Oxycontin 80 Mlg

sylverstarduster Says:

I am wondering if there is a manufacturer of oxycontin other then purdue? I am taking oxycontin 80 mlgm, and purdue has changed the medication, and it does not work for me with what they have done to it.

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Anony Says:

Actavis is a manufacturer of generic Oxycontin, my insurance will only pay for generic. They have not reformulated.

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deserthawk238 Says:

I am not sure what is going on with the generic Oxycontin, Sometimes they are available and others not. If you are in reference to the inability to misuse the new OP/80 there are always a way and Purdue Pharma knows this and so does the FDA. My suggestion is take them in the proper manner.

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Jonette Says:

a few years back a company did make generic oxycontin and they were just as good as perdue's. they were pink instead of green. anyway perdue sued them for making them just as good. so our hopes of another drug company making them is out the door. perdue will not allow it.

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sylverstarduster Says:

I received a call from actavis today. Purdue made them stop manufacturing the generic. I guess we are boinked any way you look at it. daaaayyyyyuuuuuum.

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wildcard187erd Says:

Now that predue has changed the formula, does that mean they have to release the patent so other companys can manuf . it???Iwould love to see PERDUE LOSE BILLIONS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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PuzzledOutWest Says:

Can anyone shed a little more info about what Purdue has done? And when? I wasn't aware of any changes?

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wildcard187erd Says:

They chaged formula of brand name OXYCONTIN 20,40,60,80,mg to crush proof snort proof bang!! proof .Lottsa luck perdue hope you have plenty prep,,HHHHH

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sea Says:

I am a cancer patient and have been on oxycontin for over 2 years. I am in the donought hole with medicare and spent 1,400.00 for my prescription this month. I have been sick with this new version of oxycontin. I am having to take my breakthrough pain medication which I have not had to do. I am sick and nauseated and not getting that much relief, what has changed in the medicine.

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wildcard187erd Says:

Does anyone in the whole U.S. know for a fact whether ETHEX is distributing 80mg. oxycontin if so where ?

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sylverstarduster Says:

oh well, if anyone knows of anything to fix that problem. Please elaborate. asap. thanx

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sea Says:

I am going to see my oncologist. I had to have a new prescription written and will have it filled with the old oc not op they have made me so sick went to the hospital yesterday. There has to be something I am allergic to and also no pain relief, just alot of sleep. My prescription calls for 2 80's every 12 hours. I have been completely comfortable and energetic. One op makes me dizzy, nauseated, in more pain and sleepy. Will let everyone know what happens with my oncologist and the pharmacy should have explained that these pills had changed.

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Verwon Says:

Actually, it wasn't Purdue that made the generic manufacturer's stop, it was the U.S. FDA. They are trying to prevent the severe diversion and abuse that has been going on with this medication.


To contact them and the FDA with any complaints, please use the following numbers:

Purdue Pharma number for drug safety/medication issues:


FDA MedWatch number:


Are there any questions I can answer for you?

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Disapointed man ? Says:

I been taken oc 80's for some time and I don't get why i still have pain ,but i need to take the oc's so i don't feel sick, I have a no# of things wrong Hip trouble back trouble and more.they give me limited relief ( why)I need a pain pill that is gonna give me pain relief and most of all energy and at the same time . I don't what to do, what a doctor says is too much for one is not enough for another ,what do you do.My body burns up pain pills faster then all most every one I know .My tolerance is very high ,but not by my do in .Would dilauid work better?

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sea Says:

I was told to call the fda and report it which I plan to do. I had to repurchase the ones I have been on for 2 years and finally got pain relief. The ones that have op onit is useless. I have an appt with my oncologist Monday. Will let everyone know.

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I am so furrious with the company for protecting the misusers and not taking the people who take it for the right reason. I got such a bad stomach ache, burning acid reflux feeling. I had to and get somethingt at 3 in the morning. has anyone contacted purdue to see what there reaction is to this. They are definitly not the same medication. the peop;le who were abusing it will just find another drug to abuse. Someone told me that now they heard more of the abusers are looking for morphine now. so it is not going to stop, If someone wants to abuse the meds they will find it somewhere else.

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valligirl1 Says:

I've been taking the 80mg ocmfor about 4 yrs now. Just yesrterday I receieved my rx and they are the ops. I take the pills properly, and oh my what a difference it's almost as if I have to take twice as many tablets but yet i get a nasty taste in my throat and mouth, itchiness, irritable, and extreamly sleepy. There is no way that i can function normally throughout the day. I called Purdue and all they had to say is well if you take the pi;; correctly, you should not notice any difference thats BS, i told her and and started arguing and she hung up on me.
You know we should get a class-action law suit filed againist them regarding number one the formulation of the pilll and the effects that it is having on us, such as pain and suffering??? I dont know, Im not leagally educated to know if anything is possable?? Can anyone help this situation for us???

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To Sea Says: how were you able to get the oc's filled. It was my understanding that once they are gone that is it. all that will be available is the op's. I will never understand why we who have been taking them the way they were intended to have to suffer because of all the abusers. I know there is something in the op pill that makes you sick, and prevents the medication from being an active form. I have never misused the med. but now I have to suffer because of the idiots who did. Although we may just be wasting our breath, I wish there was some way to get back what was taken from us. I am not oblivious to the ones who have suffered loss of loved ones. But if it were not these I truly think it would have been something else! This is not going to stop drug abuse.

