Names Of Doctors Who Easily Prescribe Anxiety And Pain Medications New Jersey

suzie Says:

I live in central new jersey, and lost my dr. of 10 years. I did 5 years in physical therapy for some issues. I am now forced to leave my dr. and desperately need another immediately. I need him/her to prescribe my xanax and restart my pain pills. I will be out of xanax in a week. Please help me find a doctor who will easily prescribe these medications.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Suzie! How are you?

Why are you leaving your current doctor?

Due to the new regulations that were put in place, if you require such medications on a long-term ongoing basis, you'll need to see specialists.

Can anyone recommend good doctors in that area?

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Suzie Says:

Had to leave her because we became personal friends and she has become way too involved in my life. It's complicated but this leaves me in an awful position. Besides the xanex and pain meds I also have other drugs i.e.blood pressure,psycotropic,etc. I need these drugs and spent 5 years in a nursing facility in a wheelchair, before I was released about 5 or 6 years ago. I must have a Dr. willing to prescribe these drugs ASAP. I live in central NJ. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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bettyboop Says:

doctors are so afraid to prescribe. We need to get together as sick people and sign petitions and get them to our congressmen bc we are being punished by new laws that were put in effect bc of the actions of some crooked doctors and addicts. The doctors are just protecting themselves but cant help us unless we stand up for them and the restrictions the govt keeps putting on them. My pain dr. just explained this to me. He says change starts with us, the sick people. Instead of complaining we really need to rally together to fight this crap. I am not sure how to begin though to do this and too sick to sit and research it. Is anyyone out there educated that can help us get something going through petitions to stop penalizing legitimate doctors and sick patients. Because in the end, that is what the government is doing.

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suzie Says:

Hi Betty-haven't you figured it out yet? It's about money ,money, and more money. When I got out of the physical therapy place, I was amazed my friends and even total strangers were asking what I was taking, and offering vast amounts of money to buy them. A woman told me she pays her rent and utility bills on what she makes. This is not a young kid. She is a grandmother. Naturally, if the Doctor isn't hooked himself (and that is common) if he prescribes his patients what they want, his practice will prosper). So after all that babbling where does that leave us? Up s***s creek.I don't know the answer. I only know that in my quest to find the help I need, I pray there is a medium ground that would help. Thanks Betty, I have an appointment in a couple weeks, wish me luck.

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suzie Says:

I had just realized that general and internal medicine doctors are less likely to prescribe what we need. It is the specialists that we need to utilize. Now, I am talking about those of us who genuinely need these medicines. So, in response to Vernon, I think you have a point. Right now, my PCP is in the process of trying to withdraw me a small amount each month. Now really, I don't know about anyone else, but anyone who is trying to self withdraw has got a long rough way to go. (scenario-Feeling crappy,only supposed to take one, take one, still feel crappy, pace around, watch tv, yes, even call someone STILL FEEL CRAPPY-TAKE THE DAMNED PILL!!!!! FEEL BETTER. Uh oh. Don't have enough for the week. Still have physical pain and a mental disorder. Why did they create these pills if not for people who need them? It's very hard to know where to draw the line. But meanwhile, I have a PCP, who after my being on these meds for over 15 years,(5 in physical therapy)has decided to take me off because she's afraid of the FDA. Well, at least I vented.Peace to all

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desiree Says:

Im looking for a small family practice, a doctor that can continue giving me my perscriptions for my pain 10mg oxycodone and my anxiety 1mg zanex and my depression medication. I have horizon nj health blue cross blue sheild. I live in glassboro nj area and really need to find a doctor. Can anyone help me??

