Percocet Vs Norco

Comments Submitted Says:

I'm taking percocet 10/650mg. I have (DDD), (Athritis), and the list goes on. I have a friend on Norco. Can you tell me what the difference is between them and the highest mg the norco comes in? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Medicine Man Says:

The Percocet is way better then the Norco, and the reason is because Percocet contains Oxycodone and Norco contains Hydrocodone. What im trying to say is Oxycodone is a stronger and longer lasting Opiate then Norco. {Edited for safety} just make sure to watch how much Tylenol/Acetaminophen ur taking, try not to take more 4000 to 5000mgs cause it can damage ur liver.
The best Percocet you can get is 10-650 and 10-325
The best Norco you can get is 10-325 or Lorcets which are 10-650 .
Hope this helped in anyway at all and fell free to ask me any questions u have about Perscription Medications, my mom is a Pharmacist and im going to college to become one so fell free to ask any questions at all and they will be answered 100% honestly to the best of my knowledge.

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shane Says:

i am a bk amputie was on percocet 5 two every 4 hrs wasnt helping so they gave me norco 10 every 6 hrs. I don't understand, aren't the percocets stronger? Oh, and I think I'm allergic to Vicodin.

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Kelly Says:

I usually take 10 325 yellow v norcos, i just got a prescription of oxycondone 523 10/325 can you tell me what would be the difference between the two? Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

To provide a comparison here for anyone seeking such information in the future....

A 6.67mg dosage of Oxycodone (in Percocet) is all it takes to equal each 10mg dosage of Hydrocodone (in Vicodin, Norco and Lortab).

Thus, the Oxycodone is the stronger medication.

However, the strength may not actually matter as much as which one works best for the person in pain that requires relief. No matter how strong something is and how effective it has been proven to be, some people find that they get no relief and they have to try something else.

For example, when Darvocet was on the market, it contained a very mild narcotic Propoxyphene, with Acetaminophen, but there are people who found it worked great for them and that they go no relief at all when switching to something, such as Percocet that is actually much, much stronger.

You can learn more Oxycodone details here. and you can learn more Vicodin details here.

And to Shane, I really hope you are okay, because they are the same medication, just under different brand names, so if you're allergic to one, you shouldn't take the other.

Are there any questions I can help with?

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RickG Says:

I have Neuropathy, and have been taking Oxycodone 30 4-5 times a day. I live in Florida and now have a Hard time finding a pharmacy to get my Rx filled. My Doctor says its the feds and though he prescribes it he can't help getting it filled. Where or how can I get it filled? Also, what could be prescribed as a GOOD substitute? He's prescribed Norco 10/325 2 every 4 hrs but it doesn't work the same. Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance.

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RickG Says:

Would taking the Percocet 10/325 be better than the Norco 10/325 I take now? They don't work like the Oxycodone 30 I was taking...

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Solidmike Says:

I too have DDD, Arthritis, have had 4 Back Surgeries, steel inserted in final one. Percocet usually helps My pain and I probably am technically "Adicted". I find better, LONGER relief than with Norco. All the Best. Mike

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mimi Says:

If you tell me what state and city you live in, I can help you.

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Sorts Says:

I've had major back surgery done through a workers comp accident claim I had and after almost 2 years my pain is worse .. The docs I had assigned suggested another surgery ..which I thought was f***en crazy considering the outcome of the first one .. I ended up settling for a cash award be it that they told me this is something iam going to have too deal with ..big mistake i know hav a problem finding a doctor to prescribe 10/325 norcs percocet .. Do u know of any Doctors in Los Angeles that will .. I also haven't spoken any of my medical records to any of these clinics around here so I don't think that hasnt helped much either ... Help!!!!

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RedRover Says:

Dear Mr. MedicineMan -- I read one of your posts and it seemed authentic and thorough. I wonder if you can help me with my question(s) and possibly, if I need a solution -- help me find a suitable/effective solution:

Generally, I take 10/325 Norco ~4x/day via Rx. I couldnt get to my MD this week & a family member gave me 4 Ten mg Percocet to take.

QUESTION: (1) How long will the percocet last in my system? Analysis may be carried out by a med lab for further / more precise results.

I am a 54 yr old over weight female. Spinal issues with severe/chronic pain. I weigh ~214 lbs (yes, I know...I know. Gotta get on that) I am approximately 5 feet 6 inches. Sluggish (hypo) thyroid. Limited exercise due to compression fracture to L5 and broken L4 vertebrae.

