Looking For A Sub Dr.that Takes New Patients. Im Self Pay

janie Says:

My Dr closed his doors due to illness, suddenly. I have been on prescription pain mares for 9 years. Where can I find a sub Dr near 25411,. Or winchester va Or hagerstown md? Can someone please help me!

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Verwon Says:

There is a directory you can use at the website, Suboxone.com that will help you find doctors in you area that provide treatment with it. It also includes their contact information so you can check which ones are taking new patients, price of treatment and etc.


Did your doctor recommend a new doctor for you to see?

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janie Says:

No he didn't, sadly they told me to check the yellow pages!

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lll44 Says:

Hi, did u ever find any1? I live near u and have been looking for a dct to cont. My pain meds but have had no luck. A friend said sub might be way to go bc I've been on percocet on + off for 11 yrs due to a car accidne t+ life long injuries.. any chance u know of any dcts w/in an hour?? Thanks and good luck

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Nickels Says:

If you have a ride the closest place I know is Baltimore. I go to Dr.Posner and I get a months worth at a time. I know it's like an he away from Hagerstown but its worth it.

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lll44 Says:

Thanks, u get sub? What's his 1st name I searched a few came up.. Or u have #?

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janie Says:

Hi try fulton behaviorial health, dr shapiro, its in mcconaldsburg

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janie Says:

Dr shapiro is amazing! 7174856120

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katt Says:

agree 100%! he is a great dr and person, he doesnt judge or look down on anyone!

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