Oxycodone Ir 30mg Any Truth To A Rumor Going Around That They Will Not Be Available Much Longer Than 6 Months

in real pain Says:

I have heard that oxycodone IR will no longer be on the market in the u.s, is this true? someone said they heard on the news that oxycodone immediate release 30mg tablets will be off market within 6 months, has anyone been told this?

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Verwon Says:

No, not that I am aware of in anything I've read recently.

And I doubt the veracity of this claim from the person that stated it due to one major reason, that being that there is no 30mg Oxycodone IR, so that is not the way it would have been presented on the news. The instant release is only available as a 5mg capsule. Anything stronger than that is either the regular released formulation, or the time released formulation.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Kevin Says:

Oxycodone itself is IR. Not ER or XR but i think they use the term CR. thats oxycontin.etc...

I have not heard that there will be any stoppage.

Now the other reply noted that their formula does not come in 30.

I found this on drugs.com:

"Professional Monograph (FDA) - Generic Name: Oxycodone hydrochloride Dosage Form: tablet Oxycodone HYDROCHLORIDE TABLETS, USP 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg CII Rx only Oxycodone Description Oxycodone Hydrochloride Tablets, USP are an opioid analgesic. Each tablet for oral administration contains 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg or..."

But i dunno what cll means or usp. But thought id help.

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Roy Says:

Tx for the details Kevin but now I'm a bit confused. If "IR" is the "instant release" as Verwon said I assume that to mean it is for breakthrough pain and goes into the body very very quickly. I don't think they would make a 30mg tablet like that. Regular old Oxycodone 30 mg I would imagine to be "normal" release (or absent of any instant release, delayed release, mechanisms, etc) which goes in through the stomach at a standard rate just like if you took a tylenol or something (so like a 20 minute delay to feel the effects of it or something)? Is that what the difference would be or am I mistaken?

Just to add, CII means DEA Schedule II whch they define as "Substances in this schedule have a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence" and Oxycodone falls under that category according to them. Could be why it's becoming a very strict practice to prescribe in the US because docs are under the microscope with this med.

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Verwon Says:

Roy, that is correct.

The regular release are considered to be the normal tablets that generally take about 15 to 20 minutes to start entering the blood stream, since they must be digested.

The instant release are only available as the 5mg capsules and, in this case, capsules are used, because virtually no digestion time is required. They dissolve almost instantly in stomach acid, so the medication is released much faster.

Thus, for oral medications, there are 3 formulations…

IR, which is instant release and is designated as such on the prescription.

CR/SR/XR/ER and etc. which all designate time released formulations that slowly release the medication over a period of hours, generally anywhere from 8 hours and up to 24 hours, depending on the medication.

And the regular release, which will be listed without any designation.

However, it is very common for people to misunderstand and think regular release are instant, as compared to the time released ones. But as stated, they do take 15 to 20 minutes to start working.


We've got some great information going here! Is there anything else I can clear up or explain?

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Jimbo Says:

That's not entirely accurate. I'm not sure how high the IR (immediate release) tablets go... but it is definitely higher than 5 mg. I am currently taking the 10 mg IR so I'm 100% sure of that. And those tablets (even though it says "immediate" release) still take about 15 - 20 minutes to kick in.

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Pharm Says:

Guys I am seeing that everyone on here is correct in one way or another. There is some confusion going around about what the 'IR' means and whether it's different from tablets not specifically designated as an extended release. I've been searching a few resources myself to try and verify this and so far the most compelling information I see is:

"The usual starting dose using immediate release oxycodone tablets is 5 to 30 mg every 4 to 6 hours. Patients who have never received opioids should start with 5-15 mg every 4 to 6 hours. Some patients may require 30 mg or more every 4 hours." [1]

But I should also note that Verwon's statement in message # 1 says "The instant release is only available as a 5mg capsule" which bears some truth in the sense that oxycodone capsules do only come in 5mg. The rest (10, 15, 30 mgs) come in tablets which may absorb at a different rate than capsules.

So in summary I do think that regular tablets can be considered immediate release (maybe not "instant" release if that's even a difference), and yes, they do come in a 30mg dose, having been manufactured by a number of different companies including Mylan, Mallinckrodt, Qualitest, and more.