Since I am permitted to take 4 10/325 Norco daily --- my question is will the Oxycodone / Percocet appear as a different result?

In your opinion, is there an effective way to metabolize the percocet more quickly -- and -- if I refill a 10/325 Norco Rx and begin to take those as prescribed would an analysis have enough sensitivity to know the difference between Percocet and/vs Norco?

Yes, I know I need to lose weight. The spinal injury has made it VERY difficult to get any cardio -- but still: No excuses.

Would so appreciate authentic answers to my questions.

Thanks for your help, taking the time to answer and your kindness!

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molly Says:


If you are still available to help a fellow pp out in locating a local medical source for my prescription of 10/325 percocet (or generic oxycodone/apap 10/325), I would surely be grateful. SO grateful, because my pain has been getting worse and worse over the years since my accident!! Please let me know privately. Thank you for anything you might be able to do…..I live in Los Angeles CA.

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Andi Says:

Have you tried seeing a PM doctor? They are usually really good about trying to help control the pain. Or are you just looking for a pharmacy to fill a prescription?? If so all you have to do is call around to different pharm. and see if they have it in stock.

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allicat8888 Says:

I have severe neuropathy. I've taken, neurontin, lyrica, and many pain pills. Pain pills never worked for long and I found myself having to take more and more. I've been on suboxine for over a year and live a pain free life.

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bert Says:

Sorry so far away but I just got diagnost with cancer after a xray showed a possible back fracture. I get 10 mg perks from the corner drug store 2087 e Florida ave, hemet, ca 92544 (951)-658-7207. Hope you are on this side of L.A. any pharmacy can order those for you I suggest looking for a corner drug store in your area. If you have a legit need the feds are not trying to take them from you. But you would never know it by the way places like walgreens are acting. I zuggest you call this pharmacy b4 coming some have issues with scripts outside their county. They are making life hell on those that have a legit need cuz they cant keep their children out of the medicine cabinet. Their kids will just find some other thing to o.d. on. It is so sad what hell they are putting people who need these meds to complete any normal daily functions. Without mine I would be useless. Could not get out of bed. Sorry needed to vent abit. Look for mom and pop pharmacies. They will get you your meds surely if have legit reasons. Good luck

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tiny Says:

Neuropathy shouldn't be treated with percocet anyways it needs to be treated with something like gabapentin or lyrica they are specifically for that type of pain. I have neuropathy myself and they are the only thing that give me relief!

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Mj Says:

Do some research and smoke medical marijuana. Don't be hardheaded and say "it's bad". Theirs documented cases of it helping with chronic pain. YouTube it and you will find interviews from said people and how cannabis saved their lives, and kept them from turning to pharmaceuticals, which have long term side effects. Stop killing yourselves. And before any of you say something ridicilous, how many deaths are caused by marijuana a year, and how many deaths are cause by these narcotics? What side effects are their from marijuana besides getting sleepy an hungry? Our bodies have natural cannabinoid receptors which are there to receive the cannabinoids from marijuana! All these pills do is damage your liver and make you an addict, not to mention cause stomache ulsers. And yes I know this is try because I have seen it first hand, my mother has almost died twice due to stomache ulcers bursting from her dependency to norco.
Just educate yourselves!

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Wings Says:

Morning......I was google-ing pain meds and this thread showed up. I am hoping you can help. I have fibro and horrific lower back pain. I am currently on "2 Norco every 4 to 6 hours" in all actuality it is 2.5 every 4 hours. The new drug regulations have totally screwed me as I can't get a prescription that will last me until the next one can be filled. My doctor is willing to write me whatever I need, but I just don't know what to try next. Is there something in the same family as Norco, but much stronger? Do you know of a website that would be able to help me understand the difference in the pain meds? I have been taking these pain meds for years and I feel sure that there is something better out there.....I just don't know what it is, or how to find it. (My doctor is a general and an endocrinologist, but she has helped me more than all of the other doctors I have seen, including the pain management doctors.) I have tried a lot of things and nothing has worked as well as the Norco. I shouldn't say "didn't work as well", I really mean "The side-effects aren't worth the relief".....Oxycodone/Oxycontin/Pain Patches: Swelled legs to the point of broken blood vessels, cankles, and the pain and exhaustion of dragging around tree trunks. Honestly, I don't even know what it is in them that makes that happen. If I just knew that I would think I would have a better chance of finding something else... They prescribed Tramadol, but the pharmacist is adamant about not taking the Tramadol while taking Norco. I am so tired of being in pain because I can't take what I really need, so that I don't run completely out before I can get a refill.

