Im On Loratab 10 Ms Cotin And Phenagran Diagnosed With Chronic Pain Now I Had To Go The Er Due To Vomiting My Doctor Wouldnt Fill Meds

desperate chronic pain women Says:

I need my medication. can't go a month without them. the er doctor wrote for phenegran and 20 5mg lortabs. I call his office 3x' s and the on call dr. never call bk so im being punished for it. what do I do? I don't dr shop. I feel the people who need this are getting punished for the one's who are doing it to feel high. I need help now

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Verwon Says:

I'm sorry, but your post is not very clear.

Why did the ER doctor prescribe the Lortab and is your own doctor refusing to prescribe or just hasn't returned your phone calls?

It would be easier to help you with more details.

These medications carry the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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chaos Says:

did you fill the controlled meds wriiten by the er dr? that could be a problem w/any pain contract u may have had. even if you filled them you should ve taken the bottle of 12-20 pills to the dr to clear any doubt; however this has happened to me but my dr knew i wasnt dr. shopping at all. i usually tell the ER doc i cannot /will not accept any RX s for any controlled meds because i am on this PM contract,your best bet is to get the meds while in er's care. These days this is the new normal w/docs. fairly enough your primary could have written 1 month meds giving you time to find another proveider/or pm, knowing damn well wehat patients go through when they have to suffer off of meds-- i ve been fired be

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