out as fast as they can, treat me rudely and never stop to listen after asking how I'm doing,write a script for something I could get over the counter, order a UA, then off to the next patient while I'm still just beginning to explain my symptoms.

Medical care has gone from 20th century to the 17th century in just a few months. One nurse suggested I take anti-histamine to help relax me when I'm in severe pain. I told her why not just a shot of whiskey? She said that was a good idea. more monitored, insurance covered mild narcotic painkillers that allow me to live a semi-functional life and instead stay home drinking and taking Aleve, Tylenol, and booze until my liver fails. Apparently that counts as "pain management" now. Spoke with my primary care provider about this... she took pity and prescribed 0.5 mg Xanax for when I have panic attacks when the pain becomes so severe I have to punch holes in the wall and slam my head into a door to make the pain go somewhere other than my lower back for just a short time.

If things don't change soon I will have to end the pain the permanent way, with a bang. I'll go find a quiet, remote spot where I'll never be found so no one will have to be bothered to clean up the mess or pay for disposal. Sorry folks, America has fallen to the bottom of the pack in healthcare among all first-world countries. F*** you USA. Greed has finally taken a step too far. Fire your doctors. Fire your insurance company. Burn you're bills. screw em. good-bye and good luck.

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edgewise1 Says:

I am going to Pain Management Specialists in Spartanburg S.C. On my first visit last month I was prescribed oxycodon 10mg four times a day which is currently adequate for my needs. I suffered a spinal cord stroke in July 2012 that was a partial stroke and has left me with a lot of leg pain. I am also prescribed Lyrica and tramadol which help. But I found everyone I dealt with to be very professional and very nice. I highly recommend.

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Used up Says:

edgewise1, good luck. Maybe I'll speak with them. Careful with those Tramadols though. They nearly killed me and left me with permanent nerve damage in my right leg and hand. My doctor gave em to me even though I was on Lexapro at the time (SSRI's don't mix well with Tramadol). lot of controversy over that drug recently as doctors are writing scripts for it like crazy. Lot of deaths, poisonings. Make sure you don't mix them with one of the billions of other things out there that they shouldn't be taken with. Go on the web and search for drug interactions. That drug even just by itself has caused some people serious problems. Talk to a GOOD pharmacist about what to watch out for when taking it. Read everything you can about the drug and learn the signs of poisonings/interactions. My Dr and pharmacist dropped the ball and never caught the problem they get trained, paid and paid well to catch. I'm right handed and am learning to be left handed now thanks to that little "oops".

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jeslin Says:

I know a place in charleston area

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Emma Says:

Jeslin, I live in Charleston and go to MUSC pain management. I've had epidurals, facet injections, transforaminal injections. Now they are talking about a spinal cord stimulator (NO!!!) I go to physical therapy, stretch, pray, cry.
I'm ready to try meds that will work. Who do you suggest?

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Sherry Says:

Anyone know of a doctor willing to prescribe pain medication in Johnson City, TN? I've been dealing with neck/shoulder pain for over a year. Been to a chiropractor, acupuncturist and two medical doctors. The doctors won't prescribe anything stronger than a muscle relaxer, which doesn't give me any relief. Thank you for your help.

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Mommysuede Says:

Jeslin, who do you suggest in Charleston? I can't even walk upright and haven't slept in days

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P450 Says:


It is the FDA 120 mg. morphine equivalent and anyone stupid enough to start drinking and threaten on this forum to commit suicide needs immediate psychiatric in patient help.

This is your president causing this and it will take several years of a regular president to rectify the mess he made. Due to this raging a hole we all suffer, some will die.

I posted a list of physicians who may help various states on the main trending post for 'physician who will prescribe vicodin' it seems to get the most posters. I do post regularly on all the top posts but tomorrow hope to be seeing a physician who does write. Due to my complexity after my physician in Houston of 10 years died I had to travel to California for 5 years. I stick with one doctor but the BEST in America dumped us knowing that in our case for he only handles RARE cases that we can die.

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Teresa Says:

Can you please send me the information of the Charleston one? I would like to check in. And are they writing prescriptions OR giving Inj's.? Both have worked but the inj's. seem to make me feel at a level 5 for a week then back up gradually to 7 and 8 by week 3. So I really need both or just the medication. Thanks {edited for privacy}

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Used Up Says:

The changes aren't due to the President. In fact, the effort to reclassify opiate based painkillers, and restrict the amount physicians are allowed to prescribe began in 2000.
The Executive branch has nothing to do with decisions made by the FDA.