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Good2beme Says:

Have you tried Fentanyl? I have severe back pain and I was trying every pain medication with not enough pain relief. My pain management doc put me on the Fentanyl pain patch and I finally got relief. I couldn't believe it! I started out on 50mg and now I'm on 100 plus I take Percocet 10/325 3 to 4 times a day for breakthrough pain. When you first start on Fentanyl most Drs have you change it every 3 days then if you find its wearing off by the 3rd day they change it to every 2 days. I hope this helps someone. PS I'm a girl and I find the best place to wear the patch is on my chest or right below the breast. There isn't much friction or pressure there from clothing. I also prefer the Mylan brand of patch because it is clear and much smaller than any other brand. The company will also send you free patch covers for people that have a hard time keeping the patch stuck on their skin. You have to call them and request it though. I like to use patch covers because the patch is more secure. They are very thin and transparent.

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nurseljh Says:

Recently the state I live in stopped carrying Watson brand percocet. Thru research I have for Watson brand was bought out by As is
This seems to me the only brand available now. I want to know what is up. This new brand looks like extra strength Tylenol. What is up
Anybody have any information? What might be a new alternative?

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Good2beme Says:

There are several generic brands of Percocet. Just because it's shaped differently doesn't effect the strength of medication.

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Lanny Says:

Re: Sorts (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

You have to see a pain specialist/doctor. Internal medicine or other doctors won’t prescribe that or not for a extended period of time not even ER doctors do.

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Poolwife Says:

Re: molly (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Try going to a pain management doctor. I did and it sure helped. They can even call in Or electronically file your prescription without you having to go in and pick it up. My doctor is in Thousand Oaks which is one hour north of LA.

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bonescu Says:

Re: RedRover (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I cant answer your question. But please don't apologize for your weight or feel the need to explain why your weight is what it is. We are all fighting our own deamons (obviously, we're here). Be the best you and stop apologizing for it.

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Missy Says:

Re: shane (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Yes u r correct Percocet r stronger and I do know what I'm talking about ive been an addict for 18 years

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D Vaughn Says:

Re: Medicine Man (# 1) Expand Referenced Message
if you are going to school to be a pharmacist your spelling is horrendous and if you are still in school it is pretty bold to be online giving medical advice to people, especially saying that a medication is "better" because it is stronger. That is not necessarily true. Due to the tremendous potential for addiction, it is ALWAYS better to use the lowest dosage possible for pain relief than to just jump in and recommend taking something that is stronger just because you may be able to get it.... just saying.


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Mommyof4 Says:

Re: tiny (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I'm allergic to Gabapentin and one other nerve med I'm unsure of the name . Ins will not let me get the lyrica.. what else can I do!? Thanks so much!

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Darlene Says:

I have progressive multiple sclerosis , have had it for 28 years and my pain is steadily getting worse. Have tried everything. Now it's hard to get anything! ',cause all these people doing. Methadone seemed to help the best. Is methadone stronger than Percocet 5mg-325 Tylenol?& What about white pills uo3? Everyone says uo3's work as good as Percocet 10-325 what r they? They do look like the perks I used to get. Before I ask my doctor I need to know. Myself I have not had a script for uo3's my friend swears they're as good as Percocet 10/325. Please help me out.

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Super cat Says:

I experienced the same situation. I live in Florida as well and it is very difficult to find a pharmacist to fill these types of medications. I have had pharmacist literally throw my prescription away !! I of course followed up with complaints to corporate. After several months of using the same pharmacy and having to jump hoops for them I am now able to have my prescriptions filled and my doses were half of what you take. Go in the pharmacy that you use talk to the pharmacist, find out what they would need from you or your dr to get them filled . It's very frustrating, embarrassing, and time consuming but if it makes things easier for you do it . I definitely feel your pain

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Diane Says:

I have been taking Norco 10mg for 3 years. Are Percocet 10mg the same thing? I am worried about having withdrawals from the Norco.

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Nettie Says:

I had knee replacement. The 5 mg Percocet did nothing. I would take one every couple of hours. By mistake the doc gave me a 10 at first follow up. Next follow up I said I was doing great and had already cut the drug usage a lot. Then he filled a 5mg. I figured it out. I would take a 10mg every 8 hours. I was taking a 5mg every 3 hours. When I stopped Percocet. I did not drop down to a 5 I went on Norco. No idea but the 5 do nothing for me. With the 5 I was taking 40 mg a day with the 10 30mg. My body seems to like the timed released part better. So ask your doc to try that.

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