Mirapex - Restless Legs

dive4less Says:

I have been taking mirapex for about 6 years for restless legs - just within the past week I was given samples of mirapex er - so far I have not been able to sleep for the second night in a row - legs are very jumpy

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Verwon Says:

Is it the same dosage as the one you have already been on?

The ER stands for Extended Release, this means that the amount of medication in the tablet is slowly released over a certain period of time, rather than all at once. This means, that if they are the same dosage, you might not be getting enough of the medication, at once, to control your symptoms.

Have you reported this to your doctor, yet?


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NightwalkerinKC Says:

Mirapex ER is not approved for treatment of RLS. I would recommend calling your Dr and getting back on the regular Mirapex

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daisy Says:

I had to change from mirapex .50 mg to extended release .75 mg. My neurologist said you have to take a higher dose of the mirapex ER because it's in the system all the time and not the concentrated lower dose just at night. I had a few rough nights, but it's helping greatly now.

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tammy hodges Says:

i have used meripax for yrs and now he3alth choice ssaid its not FDA approved and i really need it for RLS. can any one help me ??????????????

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eileen Says:

I was just wondering-- I went for surgery two times now and went into complete heart block both times --- not able to perform surgery----any one has the same experience? is there a connection with the Mirapex?

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Ellie Says:

Does anyone know why there is a shortage of mirapex .25 generic made by Zydus?

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Ann Says:

I was dx with RLS 8+ years ago and was given multiple generics including prampaxiole, gabapentin, patches no help. Finally a young neurologist wrote for Mirapex (not generic) which worked for a while at .75 mg hs then several years down the road you have to up the dose. Went from .75 mg then added 25 mg for some help. Switched to .75 mg ER which was great help for months taken at 6 pm daily- drug takes longer for effectiveness. Now up to 1.75 mg ER with no pain breakthrough in months. Optum Drug plan denies coverage, the drug is very expensive BUT IT WORKS. A pharmacy in Lakeland Florida called Eagle Pharmacy had a program with the drug mfg and sells the RX for $30.00 per mo. THEY ARE WONDERFUL TO DEAL WITH AND MANY PTS CANNOT AFFORD $650.00 monthly for one RX. EAGLE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

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Dimples Says:

I take Mirapex .75 mg at night. I am going on a long trip with my family (12 hour drive). About an hour into the trip I will be going crazy as my restless leg will be acting up. Can I take an extra .50 mg and still take my dosage at mi

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