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P1000TheGreat Says:


The costs and your lousy economy and the manipulation of your mortgages and lives are done by Odumma don't kid yourselves.

They are!

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P1000TheGreat Says:


Any physician mixing Ultram with AD's should lose his license.

This drug was created for addicts who doctor shop number one and raises your seizure threshold so the person who thinks he had nerve damage most likely suffered a TIA or CVA.

Good God you people in this state are a bit low.

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TamTam Says:

Drs in Augusta Ga and Sc,for pain management and severe chronic pain

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Jo Says:

I am sorry to hear about your experience but it really doesn't surprise me with all the regulations we have flying around all over the place surrounding pain medication. I see it as a joke that these people call themselves pain management but yet they practically refused you the proper pain medicine to control your pain. It seems that most people could just stick with their primary care doctor if the pain management doctors do not want to even prescribe people anything for pain when they get through the doors. I think it is quickly becoming true that pain management is just another fancy term for "quack".

Most of the people working in these pain management places do not have the first clue what it is like for patients walking through the door who are actually in pain and they seldom even care. It has basically just come down to a battle between those who really need the pain management suffering because of so many going through the doors who really do not need pain management. The number of pain management centers have actually reduced a lot in the past 10 years or so because doctors simply do not want to help a patient by writing out the medicine that is actually going to reduce their pain but just give them something that does not help at all then send them on their way while running up a big medical bill at the same time. I think that there would be many others that will agree with me on that theory. One of the reasons why I am using this site is in hopes of finding someone in my area that has actually had a good experience and learning from it plus finding out if it's someone or someplace that I could benefit from as well. That being said, has anyone from North Carolina had any good experiences at all with pain management centers that they would like to share?

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Donna Says:

I'm so sorry you are having such problems, but I can truly relate. Laws have really changed regards to pain meds. Now you have to be under the care of a certified Pain Mgmt MD to get pain meds. I was recently told by my new pain mgmt MD, whom I just transferred to, that he only prescribed certain meds n that regs require a PT to have CT, MRI scans showing injury to qualify to even get meds. I've been under pain mgmt for years due to severe cerve injuries. Had 2 level herniated cervical disk sx, spinal cord implant for 4 1/2 yrs, recently removed 3 mos ago as it was not providing relief any longer, in order to obtain new MRI the SCS had to be removed. I'm having severe cervical pain causing migraine type HAs. Taking Percocet 10 3 xs day, Zanaflex 3 day, Imitrex prn etc. But still having severe brakethru pain. I've had too many blocks, radio frequency, nerve burnt count. Medicine has changed greatly thru years, but unfortunately, not for the best in regards to treating pain mgmt. Good Luck, don't give up.

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Bob Says:

Any family practioners in the Hickory, NC area that will prescribe pain meds for documented proof of injury with chronic pain?

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Batt Lady Says:

Please give the stimulators a try. One helped my pain for over three years!

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Tracy Says:

Recently moved to Charleston, SC and would like to go to a doctor that won't waste my time or money. When treating chronic pain these days, it seems that doctors are scared to write narcotics. Need local advice please.

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Larry Says:

Had bladder removed due to cancer. Knee replaced. Kneeds the other done.3,4,&5. vertebrae severe bdulging.Both rotator cups torn.blood clots due to cancer.Chronic athritis. I am miserable A walking nerve end. My Dr. is retiring Dec.31st. Please help.

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Marie Says:

I live in Spartanburg and am looking for a doctor. What was the name of the pain management clinic?

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MyaS Says:

I live in Spartanburg SC. I am from VT, but have lived here for 10 years. I've been in Pain Management treatment for 15 years. I am on a 75mcg patch, 3- 30mg morphine ir, 4- 20mg baclofen, etc, etc a day. This is a step down. Prior to the Patch, I was on 16mg of Hydromorphone ER (Dilaudid ER) a day. Yes, I'm all f****d up. It'd take a lot of space and be boring to explain. Suffice to say a trained Pain Management Doc wouldn't be prescribing this stuff unless something serious was going on! Anyway...

These meds have become a gilded cage! They DON'T take away pain. Let's just get that out there. Opiates numb out/shut off the part of your brain that panics and tells you to "Kick a$$ or RUN!!!" when something is causing you EXTREME PAIN. In that way, they also take away your motivation to rehab yourself: look at laser surgery, disc replacement, pain psychology- any number of things you might do if your PANIC was relieved and your brain not tricked by opiates. SOME people function brilliantly using opiates because the effect seems to remain very narrow and specific. Their basic MOTIVATION remains intact. Others of us become debilitated "Couch Zombies". The numbing has spilled over into ALL of MY LIFE. Due to my condition(s) it was easy to get disability. I have felt no drive to rehab myself back to work, despite loving my job. I am emotionally disconnected from my husband and my children. I feel very little about anything- except a wave of pain for what I'm missing and some desperation. I want to be myself again. I WANT to feel...even if I'm a 9 on the pain scale instead of a 6.

