Lorazepam Generic For Ativan

Jack Says:

Does this 2 mg lorazepam manufactured by Watson and the same pill manufactured by Qualitest have the same inactive ingredients?

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NashvilleBound Says:

I was put on the qualitest(so)? brand and after I've been on Watson for years - the Qualitest is a placebo to me. it does NOT work for me.

my pharmacist at Rite- aid said they're all the same and I said no they're not and he said that they can't order Watson when they want anymore due to some bogus reason.
I think he's lying.
I am
willing to call the new company of who makes watson and ask them if that's true or not and if I can get a list of chain pharmacies carry Watson - as their main brand and switch pharmacies.
why bother fighting with somebody who obviously hasn't been on anxiety medication but yes there is a difference in all generic manufactures.

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Charlotte Says:

I want to know if generic pills are the same as brand names

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David Says:

Hi Charlotte,

Generic pills and brand name pills contain the same "active" ingredients, but I'm finding more often than not, that they each tend to use different sets of "inactive" ingredients (binders/fillers).

Judging from a lot of feedback I've seen here on MedsChat, certain binders and fillers seem to affect bioavailability at a noticeable level in patients who may be accustomed to more consistency in the efficacy of their pain meds.

So in terms of active ingredients, generics and brands are the same. However, in terms of inactive ingredients and what works best, it's widely debatable.

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Katy Says:

I've had to go to ER 3x recently because the Qualitest .5mg Lorazepam (which CVS substituted for the Mylan brand .5mg Lorazepam without telling me) did not counteract my loss of strength I have due to weakened lungs, nor did it arrest and reverse me from collapsing- buckled knees, hyperventilation, high blood pressure, etc. I will never take Qualitest again. I've been on Mylan Lorazepam for years and only need .5mg for emergencies- one small .5mg tablet of the Mylan brand arrests and reverses my collapse and keeps me from having to take an expensive ambulance ride and go to ER. 1 mg of Pfizer's Lorazepam given to me intravenously at the ER this past Sunday did arrest and reverse my symptoms. However, that's double what it normally takes. The less you take of Ativan or its generic Lorazepam, the better. This is a very dangerous drug for the human body to absorb, that's why it's important I keep my dosage low. It can cause brain damage, memory loss and/or mental retardation. I do suffer short-term memory loss after taking only .5mg, so that is why I save it for absolute emergencies, rather than use it as a preventative.

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Karen Says:

I received a new pill for my generic ativan and am nervous to take it. I've been taking ativan periodically for several years and am wondering about this new generic version...

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