Expiration Date Of Doxycycline

Terrie Says:

I have doxy that was mixed on 5/14/2014 by my vet. Its only a little over 30 days old and I use it for the kittens that come from our local animal control. Most have some type of infection. I just rescued 6 who need the doxy, is it still good?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Terrie! How are the little fur faces?

This is an antibiotic, so it doesn't become dangerous after the expiration, but it does start to lose effectiveness and the problem with that is the risk of antibiotic resistance. I'd suggest double checking with your veterinarian, I'd think it should be safe, but since I'm not entirely familiar with the use of medications in animals, I'm reluctant to say definitively.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Lejeus Says:

While I have not yet discovered the answer to your question, the previous reply is completely incorrect, some antibiotics (including doxy) will harm you past their expiration date:

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Hanna Says:

Doxy is different. Tetracycline becomes toxic to the kidneys. Do NOT use after expiration date.

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Moses Says:

Is it still safe for me to consume doxycycline hyclate pills after 5 months of it being prescribed? Assuming it is not safe, what will happen if consumed?

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