How Long After Taking Kratom Can You Take Suboxone

Emily Says:

Hi I have been on suboxone for four weeks, before that I was on methadone for five years. I decided to try kratom to stop the suboxone but it isn't really doing much and I feel really lethargic and headaches. I took about 4-5gram of kratom at 8am, it's now 1:40pm"..I want to take some suboxone, will I get sick? Precipitated withdrawals? I've seen some people say they take suboxone after kratom and are fine, but, there isn't much out there on the topic. I just don't wanna get sick for I have a three ur old boy and Christmas is in two days

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Emily Says:

I got no response but ended up taking 2mg suboxone at 2:30 and was fine...took another 1mg a little later and still fine...just a bit of a headache but I always get that from sunoxone

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Woody Says:

It seems like no one can really answer the questions. I think cannabis is the best pain killer for a suboxone patient and ex opiate addict. The switching back and forth is too risky . Trust me

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Recoveryandpaincare Says:


It's exceedingly unhealthy to transition and bounce back and forth between these powerful medications. Kratom is fairly new in the use as an adjunct to a detoxification protocol. Although this herb/plant has been used for hundreds of years overseas praised for its cns stimulant properties, many derive benefits for many conditions including pain management. As for methadone and suboxone/subutex they can have effects for years following cessation. Protracted Withdrawal syndrome is a phenomenon where brain chemistry has a difficult time returning to a pre opiate use state. These can include headache, lethargy, fatigue and GI distress to name a few. These are just a few examples of why trained medical providers are recommended when use of opioid replacement therapy is considered. I hope this gives you some perspective into the complexity of issues that MAY be encountered when treatment commences. I wish you the best.

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David Says:

Glad to hear that you're doing well Emily... I agree with Woody's comment on the lack of feedback, possibly due to the unregulated nature of kratom and how it interacts with pharmaceuticals. However, one thing I can say from personal experience with kratom is that if you took it at 8am it would've at least been on it's tail end of "working" 6 hours later; so odds are whatever interaction it could've had is prone to be negligible in my opinion. There's also a lot of research on PubMed relating to cannabis and pain relief, but I would actually argue that kratom is a better pain reliever by up to 50% or more in my own personal judgement/experience; so maybe synergism is the answer there? Nevertheless, it's always nice to hear about others finding success in the realm in natural alternatives.

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Smith Says:

Kratom is a relatively new drug in the US and Europe. It is the popular name for a tree and the drug comes from its leaves. It is often used as an anti-diarrheal medicine and a painkiller but has other uses as well. Kratom is heavily promoted as a legal, safe drug that can be used to come off stronger drugs.

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Caleb Says:

I take kratom with suboxone and I just started suboxone... Just to try it n see if helpful but I like kratom more for opiate detox I've been doing really good just get the kratom dose right and you'll be golden pony boy! Ps- if u haven't tried the 8mL kratom extract you should, way better than any other form except the tea. May the Creator Bless you and ST. Michael Protect you in your Battle.

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twodogs Says:

I have been on 8 milligram Suboxone for 4 month and taking Kratom with it I have no ill effects except for you need a lot larger dose of the kraton to feel relief from pain

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Funyun Says:

Too risky for what
You said switching from kratom to sub would be too risky and cannabis is better. What did you mean it's too risky. What is

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Zoey2017 Says:

Hey, twodogs...
Just wondering how it's going with taking the Kristi and Suboxone. I am considering trying Kratom for the first time. I also am on 4mg of Suboxone a day. I do not want to get sick of U mix the two of them. So, just wanted Ted to check in with you and how your experience has been since March? Any advice would be so appreciated.

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Skateboard hed Says:

I have been using kratom everyday for about four months and stoped could turkey for three days , but today I took 2 mg of suboxon and planned on just doing 2 mg for three more. Day will this help? Or make it worse

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BluntTruth Says:

Worse...look and I've noticed no one understands or answers the question right...It is "can you take sub with kratom in your system?" I just took kratom 2 hrs ago and i'm willing to bet if i take a sub i will get WDs but no one has answered this question yet. If you aren't ahead don't comment b/c you're giving bad advice if you don't have personal experience.

8 am kratom dose it is out of your system if you took the sub at 2:30 pm ... that is, you were fine but i have yet to see anyone say they took kratom. It wasn't working so they took suboxone, not subutex, an hour later.. Of course subutex is, fine it doesn't have the blocker naloxone in it. I seen one person on another forum say naloxone was just to make sure you couldn't break the suboxone pill down and do anything with it like abuse it.... Well that is bs. I take suboxone every day just about, and the naloxone is so you cant abuse anything else, like you won't feel, it so what is the point... That is what naloxone/blocker does....

Editor's note: We do not verify the credentials of our users and nothing stated is intended to be medical advice.

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Joel Says:

Re: BluntTruth (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

4sure! I'm gonna try it myself tonight/tomorrow so I will be able to answer. Will do my last H in a bit then dose on kratom after about 10-12 hours then the sub 6-8 hours after that. Hopefully I don't go into PW or some crazy stuff. I will be able to answer based on my experience.

