New Orleans Suboxone Doctors

Brittany Says:

Hi I am looking for a suboxone doctor in the N.O. area that will prescribe both sub and an anxiety medication. I know most doctors don't like writing both. If anybody knows of any please let me know. Thanks!

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mike Says:

Brittany, I know a DR in Slidell that will give something for anxiety/sleep with the Suboxone. How can I give you my email or what ever way you want to converse.

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sherry Says:

I need help with suboxone that takes medicaid

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BL Says:

If you have Louisiana Medicaid, it will pay for the dr and suboxone .But, there are Maximum Daily Limits of suboxone that Medicaid will pay for.

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ash Says:

yes can you please send me the doctors name that you were talking about that takes med for subs. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I stay in baton rouge and cant find any around here that will.

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Aimee Says:

I would really like to know about that sub doctor that takes Medicaid. Please help me

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sherry Says:

Mike please give me that info

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Wolf Says:

Hey mike, another comrade in New Orleans who suffers from chronic pain from my career as a Thai kick boxer. Would you please help a brother out by giving me the names of some dr.s in New Orleans that prescribe subutex or other pain medications when deemed necessary and dont hassle the patients so that it's a quick in and out experience? I have all of the x -rays and proof, I just need to find a good internal medicine doctor who is not uptight like the rest in New Orleans because i work as an organic chemist for a local university and the pain is starting to effect my work performance. Bless you man. Hope to hear back from you soon so I can make some appointments ASAP. Please message me their names when u get a free moment...bless u man. Thanks again. Good luck to everyone else looking for help finding a good doctor in the city who are honestly in pain and need of assistance.

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Brittany Says:

Do you know if the dr will do a PA for medicaid

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Rachel8888 Says:

pleasessssseeeee send me that info!!!

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royce Says:

Anuone know of a good dr in new orlea ns area that takes Medicare. As nd eill keep me on 3 a day? I just moved ftom Nashville, been on subs for 5 years for cronic pain.

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Aimee Says:

Could you please help me find one of them doctors that take Medicaid? {edited for privacy}

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royce Says:

Can you pks give me that drs info? Thank you. Rc

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saneone Says:

Please help. Need sub doc who also prescribes xanax. I've went from H to methadone and was prescribed xanax with it for five years. now I've made it off of methadone and on suboxone. Can't find a doc that will write both. Been on xanax for over a decade straight and cannot bear the seizures from withdrawals. Please help.

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brittanyp Says:

Hey mike just wondering about that Dr in slidell? My email is {edited for privacy}

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Ashley Says:

Britney can you please send me the info on the Slidell Dr you were speaking of? my email is {edited for privacy}. thanks

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jayden Says:

Hi I am also looking for a doctor that willceadily prescribe subutex for opiate addiction & chronic pain from a severe car accident,that does not give you all the hassle. Please help if possible. Thanks.

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sameone Says:

Let me know something please

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bp4810 Says:

I'm desperately looking for a doctor's that will write suboxon and takes medicaid. In or near new Orleans can anyone help.please I'm in great need.

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Sara Says:

I also need to find a Suboxone doctor around Slidell or New Orleans that will allow me to take Xanax that I'm prescribed

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KK29 Says:

Mike Can you please give me the doctor in Slidell who will prescribe anxiety medication with suboxone? I really need a doctor that does both.

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Suboxone New Orleans Says:

MARC Clinic in Metairie is now accepting patients and prescribing Suboxone at $195 per visit. 504-535-4200

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James Says:

Please if anybody knows of a doctor who will prescribe suboxone and Xanex and will except my Medicaid for the scripts and visit please let me know I have been on H for seven years and I need help if anyone has any information of doctors I really need some help I live in Mandeville la

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Enna Says:

Hi, Can I please get the number of the dr that takes medicaid? Thank you so much.

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reapr Says:

omg thought it was going private

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Tim Says:

dr angela traylor, shes on the west bank, i went to her for a little while. she saw my pharmacy print out and it had soma and xanax or it, well she gave me 2 8mg subutex, 3 somas, and 3 10mg valium. could i have that doctor

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pamj533 Says:

I wish dk I could help u. I cant find a dr. that will give me just three of anything for pain. I get a benzo from my internist. but he cant write for pain. I have been in pain since my back surg. just DO NOT go to the accurate clinic in kenner la. They over the span of seven days..all the while making me think they were going to do something. I paid 525.00 in seven days for nothing.

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dk Says:

hey i'm having the same problem , could you pass me his name if possiable

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reapr Says:

mike can i have the doctor? that writes subs and benzos

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reapr Says:

im looking for a suboxone/subutex doctor in new orleans area, that will keep me on my xanax.

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Greg Says:

Can anyone help me with a suboxone doctor in the Metairie area. , please help

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