Ranbaxy Lorazepam

Leah Says:

I was taking Ranbaxy for almost 3 years and was just fine. No anxiety and no side effects. Then about a month and a half ago I started getting anxiety. Found out CVS changed to Mylan brand. I found I could get one more month's supply of Ranbaxy but at the two mg strength. Was a problem with dosage amount because I had to quarter the tablets. They cut in half nicely but the quartering was always unequal. I read this board and knew to stay away from Mylan, Watson and Santos (sp?) So I called around to the mom and pop pharmacies and found one that carried Excellium. I had read very little about Excellium on the forum but the pharmacist said he had been selling it for 10 years and never had a complaint. Scared to death, I transferred my two remaining refills to this place. I've been on Excellium for one week and am so normal I can't stand myself!!!!! I am me again and that's a great person to be instead of that super anxious crazy woman. We all have a different chemistry make up in our brains so it may not work for everyone. But I believe if you were a Ranbaxy client then you should try Excellium. It's better than being trapped in THE double hockey sticks! Good luck to those still suffering anxiety.

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David Says:

Hi Leah, How's it going? Thanks for taking the time to share what's been working for you. Funny thing is I actually haven't heard of a manufacturer by the name of Excellium until you mentioned it here (perhaps because they are a Canadian based company). But the big dogs like Watson and Mylan seem to take all the credit upfront, leaving lesser known, but potentially better manufacturers in the dark with their cheaper pricing. I think most retail pharmacies will almost always opt for the cheapest brands to increase their profit margin, so switching to an independently owned shop certainly seemed like the right thing to do. I wish you all the best on your journey with this brand. :)

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Leah Says:

So now that I am me again, I have to watch my weight. I lost about 7 lbs during the anxiety period prior to finding Excellium. I got down to a very good weight for my small frame. Now that I am not anxious any more, I eat more often. I guess there is truth in "Fat & Happy".

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Lucy Says:

Hi leah, I too have been using ranbaxy ativan for 2 years now, and it works great. Now hard to get anymore due to the fda shutting down ranbaxy. I would be interested in the pharmacy name and phone number where you get the excellium. No pharmacies around here carry it. It would be worth a try, i know everyone is different. If you could reply i would appreciate it. thanks.

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Lefty Says:

Hi! I know this is an older thread. I hope it "alerts" those involved so maybe you fam help me out! I've been on Ranbaxy 1 mg 3x a day for almost five years. Because it was the only brand that worked on me, range pharmacy kept it specially stocked for me.
I went to pick it up 2 weeks ago and they told me they could no longer get it. Ugh.
Over the past two weeks I've tried 4 different brands, including name brand Ativan, all spin my out. I am completely on the brink. I'm very detached, anxiety is off the charts, I'm shaky, can't eat (I've lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks) and my stomach is in knots. I feel stuck in a fight or flight state. It's horrible and I cannot take it anymore.

I saw the post on excellium lorazepam and that it worked well for someone who was on ranbaxy and having problems with other brands.

Would love to hear of any other experiences. I'm in a really bad place right now.
Thank you!

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Leah Says:

I hope this message gets to you and that Excellium helps those that were on Ranbaxy. My life is totally back to normal. Unfortunately, so is my weight! But I'd rather be anxiety free, RX Oasis Riverview, Fl. 813-677-6000. I don't know what the rules of the forum of publishing this info. And I don't know what the rules are if you don't live in Florida of using an out of town pharmacy. Good luck!

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winjy Says:

Re: Leah (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Is the pharmacy still deals with Excellium lorazepam?

Do they take prescription from other state?

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