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sea Says:

to DFont The pharmacy had told me they had 33 in stock. My oncologist wrote a new prescription and i filled those and have felt fine. I live in Las Vegas but now must fly to Louisiana where my oncologist is because of this change. This op has caused me to be hospitalized now fly to Baton Rouge. I think that the pharnacy should have told me what i was getting before charging me 1412.00 then i spent another 364.0 on the real ones. I filed a report with the fda.gov/medwatch and the pharmacist is calling purdue to try and get reimbursed for the op's and stated she needed to call the DEA which i told her she should. These op's do not work and they make you deathly ill. Like i said, I am a cancer patient and i take as prescribed and have a somewhat normal life. With the op's i became bed bound again. I think everyone should file a report the the fda and to purdue. The drug abusers will find something else to abuse so leave us alone.

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to Sea Says. I could not agree more. This is the worst thing to have happened. They took a med. that worked very well and now it untollarrable. Just so not fair why we have pay for the idiot abusers.

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sea Says:

To Dfont , I spoke with Purdue today. Actually to the Pharmacist, very nice and understanding, I filed a report and have a claim number hopefully to get my money back and return the op's. They will never be available again as far as the oc's but do what i did and file a report. Then they will know this product is not working i will see my oncologist Monday and hoping we can find something compatible. Through my journey with cancer I have tried so much and that was what helped, I hope they do have something compatible. If enough people have legitamate concerns call them.

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Truthful one Says:

I have had a total of 10 back surgeries. Major ones. I have so much hardware in me it's crazy. I also have both hips fused with hardware to my sacriolliac joint. I couldn't walk for 2 years but finally I can. During one of my surgeries a nerve was cut and I have no feeling from knee down in one leg. Because of that I also have CRPS type 2, stage 2. All this has been going on over 14 years with my last surgeries in July and September. I have been on oxycontin from the get go. The only difference from the oxycontin OC to the oxycontin OP is that they don't work as fast. Plus they are time released. I take 80mlg twice a day and 20mlg at night. Anyone complaining about them is because they don't get high on them like they use too. They still work for the pain. At least you are not hearing on the news all the time any more about kids or adults over dosing and killing themselves. I take them for the pain not to get high. So many kids have died from people, stupid people acting like there in pain and getting oxys to sell. But now they can't so there b****in.

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Janus Says:

I have been on Oxycontin 80 mlg fpr erll over 20 years see an award winning Pain Management docotr get the procedures done every 8 weeks or so including ozone. I also have gone to the same pharmacy for the dame amount of time . On the 24 of June just 3 days before my next precription was due my pharmacy called to let me know that their distributor had been shut down by DEA and that they did not know when they could order more of any narcotics. To be fair to their patients they gave everyone a one time 5 day supply until this was resolved the problem, is they wont know when that is. I tried my Plan D's mail order which after having my scrip for 7 days simpley told me they could not fill it no explanation. I have been to countlesss pharmacies and can't get it filled anywhere. My doctor is besides himself since almost all of his patients are in the same boat. Can anyone shed some insight on this?

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Zan Zen Says:

There are multiple complaints and side effects from the new formula. Many say it doesn't work as well, their feet swell, and gastrointestinal problems. The manufacturer applied a quick solution to prevent the abuse problem. If you travel overseas in certain countries you can get the original formula but it is not cheap as I pay about $8 per 40mg and generics are rare. If anyone knows where I can get them cheaper please chime in.

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Quincy Says:

To Sea, I am also a cancer patient and have found a way to get around the donut hole. If you spend more than $5,500 on Rxs you are considered "Catastrophic" and there is no hole or co-pays. If you can get Rx'ed #120 Fentora 600mcg, it costs $8,750 retail, that will put you over the top in one month. Best of luck . . . Q

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Roy Says:

A very foolish idea Sam, to come on here and try to sell drugs illegally. From what I have seen this site will never allow people to exchange contact information for such a purpose. I expect that everyone will keep the focus of this discussion thread centered around personal experiences and information about Oxycontin, not about trafficking it.

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sam Says:

I had purchased 300 oxycontin 30mg tablets while traveling abroad for my friend who was dying of cancer. My friend has passed away. I have 240 of these pills left. I would like to sell them as quickly as possible at 18 dollars a piece.

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HenryMassingale Says:

I just watched on tv no more then 6 days ago that 27 000 people died in 2007, this was on c-span....

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Oxylifersaver Says:

I have noticed that the 80's are not as hard as they use to be when the new OC's came out???

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cburb Says:

yea man its f***n bulls***...they need to switch them back to the real ones...i heard from somone that they might be doing it b/c some of the older patients cant digest the pill and they have just been s***ing them out... my dad is a disabled vet he used to get 180 oc80 and 90 perc 7.5.... now they just give him the OPs and valium 5s.... the kind of pain hes in is just too much for te ops

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Henry Massingale Says:

Nope, I dont drink but i should, i do not get high, but I should, so that way i could fit in with the social grace of the world.
You see when i first posted here i was the first, it took so time to pass before these fokes of RX, here would allow my post to stand.
I base my writing on facts and I back it up with issues of Law we now see in Court.
Welcome to a truth that was never ment for us to see...

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