I Am Looking For A Dr In Southern Texas Around Galveston County Houston Tx Area That Is Willing To Prescribe Lortab Soma Restoril Ms Contin Etc

nomorepain Says:

Looking for pain mgnt Dr in galveston county or Houston TX that will subscribe 180 10 me hydrocodone soma lyrica restoril & ms contin. Please help me a as I will be moving there soon. I was in a major accident with an 18 wheeler back in 2000. Now I'm on disability.

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Robin Says:

I realize this is almost a year ago but if you look up HillCountry Pain (not sure if they are around your area or not, I know they are in San Antonio and have 4 other offices elsewhere) They are awesome as Long as you follow the rules and pass your UA's. Have helped me for over 2 years!! In fact I have asked to be cut back from some of the meds myself!! Haven't been able to say that ever!!! They seriously have saved my sanity and quality of life!!

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Bud Says:

Looking for doctor in New orleans, La. area that is willing to prescribe meds of pain management. was most recently taking 10/320 norco although they did not work as good as they used to. I have scoliosis and degenerative disc in the lumbar region.

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Leslie Says:

I'm looking for a pain dr that will prescribe norcos or Vicodins and somas! I had cancer twice and at 20 they had to amputate my left arm, so needless to say I have a curved spine and I'm 58 and it's not getting any better so I need a dr bad! The pain is horrible in my back and all the Drs I see want to do some kind of surgery and I no that will just make it worse for me! My right arm is worn out and hurts me a lot! It never gets much rest my right arm! So I need a dr in the league city, friendswood, pearland, Alvin or Galveston, Texas areas! I hope someone can help me. I'm desperate! If u can help hit at my email.....{edited for privacy} thanks and God bless!

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