Source: [1] MedicineNet

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Oneinky Says:

So im lost is the 30MG oxycodone being discontinued or what been taking it for 3 years it works don't want to stop it I suffer from many different medical issues and I need it to have a quality of life.

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Mike Says:

So to answer some of these questions there are oxycodone "immediate release or IR". I was in a serious motorcycle accident and I currently take 40mg oxycontin "controlled release or extended release" every 12 hours and 30mg "immediate release" IR for a "breakthrough" pain reliever every 6 hours. On the actual bottle of the 30mg oxycodone, it says 30mg oxycodone immediate release every 6 hours as needed for pain. And from my experience, I seem to get relief within about 10-15 minutes. I hope this information answers some of your questions/concerns about this medication. Stay well everyone and be very careful taking this medication.

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Donna s k Says:

Are they less expensive? The ER or time release? Willing to switch to different mg or ER, time release whatever will be easier to get filled.
Husband been having a difficult time after Albertsons closed 2 months ago

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Lucky Says:

Wrong wrong wrong , I take 60 IR oxy , your talking out your ass. Those who don't know don't take this medication legally.

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Kevin newman Says:

What are you talking about....... Oxycodone ir, is available from 5mg, to 30 mg in immediate realese form....... Going up from 5 to 30 5 mg at a time??????

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catnap Says:

yes nd I just got my 15 mg and my clinic has lawyers and they keep us up to date on all changes and the state and federal guidelines.

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catnap Says:

BS.. I just got my 15mg and I go to a legit pain clinic and they keep us up to date on all guidelines state and federal and what is changing and they said the lawyers are always working to educate them so they go by all guidelines. I love my pain clinic. I get U/A's and pill counts and I am fine with that. I get the pain meds because I was paralyzed and bedridden. My pain was over a ten where I could not even get dressed. My hair is beautiful and long and I could not brush it. The pain scale is very simple. 10 is when you are in so much pain that you lose all mobility and you feel like you want to die instead of living through the pain 8 and 9 are pretty much the same thing but you can lift yourself up. 10 you can lift yourself, 6-7 severe and where it is unbearable but you can change your clothes and go to the bathroom without issues. 4-5 is coping but bearable and you can still get dressed and take showers but it is an average pain level to where you have inflammation from sitting or standing too long so I always rate my pain at a 4-5 or 5-6 and it is usually because of the half hour car ride to them and they take that into consideration. My pain meds help me with being a Martial artist like I have been since I was 9. My condition is rare, but I refuse to play cripple and it is people who sell these pills and abuse them that make it hard for honest people like me who always passes the U/A's, pill counts, etc. I hate taking pills, but I was in the hospital for 3 months fighting to stay a live and I am grateful for palliative care because they got me on a regimen that works. And we went through Fentanyl patches, Oxycontin pills generic and they suck, I hate Morphine so I told them no, so they put me on 4 5mg of ir oxy's a day and methadone and now since the guidelines for pain clinics in my state the legislator is stupid because you can have 90 30's but not 120 5mgs, so they go by quantity, not by mg. So i get 3 10mg a day instead of 5 5mg a day because my PCP raised my dose to 5 5mg a day and when they threw all the pain patients to the pain clinics which is a trend, they have a whole different set of guidelines. I was on 50mg of methadone a day now is cut to 20-40mg per law maker and my clinic has decided to keep it at its highest also I get 3 10mg a day so I get an extra 5mg a day because our state legislator only cares about the amount. I can get 90 30's but not 120 5mg's and whatever. So the methadone is for long term and the oxy is for breakthrough pain. I am living a good life. I am walking , I run everyday and if not everyday every other day. Last week I ran 4 miles everyday and last night I ran 5 miles so I am cardio strong. Back at doing Martial arts and I can walk and losing the ability to walk going through atrophy and losing all motor skills was horrid my worst nightmare. I am not a good candidate for surgery due to being on a vast amount of pain medication. But it works for me. Yeah it gets to me that I have depend on taking something to make life bearable and to do what i want. It is hard on me. But it is my life and I am not playing no cripple card. I carry a cane for precaution and people generally do not mess with me when I have my cane and they are more polite and not as rude because people are way to messed up this day and age and I am sick of it, but God also helps and my hobbies and philanthropy. People can have a life on opioid pain medication. Hydrocodone is now in the same class as percocet, oxycodone which is percs without tylonel, soma are controlled and Ambien is controlled. What I mean is doctors cannot call in hydrocodone anymore in my state. We need a watermarked paper written prescription. No triplicates because all of us who are on pain meds are electronically sent to the DEA and we all are in a federal database where doctors/providers can look you up to see if people doctor hop and your insurance will draft a letter to your doctor if you are getting prescriptions filled by different doctors.