When I wanted to wean down on my pain meds in VT, it was no trouble at all. I was lucky enough to have a psychiatrist, the type of doc whose med school training SPECIALIZES their knowledge to rehab, recovery and pain management. He just asked me if I wanted Methadone or Suboxone to work with! I chose Methadone. It knocked me out and had such brutal side effects I quit the entire effort.

Here I am in SC, and asked my PM Doc about whether they wean people down on Suboxone/Methadone. He acted like I'd slapped him! He said, "That stuff is only for addicts. Nobody prescribes that down here!"

So, for anyone in the Greenville-Spartanburg area, is it true that "NOBODY PRESCRIBES THAT DOWN HERE" for pain management? That would make me really sad because I'm feeling SO trapped in opiate hell!

Thanks Folks

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MyaS Says:

This is a LONG TIME LATER I realize. I'm hoping you found a way to reduce your pain.

If you are in a bad situation now, have you tried Pain Management Associates on Skylynn Dr. in Spartanburg? I see their main Doctor, whose name is Rubel. All he does is Pain Management, so he's not afraid of medication. Visits are VERY brief, unless you point out having a problem. He is quick to order MRIs and other tests, and refer to specialists.

OR There is another branch of Pain Management Associates on Grove St. in Greenville. Dr. Rebecca Holdren is very smart and personable. I really liked her (but moved to Spartanburg). She had GREAT suggestions for medications. Most testing equipment/personnel are right at that facility AND they have their own pharmacy! SO convenient! That's where I'd go if I was looking for a Doc myself.

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MyaS Says:

In SC, Oak Tree Medical runs a bunch of Pain Management clinics. That is where Dr. Rubel works through, both in Anderson and Spartanburg. They have offices in Greenville and various other towns in the North Central area. I used to see Dr. Rebecca Holdren on Grove Rd, Greenville. I saw her for 10 years and thought she was awesome. She DID cut my Morphine in half when I first came from VT and I didn't blame her! At my 2nd appointment, when my drug panel results were back, she increased the meds to my usual level. In my opinion, Dr. Holdren is much better than Dr. Rubel (who sees 100 patients a day and comes in with your refills already printed--without checking in). All in all, I've never had a problem with either of them OR my Doctor in VT!

I remember when I first started Pain Management I had to go to a Psychologist who specialized in assessing risk for addiction every week, for 8 weeks, prior to the Psychiatrist (Pain Management Doctor) prescribing anything addictive. It certainly wasn't necessary to be perfect, as I am Bipolar II. Folks with Bipolar Disorder are 50% more likely to have an addiction. I was obviously still approved. So, just don't assume people walk into a Pain Clinic and are given narcotics.

Also, I think a lot of it has to do with how the patient presents him/herself. I see a lot of people get demanding, emotional and aggressive-- pushy instead of presenting the Doctor with some research you've done, or an idea you have, and asking what they think about that. For instance, I have a hereditary degenerative disorder. My father has it also. Morphine worked really well for him and still does. So, theoretically it made sense for me to start off with Morphine. I approached my Doctor like that. I didn't say, "I am in severe pain and I need you to prescribe me a REAL narcotic." Asking like that doesn't make the Doctor sympathetic about the severe pain you're in! It makes him/her worry about you drug seeking, being an addict and them losing their license.

I wish you all the best of luck. May you have relief from your pain! If you are seeking a prescriber in SC, do give Oak Tree a try!

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jay Says:

Go to any Methadone Clinic they are very easy to get in and will get your dose as high as you need and its like 13dollars a day but well worth not being in pain methadone is a c2so there you go tell these so called pain management clinics to go f there self

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Gayle Says:

+1 (864) 327-9511 Dr Rubel prescribes pain meds if needed and is a great Dr.

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Jo Says:

What is a background ck from a pain clinic? Honestly, that is total B.S.! What are they looking for exactly? No one is perfect as we all have made mistakes.

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Traci self Says:

Hi. I just had a total hip replacement in Gastonia and have 5 bulging discs in my lower back the doc will stop prescribing me pain meds in 3 weeks and send me to a pain clinic. Those docs r really good. Just wanted to say thanks for posting about the pain clinic in Gastonia. I didn't know about that one. From what I hear, not many people like the one in Shelby

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