Oxycodone Hydrochloride Rhodes Pharmaceuticals From India

E money Says:

Just came across this same situation! Oxycodone Hydrochloride 80mg long yellow tablets with no markings at all. It looks fake but even is in the packaging that says rhodes pharmacy from somewhere in North Carolina. Honestly, it would be very simple for someone in India to pass off fake pills and packaging. It could be just plain sugar pills and due to the placebo effect it may even cure pain for someone who believes it is what it says it is. Another person, however, not believing it has no effect at all. Such is the game of illegal pill importation. You never know what you're gonna get. Kinda like a box of chocolates...

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David Says:

Well said! In my opinion the best way for patients to guard themselves is to make sure that they only fill prescriptions at licensed pharmacies and not through other means; as to my knowledge licensed pharmacies don't dispense fake medication - although in many cases the quality of certain manufacturer's pain meds have been referred to as placebos, seemingly comprised of mostly fillers. But I'd say, if one didn't receive their medication in this manner, then for all they know as a consumer, it could very well be any kind of unknown substance despite what the label/imprint (or lack there of) says. However, in any situation where a med doesn't work, only a lab analysis would bring about a true sense of certainty in what it is you're taking and how much of it is really in that pill.

I also agree that the idea of one believing "it is what it says it is" probably does play a role in how diversely it affects them (to the extent that they believe it does). Mind over matter so to speak. On the other hand, it's been speculated that placebo may not account for the totality of a substance's effect on the user, whereas if you're taking poison, odds are slim that it will feel like a pain reliever even if you believe it is one - Although a Buddhist monk who meditates for 12 hours a day would likely disagree. Overall, I must say that this perspective on meds in general does provide us with a unique understanding of how the brain works at the very least. Just my two-cents. Thanks for sharing!

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Deborah Says:

Rhodes Pharmaceuticals produces bad drugs... my daughter has had very bad experience with these drugs... I need other patients to let me know if you want to take part in legal action...{edited for privacy}

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Baby Says:

As i fill out the form for Rhodes Oxycodone 20 mg after 4 months on roads but on Oxycodone years. I know pain relief. I know my body. I know relief from taking medicine. I know pain from Spine Degeneration. I know the $ I have paid out of pocket to improve my quality of life. I do not rely on medicine alone. I walk everyday- rephrase that since taking this med? I walk once a week.. As i think of what to report to FDA- I am struck with a sense overwhelming sadness. Long term opiates- I have felt stigma of a drug addict from specialists i have sought treatment, pharmacists, etc. I went off opiates to see if pain rebounded. I buy food and water for quality, freshness, additives, etc.? Why am I defending myself again to FDA to report low-quality medicine my insurance pays a lot of for? I have been defending myself through DEA petitions to even take this medicine for quality of life... The sadness? Disease and Pain is overwhelmingly sad. I would choose NOT to be sick and I would defend that choice. How ridiculous that sounds!

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Baby Says:

Rhodes seems placebo!
A placebo is nasty side effects!
Fda report done.

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Baby Says:

The whole situation with roads pharmaceutical oxycodone, is very reminiscent of brand Zydus. I do not wish to change pharmacies, so really don't have much of a choice.
My pharmacist informed me to check every month. I guess that's nice of them?

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SugarBear Says:

I do !!! COUNT ME IN!!! This is nothing short of WRONG, as well as illegal!! Hit me up!

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Slomo Says:

I would because I took Rhodes 20 mg and they were sugar type pills all the way no relief. If you get epic brand same thing. They put you to sleep for an hour and that's it.

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Molly Says:

Watson used to put out pain meds that had no effect on some people, including myself. SOME people actually reported going through withdrawal after being switched to Watson. I wonder if there is any connection between Rhodes and Watson?

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Stressed Says:

This oxycodone 20mg RX from Rhodes sucks! I can’t believe this is for sale on the market!!! What can I do? Can I go back to the pharmacy and get another and swap out? It doesn’t work, just makes me sleepy but that’s all! Tried taking 1/2 or 3/4 but did nothing... What fillers are in here? Yikes.

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