Also they compare today's day and age to the 70's and that is no comparison to how many people have od'ed on pain killers (Opioid) well they need to look at if that person drank too and was using illicit drugs as well as prescriptions. I know more people who have od'd from opioids and i have never done it, it is just huge in the small town I am from, I have only known 2 people who died from prescription drugs and 1 was a friend who wanted to die so she took a bottle of xanax and she changed her mind during her dying because she did not fall asleep, she could feel everything shutting down and it was a horrible way to die and she changed her mind. She thought she would just go to sleep. Nah she was wide awake in pain from taking too many xanax and the #2 took ambien drank and other pain pills and benzo's and drank a bunch of vodka and went to bed and she did not wake up. Nevertheless I know more people who have died due to complications from withdrawal from opioids and other drugs, I know like 4 and the doctors/providers say you cannot die from withdrawal and it is bulls*** because you can. Your body is not built to take all that disgusting trauma and it is bad for the heart. You do not eat or sleep and you do not want to stay hydrated so your body goes into shock and it will and can kill someone. Just lost a friend who could not take his withdrawal. His withdrawal symptoms were so bad on the way to the hospital, he was driving he died in his care from being so dehydrated because he was too sick to drink or eat anything from opioid withdrawal and he has kicked his habit many times, but his body could not take it anymore. he was 41 years old who used off and on since his 20's. the other 2 were in jail and they died from withdrawling from opioids and the guards did not believe them when they begged for help so they passed on. 3 people I know who have died from withdrawal. Prescriptions are scapegoated because of i****s who exploit sales on the internet and also the DEA needs s*** to do. They need to go after the illicit drugs and make alcohol illegal. Marijuana is legal in my state, but for pain management the worst place. I am blessed to have such great people on my team meaning providers to help me cope from real pain. I only use 1 pharmacy and if they run out I call my doctors office and tell them I will be using my secondary pharmacy. I need pain management so I have a perfect record for the last year and a half. That is all I have. PEOPLE STOP EXPLOITING PAIN MEDICATION OFF THE INTERNET. YOU are ruining it for honest people like me and i know who I am and what I do. I am perfect with the whole pain clinic deal because I need to have some relief in order to even get out of bed. and walk. I am blessed I can walk again and I am back being a health nut and a true blue Martial Artist and my instructor/sifu knows all about it.

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catnap Says:

not true. It is rumor. My pain clinic uses lawyers to keep them on top of everything so d not worry. ...

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Keepnitreal Says:

This is all very helpful my peps, so i thank u all very much! I take 30mg oxycodone 6x a day, the v 48 12s, but got told today they had only so much of those left and because of ins. contract (not buying this story). They had 2 give me these new huge ones from Rhodes, with 30 on one side r score p... they are horrible!!! I keep hearing a lot of other people saying the same thing and as we all know it's so big because of fillers ect. surely not oxy or it would take down an elephant! Please just respond with ur thoughts! I've been disabled and on pain meds for 21 out of the 25 ive been broken, lol, almost funny..NOT!!!

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Keepnitreal Says:

Not that i know of my brother or sister n ive been on pain meds for 21 of the 25 yrs ive been disabled from mostly back but also 20 plus surgeries from hip to knees n shoulder n thigh!!! Just be careful please n i jst got my 30 mg oxycodone with v 48 12 n have always work ok for me but 2day they said they only had so many of those and gave me new huge round white 1s with 30 on 1 side nr p on other.

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