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suzie Says:

Hey vernon and bettyboop all is finally right with me, though of course I don't know how long it will last. As Vernon suggested, I have good physical reason to see a specialist. It took a lot of research and phone work but all is well with me now (as much as is possible). Thanks for responding and I wish you all happy holidays

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The Life of a Chronic Pain Patient Says:

Hi bettyboop (& everyone) I've already written letters to my legislators who represent my District & also to the Congress & to Pres. O'Bama. Finally,this topic has come to the surface on the Internet, which is a good thing. I just searched "chronic pain patients, rights" or something close to that. There's multiple sites that come up. There's even one where you can just type an email, put in your zip code, and it will auto tell you who your representatives are & email them your petition letter & it's free. There is a option to have your email printed out, & hand delivered for a $3.00 charge but you don't have to do that. I did both. Your right & unfortunately, so is your Dr., unless we ALL do SOMETHING about what's going on, all of us who really need medication to give us some sort of quality to our lives, are quickly going to find ourselves bedridden with NO medication & NO QUALITY OF LIFE AT ALL! There is also another site where ANYONE can start a could do it on your cellphone while lying in bed!! I encourage any and all who read this to please, try to do something. I know it's not easy when you're not well & in terrible pain, it's hard to do anything! But that's what's great about these issues finally being talked about and on the Internet, I did my letters to my Reps, Congress & to Pres. O'Bama lying in my bed on my heating Pad ! The link below is another option. It's to it's the site where you can start your own Petition and it gets circulated to the thousands of members to read and sign via email. It is up to US to stand together and make our voices heard. Good luck to everyone facing this terribly unfair & very scary situation!!

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desiree Says:

Doctors that will prescribe my pain, anxiety, and depression medications in Gloucester county new jersey? Please help me find a doctor.

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trixie Says:

@Suzy, I have a great dr in central jersey who is liberal because that's her specialty. I can't go back because something personal happened, but others can go to her. I am looking for another liberal doctor in central jersey. Please do not put personal email or pH # it will be edited. However you can post the dr name and phone number

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denschwindt Says:

Yes I agree with you. We all need to rally up and fight this because even though I understand the rules that are applied to the dr's I dont agree with them. Theres always gonna be a bad apple who will mess things up for the rest of the bunch (bad apple meaning people who abuse these meds and get the dr's in trouble because they overdose or get sick) there are many of us who take their meds properly and who are being persecuted and its not right. I have m.s. and it took me going through 3 or 4 dr's before I was finally able to get something that actually helped the pain. Unfortunately the only thing that works is narcos, these nerve meds dont work I.e. cymbalta, neurontin, theres others but you know what I mean. I started getting a rep as a dr shopper and being blacklisted and thats BS... if the dr's I was seeing would have used a better approach to my pain I wouldnt of had to look for other dr's but because of these rules applied to the dr's by the gov and dea, ect....a lot are just afraid to or just refuse to prescribe narcos. Now I been with the same dr for like 6 yrs with no problems....the only probs I get at times are insurance of course freakin vulchers, anyway thats another topic. Lets step up and fight. It's the only way to make things better...

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Samantha Says:

Does any one know what type of doctor I can see in the area of chronic pain? I am with a excellent group in Southwest Florida who prescribe me pain medication and Xanax . The problem is I'm moving back to South Jersey and don't want to travel to Florida for my next visit. I'm seen every three months. I have homes in both area so I am a resident of Florida. I've never abused my medication or failed a drug panel. Yet I'm reading how it is almost impossible to find a doctor willing to prescribe narcotics. Which I need for multiple conditions. Surgery isn't a option for me. I wanted to be seen by an Internist to give me a complete medical checkup in Manahawkin NJ area. One who is compassionate to true chronic pain. I seriously don't care if they change my medicine as I have already requested several steps down From the Opana ER which I was originally taking. Just found out it causes severe wrinkles on upper arms and neck! Read it in a post, after I noticed my arms (upper) getting wrinkles! I would be happy to just have something to help this constant pain! Yet I will settle for something not so addictive as the opiates. Would an Internist or regular primary care doctor treat conditions of chronic pain, fibro and disc /back problems? I don't like having to go to a pain management doctor. Nor could I at this point as I'm still technically a patient in Florida. However I do need to be seen by a doctor for symptoms I'm experiencing now. This is a situation I can't wait until I feel better for to see my group back in Florida as I'm too weak to even fly.