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Shrink Says:

Re: BluntTruth (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Naloxone is an opioid blocker but is ONLY activated by IV administration. It is not absorbed (or activated) when taken orally. It was added in the US to prevent IV use of Suboxone.

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Chase702 Says:

Re: Emily (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Also, confirm it's safe. My rule of thumb is if I dont feel the "kratom" buzz or something resembling that, then my assumption is that the sub "out-bonded" (one can say) the kratom. Or my stuff is bunk...unlikely.

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Mike Says:

Just took 2 mg of Suboxone after dosing Kratom for 3 days. My last dose of K was 3 hours ago. Wish me luck!

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Rob Says:

Suboxone kicks the opiate off of your mu receptors. Kratom does not bind with my receptors. I have been running out of subs early every month. Normally a week early. I tried Kratom for the first time 3 months ago. It is more of a phsycological fix kinda like a placebo. It helps withdrawal symptoms in the morning with the first dose and it will help your apitite and sleep and chills but at night it seems not to help so much. It's l8le the first high of the day. You can really feel the first high of the day but the rest aren't as good. You won't go through precipitated withdrawal using kratom and subs together. I have been using them together for months now.The energy boost from the Kratom works nice with the subs. The only way you can get precipitated withdrawal using subs is you have to be addicted to a substance to the point that you suffer without them. If you don't suffer withdrawal during periods of abstinence you can't get precipitated withdrawal. Being said. If you aren't addicted to kratom how can you withdrawal from it. Understand?

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James Says:

Hello Emily, hope your ok. Not real educated on kratom, but just to state a fact it has opiate properties. I've read that it takes 4 to 6 hours for the effects to wear off, so just to be safe I would at least wait the 6 to 6 and a half hours before I'd try it. Nobody wants a case of the precipitated withdrawals. It would be nice to have some actual clinical trials on kratom. I've heard it's a very versatile substance. God bless and good luck.

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Jenn Says:

Re: Joel (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

You need to stop the H bro or all of your plans will fail. As a user for over 20 yrs and now clean for the past 6, if you're still taking H you really need to start your road to sobriety by quitting that first. Mixing all these medications without knowledge of possible interactions is a death wish and you sound as if you are still very interested in getting a better high. Your hypothesis will be null as the H isn't part of what people are asking about. If you do take H before trying out Suboxone with Kratom to report the results, your info will be invalid as H is a component of the original question. Look up the scientific method to learn about basic research procedures, so you can report your results in a way everybody can understand. Lots of good info!!!

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Streetpunk Says:

From personal experience, like today and yesterday, I have found that taking suboxone after ingesting kratom did not have any ill effects. My friend has been taking kratom continuously for about 2 weeks and had taken some yesterday during the day. My friend got to my place at about 9pm last night and had 8mg of suboxone over a two- three hour period throughout the night. They actually ended up taking more suboxone than he/she usually does, whereas I am on suboxone 20mg, full time for 4 months so far. My last dose of subs was on Wednesday, and so Saturday is when I chose to take kratom, when I was starting to feel withdrawals from the subs. I took a lot (50g) of kratom over a 2-3 hour period (red Bali), which was such a nice treat to be able to feel. (Been an opiate addict for 10 years and am 4 months clean on suboxone with no slip ups) so this kratom was a super nice treat. Anyway my last dose of kratom was this morning at about 12:30pm (morning for me) like maybe 5g (just the leftovers in the bags from last night) and I took an Ativan. Slept all day... got up and took my 20mg of suboxone around 7:30 and I feel fine. I feel great actually. (It’s been an hour since I took the subs) And I asked my friend, who said they had taken kratom maybe 2-3 hours before they dosed the subs, and did not experience any withdrawals; though they did need to take more subs than usual to get a proper effect. So yeah, first-hand review from 2 people in slightly different circumstances but very different tolerance levels...yet still associated with the question asked. I hope this info helps. Curious to know how it goes for you. You should be fine.

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Chris Says:

Re: BluntTruth (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Hey, so I read ur post and I can help u out. So I recently read about kratom also and had ordered quite a bit. I am also on suboxone as well, so I read some stuff that said it was cool to take it. So I did and honestly no withdrawal at all, but also u barely feel s***. One time I felt a positive feeling of well being. Idk if it was in my head or what but it felt good. I've been chasing that feeling takin a tablespoon at a time which is like 10 grams and nothing from what everyone says is u def would so I'm guessing it blocks it. I wish I knew how long I had to be off it for it to work but I just can't get myself to go without taking the sub. S***s rough lol. But that's what I've experienced. And oh yeah btw whoever said naloxone is for not being able to abuse suboxone or whatever is straight wrong. Naloxone is a blocker so u do not use other opiates and will put u in withdrawals if u use other opiates. Just get ur facts straight. But tomorrow im gonna take some more kratom. If u want to talk and get more info {edited for privacy} maybe we can help each other out on some questions. Thanks.

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