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help Says:

what's this doctors name? I'm am in central jersey and ran out of script & doctor retired :(

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ava Says:

Hello trixie, can you give me the name of this dr. My bf desperately needs to find a liberal pain management doctor, he has a fractured disc among many other problems with his back, he needs a dr whose not afraid to prescribe pain meds, please help

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Valerie Says:

Hi my name is Valerie and I agree we should rally together and I'm educated but in the same situation, without a doctor and I'm in terrible pain too and past two months in NJ searching and getting a little bit here and there and doing everything I'm supposed to but these pain doctors r just afraid to prescribe and we the sick r the ones that r suffering because of crooked docs and patients pretending to have pain but in reality are there to get them to sell to kids for 30$ a pill ! So I am willing to help do this but don't know exactly how to go about ! But has anyone else replied and have u found a doctor by the way !? Please let me know how u r and if anything ever got started with this idea cause its a very good one and I see so many people on here who r suffering and can't find doctors so we all need to get together and sign some petition and get these laws changed for the same of us all to live the rest of our lives not in pain, unhappy and miserable ! Life's too short and I'll be 50 December 27 so I've been going thru this since I was 17 yrs old due to a drunk driving accident I and my boyfriend were passengers in! He was killed and I was left with numerous INJURIES, bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments, crushed my pelvis, pubic bone, tore bladder, and crushed rt femur, rt knee with pins and rod in rt tubia and broke both ankles with pins on both sides of both ankles and have had pain and was told I'd never walk, my leg was going to be amputated, and my poor Mom, turned white within that first week ! Well she and my poor Dad who used to cry over my injuries, lost school and life delayed or destroyed ! Now I have arthritis set in the joints and the pain is worse so I truly understand! Please write back! Good luck! Love and friends.

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

Sounds like you both violated the AMA's Canon of Ethics and a few state laws and regs with Force of Law. Your doc had the good sense to pull out, hopefully, in time. Who let him into your life, anyway? Could have been both of you. Was his doc professionally disciplined or had his S Reg limited or suspended? Don't put this all on the doc. On the other hand, I fired a Resident or two for that very same offense, but they're smart enough to not bring Controlled substances into the equation. You want a new doc who will prescribe for you IMMEDIATELY. Except for the "Dr. Feelgoods," you won't find any such ethical practitioners. The only times I've even do so is if I get a call from a trusted non-MD colleague (Psy.D.., PhD, Master Social Worker with the ASCW that signifies administrative qualifications), I have to know these guys and trust them.

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Valerie Says:

Dr Joey, are you talking to me? Saying my doctor pulled out at the fight time ! I did nothing wrong ! I was in a terrible accident where I was badly injured in all the places I stated and my boyfriend was killed in this accident as we were passengers and wers hit by drubk driver ! Doctors had me on and off pain killers anxiety meds ,muscle relaxers and Lyrica in the last few years together with klonopin, 1mg 4 X daily,ms Contin 100,2 tabs 2 X daily,opana 10 mg 4 X daily,Tizanidine 4mg 2 tabs 4 X daily and 275 mg Lyrica 3 X a day ! Now this is what I had been on for the last 15 months,up to Aug bug trying to find someone to prescribe this amount if medicine has become impossible and I don't need that much morphine as I started to take 2 a day of the 100 mg MS Contin,needed the lyrica and muscle relaxers at higher dose as I said but klonopin I could get by on 1 mg every 8 hrs instead of four a day and could probably get by on 1 mg klonopin 2 X a day but no doctor wants to work with me and I did nothing wrong to the original docgor prescribing these meds as I was hospitalized for a fall and my blood pressure being high and low and the hospital decided upon themselves I was on too much medication and scared the doctor who was prescribing this for me and his secretary stated it was not my fault but the hospital here scared him of losing his license for prescribing me too much so when I went to him Aug 28 2015 for my appointment and he only gave me 2 60 mg MS Contin a day 2 75 mg Lyrica, 3 a day or 4 a day of 4 mg Tizanidine, xanex 1 mg 2 X a day which was not changed from klonopin to xanax during my hospital stay so obviously there was lack of communication with the doctors in the hospital to my doctor and he said he couldn't prescribe anymore then that now with no explanation to me so no I haven't done anything wrong here nor was my doctor but he was scared somehow by the Jersey hospital while he's located in Staten island and now I can't find a doctor to help ,even my PC doctor has helped a few times but sent me to some very rude Dr Ted Freeman who doesn't talk to u ,he talks to his tale recorder and walks out of the room before finishing and was very rude and after hearing the amount of medicine I was on gives me 30 10 mg percocet for the next 2 weeks until I was to come back which I did and was honest with him and told him I couldn't get by with my arthritis and back and pelvic and knee pain so my PC doctor gave me 24 60 mg MS Contin to be taken 3 a day for the 8 last days until I saw him and she prescribed my other meds ! Well I guess he didn't like that I couldn't just get by on his 30 little percocet and said id have to go to a pain psychologist before he could treat me so I'm now in a bad position and don't know what or where to go and u guys consider it doctor shopping if I go to try to find a doctor ? Well how am I supposed to find someone without going to them and seeing how they treat me ,with respect hopefully that I deserve and to see how they are willing to help me so how should I go about finding a new pain management doctor ? Without shopping for one based solely on their ads all making them out to be so wonderful and then u take the whole day to get there and back ,filling out papers ,etc and then they say they can't help or can only give maybe one of those meds after I have with my previous Staten island doctor found that combination of meds works for me period ! So until I get a name and go to the doctor, I can NOT EVEN find out what he can do to help and now it looks like I'm Dr shopping as I said Dr Joey ! Can u give me some advice Dr. Joey or can ANYONE HELP ME find a doctor in NJ or Staten island and tell me what to do and I can help u with some names of doctors who helped me in the past in Jersey and Staten island who I saw yrs ago and had stopped going for DIFFERENT reasons a few yrs ago ? But now if u have someone, stay with them as there doesn't seem to be any better DOCTORS now and they r more afraid to prescribe to people who have genuine pain ! Thank you and good luck to u all and I still don't know what u r implying Dr. Joey ? Love Valerie - Good luck my fellow friends in pain. I'm sorry and I sure know what you are going through ! XOXOXO

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

Obviously, I wasn't aware of al the "litigators" in your case and for this I apologize. Sometimes we KNOW our stories so well that we think every medical professional should. My sister, an attorney with no shortage of ego, had an appointment with a doc and when asked why he should prescribe Dilaudid, her response was, "Well, my big brother, Dr. Joey is Chief of Psychiatry .... and professor of pharmacology at ....." The doc did call me. he was a new and he was nervous about calling me. I told him that I'd have done the same thing. How about a note from me if the implications of her story were true? Or, even better, why didn't I or one of my hospital's docs write the damned scripts? I'm so sorry about your injuries and LT pain. Look into hospital programs in NY — there's the Robert Woods Johnson Memorial Hospital, I only know that they have excellent psychiatric care but I've never herd a negative word about the overall quality of care.

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H kitty Says:

For the meds you are on you need to find a pain management dr. I also live in nj and with nj horizon which is medicaid most drs wont take. I know my dr in particular who is pain management only take private insurance. And it took me 2 yrs to find her but with those meds the withdrawal is horrible.good luck.

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Valerie Says:

Trixie if you're still looking for a doctor, or ANYONE WHO needs a few names I know of some who will help you and I'm having the craziest time in my life finding someone! I live in Monmouth county NJ but will go to central, north or south jersey or Staten Island too if need be as it's only really 45 min from me and I know someone there too so PLEASE IF SOMEONE Could HELP ME I can help you too! USUALLY I would just help SOMEONE right away all my life but I need some help today. Details about my condition are noted in previous posts in this thread. But as you guys all know, like me, you NEED YOUR MEDICATION besides inj's. and it seems like all these doctors tell u is they don't give meds and ONLY give inj's. which they put u under anesthesia which they must get a hell of alot more money for that then an office visit where they write a couple of prescriptions so now I'm down to like 7 ms contin 60 mg 2A day only with nothing in between and that's all the last doctor gave me so I really need to find someone else quick ! The way its going to looks like I'll be sick for Christmas and my 50 birthday on the 27 th of December so PLEASE SOMEONE HELP IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE WHO CAN DO BETTER THEN THIS Dr. Sharma whom I read was one of the top doctors in NJ but he's not helping me on just that small dose ! I know that's better then none but my body is just used to more and I'm constantly in pain, can hardly walk, stay in the house all the time and am always in and out of withdrawal on top of it ! Thanks for reading and I promise you, I can give some names who I KNOW can HELP YOU! God bless and hope whoever is reading has found some relief ! Love always and friends in pain unfortunately, but I truly understand and appreciate ANY HELP, Val xoxoxo

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Nick Says:

Re: trixie (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Hi. Can you refer ne to a anxiety and pain Dr. I'm having so much trouble!

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darrin Says:

I need a Dr. in n.j. that will prescribe klonopin. My doctor retired without any warning. Now I don't know where to go. Can someone help me?

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Monroe Says:

Can anybody point me in the right direction to get prescribed Xanax in south jersey please

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Patrice Says:

Hi Suzie Why didn’t your doctor give you the name of a pain Management MD? You should be fine if you have your medical records showing what medications your on and copies of MRI’s etc. What you should do is call her office to get your records and let her know she needs to refer you to
A specialist ASAP. Let us know how your doing

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De Says:

I live in Morris County NJ and am currently on NJ Family Healthcare Horizon. I have many medical issues and love my dr. He has always treated me with respect. I take anxiety meds, 2 1mlg a day plus Ambien. I went for refills on Thursday and was told he would only refill my script for Clonzapem for one month and gave me a final script for five days for Ambien. None of my friends have had a problem with their Drs as I'm not in any opioids. He told me if I want my anxiety meds to go to a psychiatrist. He says laws are prohibiting him from prescribing. Is this true? He also said good luck finding a psychiatrist that accepts your ins. What do I do know? I've been on these meds for three years and have horrible anxiety. I didn't think the new laws pertained to clonzapim.

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Teresa Says:

I live in Wayne, Nj. I take clonazepam at night to sleep, but lately for anxiety as well. Can you refer me to a doctor in my area (07470)?

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Jade Says:

I have wrote every alphabet soup agency, senator representative all the way to the President. I have sympathy for everyone that loses someone in that way but we have a problem and it's not addiction. It's pain and anxiety and it's hell on Earth.

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flea Says:

I bet not one of you wrote the CDC; your Senator; the Attorney General, etc. I bet the families of overdose victims all have. I have.

Just saying.

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Jade Says:

I went to my psychiatric Nurse Practitioner today. I have been on 3 mg for 18 years before moving to 4 mg in 2008 of Xanax after trying others along the way to see if they worked for my panic attacks and panic disorder from incest and rape at 18. Then had a work related injury that left me total disabled and a car wreck that left me with short term memory problems yet the severe panic attacks and nightmares became worse. I have never asked for an increase, the Dr decided it would work on a total of 4 a day. And I have seen a psychologist and psychiatrist along the way and I can talk about it but it doesn't change the fact that some things make me go into a tailspin. I am not in NJ but have you all heard of them stopping the use of Xanax or any other meds in that family. I function now but I won't if stopped. I have tried and became a recluse among a basic zombie from lack of sleep from nightmares and racing mind and thoughts. She states that the DEA are using drugstore info to keep them from being able to write it at that dosage and said they want everyone on 1.5 ONLY a day for less than 6 months.

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AlwaysAWork Says:

I think Most reasonable adults can agree a better way to medicate those truly in need of appropriate opioid pain relief protocols are needed while mitigating use to those better served with interventional methods need be established to protect all chronic pain patients. I only wish more medical professionals could see the value of pain control with opioids when ALL OTHER FORMS OF RELIEF HAVE PROVEN UNSUCCESSFUL .I've worked in this profession for 24 years and have been a life Long chronic pain survivor.For those in NJ unfortunately our governors war on opioid abuse has further alienated legit.cpp's.I agree in principal that this epidemic must be won but not at the risk of causing more misery to the sick and suffering in need of pain control.I wish I could publicaly post the names of qualified prescribers compassionate to the needs of the truly suffering but past experiences with posting doctors names and then being over run by seekers makes that difficult to do.I wish there was a better way ...

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